Yummy Eats Happy Me

How many pizzas I made at home since Friday: 2

How many restaurants I ate at in the past four days: 7

How much unnecessary window-shopping, which turned into regret and sadness in less than 20 minutes: $178

So much food to go over, so little time before Breaking Bad comes on. I am literally shaking in my jammies waiting for the next episode by the way. (No spoilers) I know I have been talking about it since it started back up in August, but I have never been so emotionally attached to a show like the last episode. Don’t mean to sound like a wuss, but it was hard for me to fall asleep after thinking about Walt went through last Sunday. Can someone e-mail me today so we can discuss this weeks episode along with what else you have on your mind?

Moving back in time, my roommate Taylor texted me on Friday and asked me if I wanted to make pizzas with her. Yes, please! She picked up the ingredients on the way home and we worked our magic.





It tasted just as good as it looks! Really easy to make by the way. Just lay the sauce and mozzarella cheese, bake for 10 minutes on 450° and lay the uncooked arugula and prosciutto on top. Took us literally 15 minutes and only had to wash two dishes, a knife and spoon.

Also, look what was waiting for me from Amazon when I got home. 🙂


Lisbon House just got a little more raunchy.

Saturday involved my usual morning shift at the ol’Perth Chiro Centre and a new addition I have been embracing these past few weeks: Mexican for linner (or dunch, depending on what kind of person you are).

La Taqueria, /the/ official taqueria of San Francisco, holds a special place in my heart. My dad, sister and I use to come here all the time when I was younger and I always remember the carnitas and agua de fresa whenever I drive by.


I don’t come here very often because there’s always a long line and it is a pretty expensive taqueria but so worth it at the right place and right time.


This picture was taken to make my sister extremely jealous. I sent her a selfie of me eating my taco and she texted me back, “Were you there? I hate you for that”. Clearly this gem of a restaurant is worth a little sibling angst. I will be sure to take her when she comes to SF for Thanksgiving. (Also Maykadeh, but that’s a story not due for another few months).


I ordered one chorizo and one carne asada taco. They filled me up to the point of wanting to throw up at any speed bump or pot hole on the way home. Worth it.


Played a whole game Cards Against Humanity on Saturday night with a few house members and friends. I do not think it’s appropriate to post what some of the real winning cards of the night were. Can I brag and say I won 2nd place? Yeah, baby.

Sunday started with a bit of morning yoga in the living room via Comcast On Demand. It did not go so well because the yoga teacher was really intense and had us doing things I didn’t know the human body could do. We wrapped it up quickly, showered up and headed to Noe Valley for brunch.

I never ate at Griddle Fresh, but I have heard good things about it and had to pick something up for school so we gave it a try. Brunch on a Sunday in San Francisco is no joke, meaning the good places (all 200+ of them) have about 1-2 hour wait in line. Sometimes it is fun but sometimes you just want to eat and not stare at the lucky people who are sitting down and pretend that you are the one enjoying the pancakes or benedict.


Being told there was a 30 minute wait=success, so we perused the menu and had our game plan set before we were seated.


Abby told me that the corn beef hash was the best thing ever, so I obliged. This was the 6-hour cooked corn beef hash with a wasabi aioli and home fries. I was full about half way in but forced myself to finish because I just wanted the flavor in my mouth.


Taylor ordered the bacon, spinach and tomato benedict with fried hash browns.


I had a bite and they were amazing. The picture below looks picture perfect, no? I’m a sucker for a runny yolk, I can eat it on almost everything.


We shared the Banana Mascarpone Soufflé Pancake. It was so fluffy and melted in my mouth. Perfect balance of salty and sweet if you ask me.


While waiting for my favorite Froyo place to open, we passed by a fair trade store and got suckered in by the kitchen supplies in the front. I fell in love with these wooden spoons and table clothes. Seriously spent a lot more than I should of. 🙁 I suppose if they are fair trade than they are worth the extra money. Can’t be too mad for paying someone in Kenya what they deserve.

Yes, we ate Froyo after a whole stack of pancakes and plate of corn beef and potatoes. Don’t judge because you have not tried Easy Breezy yet.

Also can’t wait to do Tequila Loteria night. Abby, come over okay?


Does your city have a restaurant it is known for? Also, sorry for asking again but thoughts on Breaking Bad (NO SPOILERS!)?

31 thoughts on “Yummy Eats Happy Me

  1. La Taqueria? Seriously?? You are such a little punk. I’m hella jelly – you know I have to wait two mouthwatering months for a 15 minute carnitas-induced food coma. You win. Lauren, 0, Tara Brat Condell 1.. or 7, depending on how you’re counting your eating-out extravaganza this week.
    Also, uh oh Niners = Sunday, no fun day.

  2. Mexican is one of my favorite cuisines. Unfortunately, Miami is not known for great Mexican food. We’ve found one place we love that has great guac and awesome margharitas. That’ll do until we move to a city with real Mexican food I suppose!

  3. I’ve actually never seen Breaking Bad… so I definitely won’t spoil it for you. 😉 My dad and brother both really like it though, I’m just so into re-watching Lost that I’m not ready to take on another show haha. Perhaps next summer….
    And per usual, all your food looks amazing, and I’m jealous of all your awesome restaurants! Still working on planning a SF trip so we can veg out at all these places together haha 😉

  4. that Banana Mascarpone Soufflé Pancake looks so sinfully delish! And 7 restaurants in 4 days – thats why you are a food blogger 😉
    I think Atlanta is known for its grits, fried chicken, BBQ, cornbread, biscuits…and other such fine southern foods..which, am not a hiuge fan of.
    I do love Indian food though and I have only managed to find a handful of good Indian restaurants around.

    • Oh man, I love southern food. We have a few places here but none that I have called home yet. I’m wondering what an Indian considers the best Indian food in San Francisco so I can try.

  5. Oh I didn’t watch BB last night because I’m not allowed to watch without the Hubs and he is traveling. Sooo sad! 🙁 That pizza looks so good! I love making homemade pizza! 🙂

  6. Girl, you’ve had some fun few days..178 and all.
    I have to visit the Taqueria..I get so lost when I visit the city. In fact we drove to Sausalito just to eat at Saylor’s, love that place..
    Your selfie sounds cute:).

    • We got them at Whole Foods! I don’t know exactly how Whole Foods distributes their food around the world but Vicolo’s is a San Francisco based crust company. Hopefully you can find them, it was so delicious!

  7. Such a productive weekend. I needs stop laying around like a dead dog and go out and explore different food around the city! The souffle pancakes looks super yummy!

  8. Funny, I never liked runny eggs when I was a kid, I thought it was just raw eggs. But now I’m with you, love its oozing goodness on anything! (Benedicts or ramen!) Oh, and I know what fair trade store you’re talking about. I’ve dropped a few dollars there as well.

  9. Yay! I’m glad you got to savor the amazing corn beef hash!! Soo delicious.

    I’m def coming over. “Borracho!” Just tell me when! I’m only a Sidecar away! 🙂

  10. So much foodie goodness here- especially that mexican! Yum! Melbourne brags to being a foodie capital of the world, but with their prices….they should reconsider subsidising it!

    All my mates watch breaking bad but I’ve never gotten into it, but once exams are over…the temptation is there!

  11. I’ve never played Cards Against Humanity before. Hmm…

    That pancake looked ridiculous!! Get in mah belly!

    Sorry you spent too much moola but at least you got some cute stuff. I love the colors of those table napkins. They’ll come in handy for fall recipes!

  12. AHHH I want to watch Breaking Bad but I haven’t yet! I always hear people talking about it and I think..hmmm I should probably watch that. One day….
    Pittsburgh is known for Primanti Bros, which is a sandwich place that puts french fries and coleslaw on all of their sandwiches. I’m not a huge fan but a ton of people love it.

  13. ok so 1. all the food you posted looks so good im now STARVING for mexican food. starving. 2. OMG BREAKING BAD- i passed up the emmys to watch it on sunday night. considering im a day late to this post, have you watched it yet? can we discuss??