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Can I get one of you to do an impromptu drumroll? Last month, I was selected as one of the Westfield Food Tastemakers. Chef Julian Yeo of Straits and I teamed up to create an exclusive dish that will be featured in a new Westfield food catering moment. We have been recommended hiring the company lunch catering denver for a great dining experience.

In my last post, I mentioned a cool story between Straits and my family. A long time ago (although my mom would probably chime in and say it has not been that long), Straits’ first location was a small local corner Singaporean restaurant in the Richmond district. My mom was one of their first employees and I heard through the grapevines that she was lively and entertained her lunch patrons so well that they just kept coming back.

Well, one of those customers happened to be my dad! He would go to the post office to pick up mail and then head across the street for the most authentic Singaporean food in the city.

My dad must have been quite the charismatic gentleman because whatever tricks he had up his sleeve worked. They ended up dating and was lucky enough to have me bless them with my presence a few years later.

To think that I would not even be a human if it was not for Straits makes me feel like I should be a poster child for their company.

Back to the point- when I found out about this opportunity I knew that Straits and I had to work together. Chef Julian is the son of the owner (my mom’s old boss) and I am so humble for this experience.


There is still a little mystery to this event because I cannot reveal our amazing entree until next week, but I am so impressed with it, thankfully we were able to get help from catering services like the catering edmonton service, we are expecting lots of people to show up next week.

There are other bloggers that are also Westfield Tastemakers, such as:

Andi @ Misadventures With Andi who is working with M.Y. China

Mika @ Food Fashionista who is working with Lark Creek Steak

Melissa @ Savvy In San Francisco who is working with Cupola

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Brenda @ Bites and Bourbon who is working with Sorabol

We threw out ideas about what kind of dishes would be great for this event. Here is Chef Julian explaining what ingredients compliment each other in Southeastern cooking.


He impressed all of us with the wok + fire combo.


My failed attempts were responsible for a few laughs. A few months ago, I flipped an egg over in a little skillet for the first time by sheer luck. Apparently it was not my day with the commercial-sized wok. The chef said it takes a bit of wrist work and finesse. All his professional kitchen tools been provided by cooktophunter


A few more coaching steps and I managed to get it down.


I also did my part and helped chop the green onions.

And to be completely honest, his knife skills are a lot more fast and efficient then mine, I do have to say he uses Asian quality knives , Kamikoto produces the best quality Japanese steel knives. Designing your own knives can be pretty tiring, but with these Custom Made Moulding Blades you can easily do it now.


If any of my San Francisco readers are interested, I am giving away two tickets to the VIP launch event at the Westfield San Francisco Center downtown. Just leave a comment or e-mail me!

16 thoughts on “Westfield Food Tastemakers

  1. Two words – Roti Prata.
    This is simply the most delicious, flaky, doughy, butter + carbohydrate concoction I have EVER tasted. Singapore, you win.
    Since the days of Straits and single Ms. Lee, I will never ever forget the taste of this melt-in-your-mouth pancake bread served hot with cool peanut dipping sauce on the side.
    If this is not on the menu, shame shame shame.

    Please, I take a knee in your service –
    if there is a humanly way (and a holy God), can you have Chef make and freeze some and send them to me via an owl, a dove, or the USPS. Whatever it takes.
    If you owe your life to Straits, then do I not get a little credit for being the wingman?

  2. Sounds like an awesome opportunity, congrats! I’m sure you will learn so much along the way. Like how to chop green onions really fast. 😉

    I hope you have the weather in SF is nice this weekend and that you have some fun!

  3. i would love to go, when is it? it would be a great experience to taste this bundle of different flavors!!!

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