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Remember when I mentioned last time that all I wanted to do was curl up with a good book? Well, I did just that and it felt amazing. I was in bed by 8:30pm on Friday night and got five chapters done before passing out. I should probably update the sidebar because I finished A Moveable Feast back in January.

Back when I use to go to Toma at a minimum of 3x/week, there was frequently a huge line next door at Ristorante Parma. I was a little confused, mainly because the menu seemed simple enough and nothing seemed out of the ordinary. However, I would always overhear patrons raving about how good the food was when they were leaving this cozy establishment.

A few friends of mine and I had original plans to eat at a Japanese tapas restaurant over in the Sunset. Reservations were hard to get, so we ended up walking around the Marina to find a place that was 1. delicious and 2. no longer than an hour wait. Our requirements seem fair enough, but rest assured, eating out on a Saturday in San Francisco can be a total pain in the butt.

The owner of Parma is a total bad ass.


He was standing outside of the restaurant with his glass of wine and a gaggle of women. There was no list to put our names down outside, it kind of seemed like he was the Sphinx of the place and only banter and a nice smile will get you in. After going back and forth for a little bit, he told us it would be roughly an hour.

Eating at 6:30p slowly ended up being eating at 8:30p because we were having so much fun at Jacq’s house looking over wedding booth pictures. We were getting hungrier by the minute and ended up putting our names inside. To kill time, we went around Chestnut St., did a little restaurant window-shopping and came back only to find that it was our turn. Did he come out and say, “your table is ready”? No. He looked at us through the window, winked and nudged his head for us to come in. Wahoo!

I apparently can not sit still for pictures.


The best part of the meal was the bread dipping sauce. You would think that this would be the simplest thing to over look, but they did something that most restaurants do not do. They added garlic! Olive oil, vinegar and garlic. Just one simple ingredient and it turned our table to a bunch of savages. Some of us could not wait our turn and it was a free-for-all. (AKA me).


While we were waiting for our table, we saw that they had a low corkage fee. Jacque’s husband went to the store to pick up two bottles of wine for us to imbibe with dinner.

I like their inspected sign. Such an honest and straight-to-the-point statement.


Bailey’s boyfriend and I shared the Affettati di Salumi. He asked me last minute right before the waiter left and it was such a clutch decision. There was salami (genoa, maybe?), mortadella and two types of prosciutto.

I was surprised at how fast we finished it, but I remember that eating cured meats is one of the finest pleasure in life and smiled to myself.

Yes, they might be high in saturated fat & salt content, but I do not feel guilty because you just have to pick and choose your battles.


Parma’s decor made me feel like I was right in Rome. From their grand collection of vino, to the arches in the mirrors and all the way to the plastic track lights up above.


The entrees served at this restaurant are all no frills, authentic and plain Italian comfort food. I ordered the Penne Romanoff, with sautéed sausage and mushrooms in a tomato vodka sauce.


All of us had a bite of this Molten Lava Cake except Michael. He is allergic to nuts and chocolate, poor guy.


I am trying to milk as many Farmer Market posts as I can before they get boring to read every Monday.

Persimmons are one of my favorite fall fruit, the Chinese eat it a lot and I never knew they were popular outside of Chinese households until a few years ago when my American friend was eating it for lunch. She looked at me like I was crazy when I asked her how she knew about them.

Excuse the tired eyes, I passed on a cup of Joe before leaving the house.

PS: I love the lady next to me, she looks like she is getting low while picking the ripest persimmon out of the bunch.


I am dying to remake my Brussels sprouts recipe, they are too good to be true. On the agenda this week is chicken and bok choy, possible turkey stuffed bell peppers and more grapes than I can personally consume.


Farmer’s Market Sunday is not complete without Chipotle. Taylor, I like this thing we have going on.

Chipotle is one of those places where I have to get the same thing every time or it does not feel right.


And finally, when is the last time you have seen these bad boys?! I was at Walgreens on Friday when this bright orange bag caught my eye. I totally forgot about them!


Any nostalgic snacks from your childhood? Do you have to order the same thing every time you go to a particular restaurant?

22 thoughts on “Taglia Il Pane

  1. That wine label cracks me up. I love when businesses have a sense of humor. And that salami plate looks insane good.

    Which farmers market do you go to? We hit up the Ferry Building because it’s close, but it’s always so crowded.

    • I go to the one at Stonestown, I know…booo. I love the Alemany one because it’s cheap and huuuge but I work on Saturdays.

      I love the Ferry Building one but they charge so much compared to other ones! It’s like a tourist trap for locals. Have you been to the Marina one? I hear it is nice.

      • Yeah, I went to the Fort Mason one all the time when we lived up there. It was small but really good, and so much less crowded than the Ferry Building! I agree, the Ferry Building one is just another tourist trap. I went with my mom this weekend, and didn’t even want to get anything. But at least there’s Blue Bottle 🙂

  2. I love that he winked and that’s how you knew your table was ready! That’s so fun!

    And Soft Batch chocolate chip cookies were a staple during most of my childhood! Oh and a glass of milk too. You can’t go wrong with that combo!

  3. I love love love Italian food and I tend to always order some version of a caprese something. It’s a flavor combo that you just can’t beat. Also, I absolutely love garlic in my oil and vinegar. Amazing. Also, the owner of this establishment is too cool for words.

  4. Parma looks like such a cozy little spot! It sounds like you handle waiting for a table extremely well. I’m not so sure I could deal. When I’m hungry, I’m a beast!

    That sucks your friend is allergic to chocolate and nuts. I wouldn’t survive.

    Haha- that lady grabbing a persimmon is so funny. She’s really getting into it!

    Glad you had a nice weekend girl!

  5. Oohh, I miss Corn Nuts! I used to eat those little treasures like it was my job (which is about is much as I ever had to do in 1988).

    Also, I never see ‘It’s Its’. Ever! You know, the old school ones in the plastic package.. I think they were just too delicious for everyone’s own good and I suspect, had to retire themselves while they were ahead. Much before an epidemic of lactose intolerant children swept the nation (ok, maybe just the big snobby cities), and shit got weird = Gogurt, mini kid-friendly cartons of Chocolate Silk, and other “ice cream style” substances.

    Anyway, I’ll take a ‘Joe’s It’ sub any day of the week.

  6. You somehow managed to make me crave a Chipotle salad AND bread with garlic dipping sauce at 9am. THANKS. The lady getting down low though? LOL. A nostalgic snack might be anything Little Debbie—-loved her. Or Cheetos, which I sometimes still eat…

  7. once I figure out what I like at a particular place, I order the same thing over. I’d rather look at it as, I go to that place because I’m craving something particular I’ve had before.
    I love the owner of Parma – truly badass! I can’t wait to get to SFO to check out all these places you talk about.

  8. This restaurant looks great! 🙂 I love how authentic it is. I’m not into the Olive Garden type Italian restaurants – haven’t been in years!! I’m all about the mom and pop restaurants 🙂 Gotta love helping local businesses!

  9. Everything about this Italian place makes me want to either A) go to Italy or B) come to this totally adorable restaurant. I can imagine waiting for food in San Fran on a Sat night is the worst thing ever.. so many good places! 🙂
    Farmer’s markets have been lost on me this year, I’m super jealous you get to go! I haven’t been in a few years – not that there are really that many that are as adorable as that one here in GA.
    Childhood snackage – CEREAL! Frosted Flakes all the way.

  10. The pasta and cake looks yummy. Can’t wait to hear more adventure from you food hunting. I’m going to try one of those food recipe you have here on your website 1 day when I actually find time to do it. Lol.

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