Game Seven

So it’s currently half time during game seven of the NBA finals. Who do you guys want to win? Warriors and Celtics are my team, but I’m going for the ‘underdog’ Spurs. Miami needs to give another team a chance to win!

I spent the last half of my week hanging out with the kids again. We went to the Academy of Sciences and Exploratorium on Wednesday and Thursday, so just re-read those posts if you want a recap on how my day went. I am exhausted mentally and physically, I can’t wait until my day off on Sunday.

I ended my week long trek by taking them to the Farmer’s Market. They were craving strawberries and I needed to pick up fruits and veggies for the week, so it worked out perfectly. This one was the Mission district Farmer’s Market. They had food trucks, knick knacks and a live guitar singer to swoon all the hipster moms hanging out in the sun.


I was originally going to go to Trader Joe’s to shop snacks for the boys to watch the game, but figured I’d get everything at the Farmer’s Market to kill two birds with one stone. I had to get a little creative, but managed to get it done. I actually think things worked out perfectly!

Five Snacks To Feed Hungry Boys During Sport Finals

1. Pistachios


The garlic and onion pistachios are locally grown and tasted so fresh even though they were roasted! These are great for finger biting moments during the fourth quarter.

2. Fruits


Fruit to cleanse the palate in-between all the garlic and salty flavors. The strawberries, pluots (plums & apricot hybrid, ever heard of this?!) and plums are all from a local company, Twin Girls Farms. Strawberry season is definitely here! They were so sweet, soft and juicy.

3. Onigilly


I suppose you can’t get this everywhere, but they’re a local food truck that’s kind of like sushi wrap. I ordered the chicken, shittake mushrooms and shrimp and they boxed it home for me. All in all, they’re a fun different way to host a game day party!

3. Meatballs


I feel like these meatballs meet in the middle between healthy and a snack that the boys actually looked forward to. They were made in a tomato and basil sauce and taste delicious with the social snacker crackers from Trader Joe’s.

5. Crackers and Dip


I picked this spread out as an impulse, but they were handing out free samples and I instantly turned back and picked it up. Chips and dip are a classic party dish, but this one was pretty unique!

All the plates out, hanging out as a gang, ready to get eaten.


Last Friday Five: Five Of My Favorite Times From SoCal

What kind of snacks do you like eating during games or group movies? Have you ever ate/heard of a pluot?

Sigh Of Relief

After volunteering at the hospital on Wednesday, I walked over to one of my favorite local grocery stores, Bryan’s, and picked up fresh strawberries and raspberries. A smoothie was calling for me and I answered.


In my smoothie was bananas, strawberries, raspberries, carrots, spinach, some matcha I found on a Matcha Wholesale and almond milk. Such a good way to get my raw veggies and fruit servings for the day, and I can promise it tasted a lot better then it looked after it was blended.


Yesterday, I had a pretty long day. I woke up at 5:15a to help nanny my kids a little bit earlier than usual because their dad was out of town and mom had to go to work. We played a few rounds of hangman, and I helped E set up all her dolls for a slumber party. I took them to school, went to my grandma’s house for breakfast and left to go to school for last minute cramming. The Micro exam was overwhelming and I don’t think I did as well as I should of, unfortunately.

What really wore me out was how long it took me to get home. My school is (on average) 50 minutes away from my house and it took me 1 hour and 45 minutes to get home. There was crazy traffic when I got off the bridge with stop and go right to my house. I was ready to unwind, so my boyfriend and I went to go eat at one of my favorite local chains, Pasta Pomodoro.

Pasta Pomodoro first opened in the Marina in ’94 and rapidly started to extend their locations throughout the Bay Area. My sister worked in the Laurel Village location in either high school or summers in between college and it quickly became a family favorite.


It’s so funny, the percentage of people eating at all locations are roughly 50% families with kids and 50% first date nights. There’s a definite stereotype to this restaurant.


We start with the focaccia and olive oil + pesto dip, so much better than bread and butter.


Next, is the traditional Bruschetta. Chi had just finished eating a huge burrito a few hours before, so he was just keeping me company. I’m ashamed (and proud at the same time) that I pretty much finished everything from dinner.


The spinach salad is one of my favorites, it has a taste that I can’t recreate in my own kitchen. Included is tomatoes, red onions, shaved pecorino, crispy bacon in a balsamic vinaigrette.


The main course, the Gemelli. Fusilli pasta with grilled and smoked chicken, sun-dried tomatoes, mushrooms and cream sauce. I could of made this at home, but the convenience is worth the few extra dollars.


And for the cherry on my day, I came home to great news: I got accepted into my first school! 🙂 Now three more letters to wait on.