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How was everyone’s weekends? I see a lot of races, weekend vacations and sunshine on the blogosphere. Love it!

I worked on Saturday, thought I was going to study after, but ended up going to La Urbana for a weekend happy hour and early dinner. Looking for a local happy hour in your area? Happy Hour becomes even happier with the help of Happy Hour Finder apps! Discover new food and drink specials near you in minutes with the tap of a button.

This month old restaurant on Divisidero St. is bringing creative cocktails, sophisticated cantina-style Mexican food and cutting-edge design.

The thing that usually makes me really excited about going to restaurants is eating. However, I LOVED the architecture at La Urbana! Check out their bar, it reminded me of the painted slats in Puerto Rico. The picture does not quite capture the vibrancy of the paint but I was really impressed when I walked in.


What sets this restaurant apart from others is their huge selection of Mezcal. Their bar had maybe 2-3 pages of different innovative cocktails created by their bar manager, who was also our bartender for the day!

I ordered ‘The Mexican Dude’, which was a combination of horchata, vodka and something else that I can not remember or find on their online menu. I love Horchata, but never had it as an alcoholic drink before. Most will see this as a good thing, but it was so strong that I felt like I was taking a shot every time I took a sip. Ha!

They even have a freakin’ tree planted in the middle of the restaurant. The old space use to be a hydroponics store; I am assuming that it is the last remnant of Planet Earth. It would be so cool to eat at that table with a friend.


Last picture of an awesome thing is this beautiful lady stamped almost everywhere. I fell in love with her and kind of want her on my wall.


When it was dinner time, we moved from the bar to an actual table. Taylor is pretty much one of the coolest people ever, I want you to meet her. She sipped on a sangria, but that Manhattan is not mine. I might get booed for saying this but it is the hardest drink to finish, I have a bad taste in my mind just thinking about it. Thinking back it makes me sad because I will never be classy enough to smoke cigars and drink Manhattans.


The chefs brought out complimentary vegan ChicharrΒ΄on de Arroz; rice cracker, chipotle salt and guacamole. It could of had a little more flavor, but it was a nice opening palate cleanser and had me ready to devour everything.


This masterpiece pictured below is the Queso a la Plancha: manchego and smoked salsa. You know the crispy part of cheese that gets burnt when you make quesadillas or something similar? Well the whole wrapping is the burnt cheese. I was sold when the waitress explained it to us and the dish was fantastic. Everything about it, from the sauce to the 1000 calorie per-piece pieces of burnt cheese. Amazing.


This Carne Asada confused me a little because carne asada is usually made with flank/flap/skirt steaks. Instead it was rib eye, fingerling potatoes, chili arbor and garlic creme. They served mini tortillas and I loved the flavor and everything about this.


Last is the Costilla de Res; braised short ribs, pasillas, sesame seeds, purple yams. I ordered this because I love yams but was really excited after finishing the plate. The ribs were so tender and I loved the aji that was on it. Tasted perfectly with mash potatoes, if you ask me. I’m getting cravings just looking at the picture.



One last mention of their logo, I love this girl.


This would of been a perfect meal but we were so hungry after we had to order a pizza while watching World War Z at night. Great place for drinks though, their menu was crazy.

I have been eating out SO MUCH these past few months that we made a promise to only eat at home this week. We went to the Farmer’s Market on Sunday morning and picked up cheap, organic produce and some essentials from Trader Joe’s. I’m thinking Jalapeno Green Beans, Kale Chips and a broccoli recipe for Wednesday. We were so excited with our shopping and might of got Chipotle on the way home. The week does not start until Monday anyways. πŸ™‚


Do you care about the ambiance as much as the food at restaurants? What’s your favorite fall produce to buy? I saw a bunch of squash but have not made the plunge yet.

26 thoughts on “Urban Eatery

  1. I love a fun ambiance, but if the food does not match, then the restaurant is a no go for me. And I love that the wrapping for that one dish was made with burnt cheese – that’s my favorite part too!

    And this has nothing to do with the purpose of your post, but what lipstick color are you wearing? It’s so pretty!

    • Thank you! It’s called ‘Love Goddess’ by MAC. Sadly, it was limited edition but I am sure they can find you a similar one if you visit their booth! Or just find a lippie that’s brightened-pink with red undertones. It is absolutely gorgeous in real life!

  2. Ha! I was just about to give a nod to your lips, apparently that color (on you only maybe) is dope.
    I just made some parsnip and sweet potato, parmesan, parsley (truffle) fries, oven baked. I realize everything tastes good with truffle-crack-oil, but still the parsnips were a nice color and texture contrast, they tend to hold up a little sexier than a limp sp.
    Salad I made yesterday (great minds) was kale, green apple, roasted butternut squash (cubed, you can use frozen), red onion and pumpkin seeds = mmm.
    Also, you gotta hop on board the spaghetti squash train. Change your life.

  3. Oh this place looks so cool! I love that I know a little bit more about your city now πŸ˜‰ Thank you SO MUCH for all of the travel tips! they were so helpful and we had an amazing time πŸ™‚ I definitely want to go back soon!

    After all the eating out though, I’m excited to get cooking again, so I hear you!

  4. You should stay away from Manhattans. Two weekends ago I had an encounter with two Manhattans and I basically ended up flat on the floor with a broken front tooth. Not a good scene. On other matters, this restaurant looks super cool and hip. I bet it’s pricey. Interested in checking it out though, especially to see that cool logo!

    • Ha! Ben, I always love reading your comments. Where were you?!

      It was definitely a little pricey for the amount of food.

  5. Ambience is important…but if the food isn’t good, then it doesn’t matter much! However it can make a great meal spectacular. Does that make any sense? Thank you for sharing! Wish I could visit for a drink or two!

  6. Urgh, I think I need to avoid your blog for a while. You make me want to move to San Fran EVERY TIME.

    You know the show wife swap? I wonder if they do LIFE SWAP. we could swap lives :p

    Haha, don’t you hate restaurants where after the meal, you need to eat another meal to be satisfied. I’m not one to really be too influenced by the ambience unless its over noisy or crowded

  7. You manage to find some pretty awesome places! I think ambiance is so important. Speaking of which, if you want to be transported to France for the evening, check out Cafe Jacqueline. She makes the most amazing souffles!!

    p.s. Love the red lips. I could never pull that off but they look gorgeous on you!

    • Every single person on this earth can pull off red lips! I guarantee it. You just need to find a color that matches your skin tone. πŸ™‚

  8. What a beautiful restaurant. I’m with you – love the lady photo! I think it’s so neat that the manager himself came up with such a wide variety of drinks to choose from. I’m curious, what camera do you use?

    • I use a cheapo Canon T3i, but I invested in a pretty bad ass lens. It’s the 17-55 MM. Sometimes I’ll pick up my 50mm for recipes but it’s too small now that I have all this width-room with my zoom lens.

  9. I love how you and your friend dress! Seriously, you could start a fashion blog, and it would be wonderful! I love the restaurant! A nicely decorated place has the best atmosphere, and this restaurant looks like it’s just so much fun! As per usual, you take amazing pictures xx! Have a lovely tuesday!

  10. ah that place looks awesome! delicious food, great ambiance and um, “Their bar had maybe 2-3 pages of different innovative cocktails” – um yes please πŸ™‚ and omg being able to drink a manhattan is like a dream of mine that i dont think will ever happen. i just dont have the taste for it. also those jalapeno green beans = YUM!! πŸ™‚

  11. Ahhh, gorgeous girl you are having a lot of fun. Love the place, so chic in a way.
    I can’t wait to try out place, so many to try out. We were dancing and partying out weekend, with poojas everywhere. I can’t wait for diwali parties which starts very soon.

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