The Bride To Be

It’s been so, so, so long since I’ve ate with Jacque. I’m pretty sure I saw her sometime in between, but I can’t find a post about it.

We are both so busy with school and work, it’s hard to find a time for both of us to meet up. Fortunately, Thursdays at 5:30p works well for both of us (as long as we don’t have any tests that day). We planned to meet on Union St. and stumbled into this bar/restaurant that was sporting a pretty mean happy hour.


There was so much to catch up on, such as:

1. Her upcoming nupitals (!!)

2. A pair of old classmates that engaged in some chemistry (if you know what I mean)

3. My BodyPump class yesterday (oh my god..)

The last time I saw her she was happily living with her boyfriend and now she is planning a wedding! When I found out she was engaged a few months ago, I was ecstatic because it means that I get to attend a beautiful summer wedding in upstate New York! Also because Jacq and her fiancee make a badass couple.

(Jacque wanted me to remind you that she just came from teaching yoga. I think she looks b-e-a-utiful!)


I mesmerized over the ring, awed over her dress and looked over wedding invitations with her. It’s so exciting to plan a wedding, however, there are so many components that I felt overwhelmed just listening to all the things she had to do.

Look at this clear cut, 1.5 carat beauty. M did a good job and made sure it was a fair trade diamond, which was something that is important to her.


The waitress, who I fell in love instantly, served both of us whisky gingers. Jacque never had one before so I’m happy she tried it! It’s my favorite drink. I really wanted to try a Poor Man’s Black Velvet (Guiness & Cider), but they didn’t have any cider. Next time!


Happy hour included $5 dollar appetizers and guess what we ordered.


Tater Tot Nachos. What.


Did I just die and go to heaven? I know I’m not the healthiest eater, but I also don’t indulge this much. This was just on another level.


I was actually really upset at myself because I promised myself I would eat healthy for the rest of the week. I did my first BodyPump class on Wednesday and I seriously had no idea how intense it would be. I honestly would rather do Tough Mudder again than have to do attend another class. With that being said, I have another class scheduled for Friday night. 🙂 I’m feeling the pain but it feels so good at the same time.

We were really full after eating half the tots, but still wanted to try other items they had so I ordered a chicken slider. It was accessorized with bacon, avocado and sprouts. Although it’s made to fit in a toddler’s hand, it was honestly the perfect size.


The bride to be ate a vegetarian taco; sweet potato, beets, tomato and lettuce.


Time flew by so fast, we seriously were there for 2 1/2 hours! I couldn’t believe it when I looked at my phone after. We did a little window shopping before going home and made plans for our next outing. Tuesday Trivia, perhaps?

Any weddings you’re attending soon? What would be your dream exotic taco?

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