Farewell, Danielle!

I don’t usually go out to eat brunch, but when I do, I get so full it’s uncomfortable. Does that happen to anyone else?

One of my best friends from middle school told me she was moving to Colorado, so we arranged a brunch date to catch up on everything. I’m going to be so sad to see her go, but now I have an excuse to go to the Rockies 🙂

We wanted to go to Red Door Cafe and I drove all the way there but it was closed! Hopefully we can try it next week. Instead, we went to Mission Beach Cafe, which always has a line out the door on the weekends.


Coming here also has its plus, there’s always free parking all around. I also really want to commend the staff here, everyone was very friendly and attentive. Made me feel like I was right at home!


Danielle was coming from school and it took her a little while to meet me, so I ordered a soy mocha while I waited. I thought they served Blue Bottle, but the coffee was from another local company. I’m not a daily coffee drinker, so it was a treat for me. Lucky for me, she came about five seconds after it got to my table.


Yes, I comprehend how corny this picture looks! Danielle wanted to try and be a photographer for a few minutes.


We both knew what we wanted, so I quickly ordered the the Wild Mushroom Benedict, with spinach, caramelized onions, truffle mornay sauce and potatoes. I did not make a bad decision, it really hit the spot.


Who doesn’t love a good runny yolk?


We also shared the French Toast with mascarpone cheese, strawberries and syrup. A few weeks ago I went to Olea and said that it was the best french toast I ever had, but I think I spoke too soon. The mascarpone on this french toast really brought it to another level. I can seriously go for this again. Right now.


Now, I will keep this Wednesday short and sweet. Thanks again for reading everyone, I can’t express how appreciative I am!

What unique toppings do you put on your french toast? Have your good friends diffused across the country, or do they all live close to you?