To The Cardamones!

I am back from New York and want to go back already! Does anyone want to sponsor this girl to explore? (Kidding, not really kidding).

This past weekend, Bailey and I celebrated the unity between our good friend Jacque and her new husband Michael. My whole trip start on Thursday night, when we caught a red eye from SF -> JFK. I always thought the idea of a red eye didn’t sound so bad, but now I know better to avoid them at all costs. I am the type of person to knock out before take off and wake up a few minutes before landing. Apparently, my Circadian Rhythm didn’t agree.

It was all worth it by the time we got to Jacque’s lake house in the Catskills. Being born and raised in the city really made me appreciate the outdoor scene. The house didn’t have WiFi, so I spent a lot of the time sitting on the porch, watching the clouds roll by, reading old issues of National Geographic and East of Eden.


An air-conditioned bus picked us up on the corner of the abandoned Dairy King and gas station (welcome to the Catskills) and took us to the wedding site twenty minutes away.


I immediately fell in love with Jacque’s wedding because everything pieced together perfectly without seeming too over done.


The boys all looked very handsome,


but it was the bride that stole the show. Jacque looked absolutely stunning. Breathtaking, even.


Their vows reflected their personalities so well. For example, Jacq recited a silly (and impressive) rhyme to express the love she felt for M.


I had about half a second to grab a picture with the newlyweds before they were whisked away by the photographer. Too bad I was looking at the wrong camera. πŸ™


Luckily Bailey and I caught her again for a re-do.


I thought I took more pictures but I guess I was distracted by all the shenanigans surrounding us. It was such a incredible time and I was delighted that Jacque allowed us to join her during her special day. All in all, I met a lot of charming people and had a great time eating, talking and dancing under the stars.

We went back to the Big Apple (does anyone really call it that?) Sunday afternoon and went straight to chow down on NY thin crust pizza. Grimaldi’s came up on everyone’s recommendations and was near where we were staying so it worked out perfectly. When we got there, the line was long and people actually recommended Juliana’s next door, where Patsy Grimaldi re-opened another pizza place after retiring and a long game of business politics.



I really wanted to try the Scamorza, which was their best seller. However, it had pancetta and my friend is vegetarian. Next time, Juliana’s.

Instead, we ordered a classic Margherita, which was more than I could ask for.


A taxi ride later, we were finally at a mutual friend’s enchanting Williamsburg apartment. They had an amazing view of the New York skyline and graciously gave us tips on what to do the next day.

Seven hours later, we schlepped our way to this beauty.


I was surprised to see so many people walking to work! It made more sense after learning that it’s only about a mile long.


We found ourselves in the Lower East Side, eating brunch at Clinton St. Baking Company. I heard that the lines get as long as two hours, but I believe we only waited around 30 minutes which was a nice change from the San Francisco hanging game.

Clinton St. Omelette- spinach and mushroom w/ hash browns & sourdough toast


Next, my favorite thing I ate the whole day. Brioche French Toasted w/ caramelized bananas, roasted pecans and warm maple butter.


I pretty much said I ate the best french toast here, here and here but this might take the cake. Especially with their house made raspberry jam. Divine.

Finally, we wrapped up our day at the number one must-see location in NYC, Central Park. I could of spent a whole day here! Bailey and I were on the move non stop, it felt nice to just stop and smell the flowers for the first time all weekend.



New Yorkers, where must I go the next time I visit? Any late summer weddings in your near future?

18 thoughts on “To The Cardamones!

  1. I’ve heard great things about Grimaldi’s. All of my NYC friends are always talking about it. Looks amazing!

    And we have a early September wedding coming up in North Carolina. Should be fun!

    • Should be beautiful that time of year! The pizza was delicious! Although, I don’t know if it was the best pizza ever. Don’t tell any NYers that, though…

  2. New York is a magical place where you could live your whole and still never see everything. The atmosphere and all the incredible buildings and things to do make me fall in love with it every time, so I totally feel you! Your pictures are gorgeous! It makes me miss NYC and the crazy city life!

  3. What a gorgeous wedding that looks like! How awesome! girl, if you find a sponsor for NY travels, holler, I’ll piggy back on that one!
    YUM to all that food, especially that pizza.. Makes me want some for lunch instead of my packed salad. Ugh, such is life. Central Park is gorgeous! I love that spot you captured! πŸ™‚

    • Ha, I know the feeling of seeing delicious food online while weeping tears into your packed lunch. Story of my life!

  4. if you want a free view of the Statue of Liberty, take the staten island ferry back and forth from downtown. Its a great view.
    You must go to china town (also lower east side) for their dumplings. There are some awesome options there. Try the many museums – especially cloisters if you have the time to go out of your way.(its a bit far from the center). If you like falafel, eat at Maoz. Small chain but awesome israeli food. Go to south street seaport, lots of food options on the way. I have a long list of places to visit. I’ll send you one if you plan on visiting again! πŸ™‚

    • Um, are you my new best friend?! These are great choices! I would love to spend a week New York and have a day or two to explore all the museums. I almost stopped by the Met for an hour but felt like it would of been too much of a teaser. Thanks for all the tips!

  5. such a nice wedding. Gotta try the pizza at Grimaldi’s. Love Clinton Street Bakery, they have the best muffins and french toast. you’re lucky it was only a 30 minute wait, I’ve waited up to 2 hours. Crazy!

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