The American Riviera

Can’t believe it’s Friday already! We’re going to drive home tonight because Chi and I have to work on Saturday. This week has passed by so fast and slow at the same time. Let’s just say that so far I’ve been in the car for 12 hours on and off. Yikes.

In my last post, I wrote about us driving down to Santa Barbara on Tuesday night. Somewhere around hour 3.5, Chi’s back started to hurt and it was already 2 AM, so we pulled over in Pismo Beach and rented a hotel room for the night.

I’ll keep today’s post short so I can get every last minute in with the family, so I’ll leave you with today’s Friday Five!

Five of My Favorite Times From So-Cal

1. Pismo Beach


I’ve been really determined to maintain my Couch-to-5k plan, so I’m still doing my morning runs even though I’m not home. (I’m on W4D2 if anyone is interested). Fortunately for me, I actually lucked out and got a really great beach run in. The weather was perfect, the sun was out but wasn’t on full blast and I got a little wind from the ocean. I felt so good after the run, even though we ate junky road trip food down to Santa Barbara after.

2. Lilly’s Tacos


I know I wax poetic justice about everything that goes into my mouth, but Lilly’s seriously takes the cake. Best tacos ever. Ever since I was introduced two years ago, I’ve been hooked. The tacos are Mexico street style and the great thing is Lilly’s only serves tacos, nothing else. I’ve waited in 20+ people lines for these tacos and never regretted it. This is a Santa Barbara must.


3. Santa Barbara’s famous views


Santa Barbara is California’s best and favorite beach town and is one of the few places I would consider moving to in California. The city is surrounded by mountains, which keeps the heat in, but also has a whole side of water which cools it down, which makes the city have perfect weather. Everyone is really calm and it’s such a great place to raise a family. The housing isn’t as crazy as SF, but it’s not like you can live here on minimum wage. Every time I come I fall more and more in love with it; I wish I had more days to explore and show you guys how beautiful it is.


It’s pretty hard to not feel great when you’re surrounded by palm trees and sun, no?

4. High School Graduation


We went to one of Chi’s cousin’s high school graduation on Thursday. The photo above is Chi’s little brother’s girlfriend.


Of course I didn’t take any pictures with the graduate, whoops!

5. Playing With The Babies


These Skiphop Zoopacks are so popular in San Francisco and I thought they’d look so cute on Chi’s little cousins. I got the two boys a giraffe and dinosaur.


All of his kids gets so excited when Chi comes to town because he plays with them until he’s wiped out. Call me biased, but these kids are pretty much the cutest kids in the universe.

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What was the last trip you’ve been on? Beach run or trail run?

11 thoughts on “The American Riviera

  1. Santa Barbara is really very pretty. Was not impressed with the hotel I stayed at last time though so I’m thinking I’ll need to find a better place on my next visit!

  2. Those rucksacks are too cute, I sort of want one for myself (a dinosaur one, yes please!) 😉 The tacos also look heavenly – wish we had more good Mexican restaurants over this end (I’m not giving up the hunt just yet!)

  3. What a gorg pic of santa barbara. Are all these places really called the American Riviera? If so, that’s so awesome. It’s nice to know that we have a riviera too. I wanna explore that part of Cali someday.
    Just came back from Miami Beach… loved it.

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