GIVEAWAY: Zabada Clean Home Starter Kit

Sorry for missing Monday’s post, friends. I was actually halfway done with a post when there was a turn of events and I was not able to finish it in time. (side-eyeing you, Taylor)

Honestly, who cares when we have a fantastic giveaway today on the blog!

A few weeks ago, I posted a review of Zabada Clean and a few commenters seemed interested in the products. I asked the company if they wanted to give away a few products and luckily, they said yes! For regulations sake, I am letting you know that I am not being compensated for this post, I am doing this because I kind of like you guys a lot. 🙂

As I said in my last post, part of living a healthy lifestyle is being cautious of what products you use in your day-to-day living. To make your child feels clean and dry the whole day just checkout this blog wipe warmer reviews for some ideas. Many of us use refillable water bottles (glass, I hope!), eat organic foods and compost as much as possible, but what about all our cleaning supplies? Not having good ones I start looking for the janitorial services near me, seriously.

That is where Zabada and the consultants for house cleaning in San Francisco come into play. What if I told you that you can clean your house with only water?

(This picture is a sample of their products and might not be what is included in the starter kit being offered in this giveaway.)

Because they can explain their product a million times better than I can, I copy and pasted their ‘About Us’ for you to read.

who’s zabada clean?

Zabada is crusading to rid homes, and the planet, of crazy poisonous chemical cleaners. We’re taking a stand against yucky chemicals that leave yucky toxic residues and emissions for your skin to absorb and kids to breathe – chemicals known to poison and cause us serious harm.

We’re crusaders with integrity and a solution that’s scientifically proven to clean better, faster and healthier. And joining our mission are millions of households across Europe and Australasia who’ve already shed the HAZMAT suit and converted to chemical-free living with the Zabada system.

what’s the zabada fiber cleaning system?

It’s an Austrian-made and engineered range of advanced cleaning fibers and microfiber cloths, the likes of which no grease, grime or bacteria have ever seen before in the US. Zabada fibers are deeper, thicker and superior in quality compared to your average microfiber cloth. They’re made and hand-sewn in Austria to exacting European ISO standards. They’re cut 100 times finer than a human hair to reach in and grab every particle from every kind of surface. And all they need to remove dirt and bacteria is a little water – the stuff that’s safe for your kids to drink.

It’s a quick and simple mechanical process that’s easily explained in our ‘How Zabada Works’ video.

what can zabada do for you?

Zabada is the only complete cleaning system that’s scientifically-proven to:

  • Rid homes of 90% of harmful chemicals
  • Remove up to 100% of bacteria
  • Clean faster with a simple wet and wipe
  • Last 2 to 3 years and save you money
  • Outlast generic microfiber Linen Shed cloths that lose cleaning power after 20 washes
  • Reduce water consumption by a factor of 20
  • Reduce energy use by a factor of 30
  • Reduce solid waste by a factor of 50
  • Reduce air and surface pollutants
  • Lower potential health risks

Without further ado, enter the giveaway for a chance to win one of their starter packages! If you are the lucky one, they offer different products for the bath, kitchen and living room for you to choose from.

The giveaway will end Sunday at 11:59 PM and is only open to US residents.

For your entry to count, please remember to leave a comment saying which product you will like to receive if you win.

Good luck to you and please feel free to e-mail me if you have any questions!
For more additional information visit


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PS: If any of you are interested in the products you put on your body, read this article written by Jacqueline Cerone Cardamone. I am so proud to be her friend!

Where To Start…

I am going to rename my blog to ‘posts in dash form with food sometimes’. It might have to do with me being a little distracted by the red carpet…or the fact that Beyonce is performing in less than fifteen minutes.

-Home grounded meatballs

I finally used my new meat grinder on Thursday and life has officially changed. Picking two different meats to combine was a bit overwhelming, but I ultimately decided on a half chuck and half brisket mixture. I made the meatballs on Friday and they came out perfect. I hardly had to season them besides salt, pepper and herbs de provence.

You really cannot go wrong with a home made pasta sauce made with Roma tomatoes and white wine either. Thank you, Alton Brown.


-Dim sum in Chinatown

Abby and I try to see each other as often as possible and we both had a window open on Saturday for lunch. I promised her dim sum for her late birthday present and made it all the way to her side of town, only to remember that it was the Chinese New Year Fair in Chinatown.

Telling you it was crowded is an understatement. I will just show you instead.


In the midst of the crowds was Chinatown’s own local celebrity. He plays his erhu in the beginning of the movie Pursuit of Happyness (starring Will Smith).

Yes, that is a Santa hat and you better believe he was rockin’ out to Jingle Bells. I did not have the heart to tell him that he was a little too late.


2014 is the Year Of The Horse. Chinese New Year will probably be explained in my next post, as it falls on the 31st this year. There are so many customs, traditions and celebration involved and I want to share a piece of my culture with you.


Abs wanted to show off her jellyfish eating skills.


I wanted to show off all the delicious things we ordered. I love taking my friends to dim sum because they get to try dishes out of their comfort zone. Come to San Francisco and it will be mind blowing, I promise.


-Weekly cleaning

The kind people at Zabada Clean sent me a few pieces of bathroom cleaning supplies to test out and report back to you. Although household supplies is not a normal topic on my blog, I found these interesting because you do not need to use any of your normal cleaners with them- only water.

Part of living a healthy lifestyle is being responsible for your environment and trying to be sustainable. I drink out of glass water bottles instead of plastic, bring my reusable bags to the grocery store and compost as much as possible. My one vice is cleaning the kitchen and bathroom, I use so many paper towels that is it truly embarrassing. The Zabada cleaning supplies makes it easy for you to wash in their laundry bag and reuse; thus, reducing waste.

From their website:

While the water goes to work on loosening the dirt, Zabada’s ultra-fine and unique thick-pile fibers replace the whole yucky chemical process to achieve an unbeatable result – removing up to 100% of bacteria. Without getting too nerdy, it’s a deep-cleaning mechanical process that shaves off and traps the dirt, grease and bacteria deep in the fiber, and only releases them when the fibers are washed.”

My review is that I am surprised at how well they worked without using any store bought cleaners. I followed the video instructions found on their website, put a little water on one edge and went to work. Shiny clean! However, I cannot speak for heavy duty stains and cleaning jobs since I already do a light cleaning every week and only had surface stains. You can probably get it out with a little elbow grease, though.

They have products for your bathroom, kitchen and living room. It seemed a little pricy when I checked their website but you kind of have to think of the supplies as investment pieces.


-Acme & taleggio

Nothing like a Acme baguette and taleggio cheese to celebrate the last day of freedom before school starts. I am already dreading waking up tomorrow.



to intriduceAs we decided

Congrats to Amy H. for winning FAOT’s first giveaway! I hope to have another one for you coming soon.

What is your favorite cheese? I want to take a cheese class and expand my knowledge. Get out of my comfort zone, you know?