North Beach Saturday

Phew, has this been a really long weekend. Let’s backtrack to where I left off on Friday! I left my car at Toyota while I worked and found seriously heart breaking news. My car, which is a Corolla ’09, has been acting funny for the past few months. When I went on a mini trip to So Cal last week, my AC stopped working. It only blows the air that’s from the outside, leaving it pretty useless really. Then, there was a scraping sound whenever we went over bumps on the freeway so I wanted to get it checked out before it broke down on me. It turns out that everything will take around $2000 to fix which is a bummer. I certainly do not have that kind of money laying around! I’m going to take it to a few mechanics to get more quotes. Everyone tells me that it shouldn’t be happening because of how new my car is, which bums me out a little more.

To cheer myself up, Chi, Richie and I went to eat sushi after they had a bro workout in the backyard. I don’t eat seafood (except for shrimp, calamari and jellyfish), so I always get my standard shrimp tempura roll. I found a pretty unique vegetarian option that sounded option to try: the veggie caterpillar roll! Shiitake mushrooms, avocado and cucumber. Yum!


I had to work early the next morning, so Chi and I watched parts of a forgotten movie before I passed out. Something exciting I did was use the Sidecar app for the first time!


(Picture credit to

Essentially, it’s kind of a new-aged taxi service. You pick a driver close to you they pick you up if they’re available. The cars have GPS so you can see where they’re going and how far away they are. All transactions are through the app, so you don’t have to worry about not having cash or any safety concerns. You can also rate drivers and customers, so customer service is astounding. I wasn’t asked to sponsor this company, but I still highly recommend anyone that lives in a big city that offers this app to give it a try. It’s also way cheaper then catching a cab and having to worry about being verbally assaulted by the driver!

I used a sidecar to go from my job to Abby’s house because we were going to the North Beach Festival!


San Francisco has a decent amount of fairs during the warmer months, and I believe NB Fest to be one of the bigger ones. Food vendors, beer gardens and so many local boutiques occupying booths for us to shop.

We were all standing in line for Vietnamese food when I blinked and Chi disappeared. He snuck back in with this


and this.


How could I be mad when he made sure to bring two forks? Thanks Chi! I’m not a huge fan of funnel cakes, but look how amazing this looks.

I ordered the chicken garlic noodles, which was also amazing. The only thing that could of made it better was a cold beer to wash it down.


We hung around for a few hours with a group of friends until everyone was worn out and ready to go home.

The next day, I volunteered my usual shift at the hospital, then nannied all day. This time, I got to bring the kids to the Exploratorium.

“The Exploratorium a twenty-first-century learning laboratory, an eye-opening, always-changing, playful place to explore and tinker. For more than forty years, we’ve built creative, thought-provoking exhibits, tools, programs, and experiences that ignite curiosity, encourage exploration, and lead to profound learning.”

I couldn’t of said it better my self! I think I was more excited than the kids to go. There are so many cool interactive things to do there. I can’t wait to have my own so I can bring them here to learn while having a lot of fun. They teach visual learning, science, biological things that had my two-year-old wrapped up and not wanting to leave!


They recently moved the Exploratorium from the Palace of Fine Arts (where I want to get married) to a Pier on the bay.

The first attraction, although not so much for learning, really invoked the kids to give it a go. It’s a toilet shaped water fountain. I can still hear their giggles as they drink out of it.


Most of the pictures I took of the actual exhibits had pictures of the kids face’s, which I do not feel comfortable posting online. So pretend you saw the timeline of a live chicken embryo, the explanation of how equilibrium has much to do with our hearing and the huge chairs that make you seem little.

Now gawk at the amazing view I witnessed while eating my overpriced half chicken and roasted carrots ($22! Can you believe it?!).


I also watched the America Cup’s sailboats practicing and a family of seagulls playing with each other while I enjoyed my meal.

This pirate art made out of toothpicks took 38 years to build, and works as a little maze. You can put the balls on top and watch them roll down the decks all the way down to the bridge. It was really cool to watch.


A wall of funny artistic signs and sayings.


And finally, one of the most beautiful views of San Francisco on top of Twin Peaks. Located right in the center, you can see a panorama from the Golden Gate Bridge all the way downtown. I just want to point out that I hardly had to edit the picture, it was that beautiful.


Do you enjoy going to fairs in your city? Are you amazed by how far technology has came since smart phones came into play?

Happy Mother’s Day!

A very Happy Mother’s Day to my mama!


I’ll keep it short and sweet and just say that she is the rock in my little family and I seriously wouldn’t be where I am without her. I know everyone says that but it’s especially true to me. I love you mama! (PS: Isn’t she just absolutely beautiful?)

On Friday, our bosses gave us a free lunch so we decided to go to Kaka Udon Kitchen, which is just a few short blocks from our work. Pictured below is my two favorite co-workers. I’ve known Susan for over 5 years now and Al is who I call amor. Fellas, he is single and ready to mingle! He is also too cool to wear his scrubs outside of work.


Although Susan and I have had our fair share of udon, it was Al’s first time and he was intrigued by it. I always love taking people to try new foods, I’m really happy he loved it!


I ordered the Kimchee udon because I wanted to try a new flavor and got a side of spam musubi. I know how gross spam can make people feel, but I’ve been eating it since I was small and will just avoid the ingredient list whenever I see the packaging, ha.


We also shared two rolls; the one on the left was a Shrimp Tempura roll and the one on the right was a tuna + creme cheese concoction. I could probably live off Shrimp Tempura rolls. The creaminess of the avocado really pulls everything together.


Another thing I wanted to share were these Ozery Bakery Morning Rounds I received in the mail to try out for my blog. I don’t feature products unless I feel they fit the direction I’m going for, so I was excited to try these out.

The rounds contain no artificial ingredients and actually have real fruit pieces inside! I received three different flavors: Cranberry Orange, Museli and Apple Cinnamon.


I wake up at 6am most mornings and don’t have time to make a elaborate nutritious breakfast, so these are perfect on the go. For example, on Friday I toasted the Muesli bun in a toaster oven and spread a thin layer of Sunflower Seed Butter and topped it off with sliced bananas. It took me 2 minutes and I was on time to take my kids to school, and with the help of my newborn hiking baby carrier I was able to carry my baby around effortlessly.


I had more time on Saturday, since my office was out to a seminar and I got the day off. Chi went to get a haircut so I surprised him with a full on breakfast of french toast and a fried egg on top of a salad. The french toast was super easy; I cracked an egg, added 1/4 cup Almond milk, dash of cinnamon and 1/2-tsp of sugar and mixed everything together. I coated both sides of the Apple Cinnamon flavored Morning Round and put it in a small pan w/ butter. They came out so good! I wish I had real apples to garnish, but the bananas really hit the spot. Can you tell by this point which fruit we have an excess of in this house? 😛



I didn’t have time to try the Cranberry Orange one but Chi took one to go on Sunday and he said he really liked it! I must say I really enjoyed them and I will definitely buy them when I run out. I’m pretty sure they’re located in Whole Foods, Sprouts, Costco and a few other places. I also want to note that I didn’t receive any compensation for this post and all opinions are truly my own. The only thing I received was the product samples.

Now to the highlight of my week, THE GREAT GATSBY! I mentioned how excited I am in this post and I couldn’t believe that this day has finally come. I also found an embarrassing rough draft of the analysis of The Great Gatsby I wrote a few years ago (which can be viewed here. I promise the final draft was a lot smoother!)

Chi and I drove to Century in the new Bloomingdales mall because we wanted to watch it in XD 3D.


Can you believe tickets are $16.50?! Especially for 12:00pm on a Saturday, I was shocked to say the least.


I never saw them pimp out the entrance to the theater before. Say hi to Abby!


Did I think it was a great aesthetically pleasing movie? Yes! Did I think it was the best adaption of Gatsby? No. I think the movie was so over the top it took away the true meaning of Gatsby, but I figured that would happen. The 3D was really riveting and I think it would of been a great job if I didn’t hold the book so close to my heart.

After the movie, we came home and relaxed a little before going out to dinner with our group of friends. We somehow ended up at Lucky Strike bowling alley, don’t ask why.


I also managed to get some studying in, so I’m really happy. One week and one day left of school, the countdown begins…

Did you enjoy the Great Gatsby? What recipes are you going to make this week?