The Visiting Alaskans

Saturday was a nice relaxing change from my usual weekends, which conveniently includes work and studying. After my Microbiology test on Thursday, I took the weekend off from the books and had no worries on my mind. I needed to fill out the Florida food stamp application since I have been without a job for a bit. Chi had an old friend and his girlfriend visit from Alaska, so we got to take them out and around SF for the day. We started the day in the Marina, where they had their first Toma taco (which received the Alaskan stamp of approval) and then we walked over to a nearby brunch spot.


The Republic considers themselves a “modern bar and grill”, and they are usually jam packed during game days. To our advantage, this off season weekend allowed us a table without a wait.



Bottomless mimosas, which is a standard San Franciscan Saturday affair, were served right away. I volunteered to be designated driver, so our guests and Chi’s uncle had no excuse to stop drinking anytime soon.



I was sad to see that my favorite item here, the mushroom benedict was no longer being served. It seems like they reduced their menu by half, so I opt for the corn beef hash.


Chi ordered his usual nachos, which is a lot to handle before noon. I, being a good girlfriend, helped him out. 🙂


While they were finishing another round, I snuck out to buy cupcakes. I noticed the Kara’s Cupcakes sign when we were walking in.




I decided on a few mini cupcakes for us to taste. They were so small and adorable, I couldn’t say no.


Since the weather was so nice, we wanted to do something in the sun. Dolores Park sounded like a good idea, so we stopped by the house to pick up blankets to lay on the grass. Luck was on our side when we found a parking spot right on the same block of the park!


Junior took us to the Bi-Rite Market to pick up a few beers for our park outing.



The boys went to scout a good spot for us to sit, while Sarah and I went to get a coffee pick me up. My soy mocha really hit the spot, I was on the verge of falling asleep.


We finally found them by the tennis courts and spent a few hours people watching and shooting the shit.



When the sun went down, we packed up and went home for a cat nap. It was really hard for all of us to wake up, but we managed to make it back out to a cigar bar in the Financial District that also plays live salsa music.

Where are your favorite places to bring out of town visitors? Did you also have a relaxing weekend?

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