Happy Hump Day

It is officially Wednesday, the longest day of the week and I am feeling it all over. Tomorrow is my first Microbiology test, wish me luck!

Toma has rolled out new weekly specials and I was lucky enough to try their Monday Chile Colorado before they ran out for the day. Chile Colorado is a traditional Mexican dish that’s usually a spicy beef stew but Toma makes it more into a paste so it’s still packing a lot of flavor but also easier to eat in a taco or burrito. I will forever be a taco girl, so I decided to get one to try. I took the picture before I could put a heaping of cilantro and onion (which to me, makes the taco).


Yesterday, I ate at one of my favorite hole in the wall Chinese restaurants, Spices. This gem has two locations (within two blocks of each other!) on Clement St. Their specialty is a Taiwanese style of Schezuan food and it is SERIOUSLY spicy! Now, I’ve been eating spicy food since I was a baby. Indian food won’t make me bat an eye, I can take the hottest peppers, but there’s something so special about how Spices makes their dishes. Schezuan province has a different kind of spicy, it literally makes one’s mouth numb and it feels so good. I’ve been getting the ‘Numbing Spicy Chili Pork over Rice’ since I was 12 years old, I never get anything else!


Do you just see the hot oil on the bottom of the plate? I’m getting hungry again. I also don’t think I can give up white rice, no matter how un-nutritionally benefitting it is.


PS: Look what I ended up getting! Chi came home with four boxes Monday night, my hero. I went the next day to buy the other four to complete the set. The little Girl Scout was so adorable. She was Chinese and white and looked just like me when I was younger.


How’s your hump day going? Is there any foods you know that aren’t exactly healthy that you can’t ever give up?

Where Are The Girl Scout Cookies?

The Girl Scouts have been pushing cookies for the last seven days and I have yet to acquire a box of Thin Mints in my possession; something is going on. This is the only time of the year I feel comfortable looking for little children in uniforms on the streets, and I am sad to report that my search has came up empty handed this weekend.

San Francisco has been making a killing this month with the weather. It was actually hot enough for short sleeve shirts and we only had one rainy day so far! To my surprise, Dolores Park was not packed as it usually is on a Saturday.


My lunch consisted of an overpriced club sandwich (with chicken and avocado) and a side salad. We ate at an unknown cafe nestled somewhere in Downtown that I probably will never find again.


I originally wanted to do something different, such as play tennis, or go to the museum. But my suggestions were quickly shot down when it was brought up that we didn’t own a pair of tennis rackets and the museum was closing soon. So, we went bike browsing in the land of the hipsters, Valencia St.


I’ve been going to a few bike shops now, but I’m finding it really hard to find a baby pink bike that’s also functional in a hilly city.


With no bike luck, I cheered myself up with ice cream at Xanath. We just happened to stroll by and found the flavors pretty unique, such as huckleberry and pumpkin pie.


I am a coffee ice cream girl, so I got a scoop of espresso and a scoop of Madagascar vanilla. Less is sometimes more.


Not wanting to go home, we made a trip to Trader Joe’s to pick up groceries for the week and some ingredients for our home made dinner. Our sad looking cheese plate consisted of a sliced baguette, Syrah soaked cheese (so good) and crisp Gala apples.


Chi also had a craving for Chicken Piccata, so we followed this recipe to a T and it came out amazing! Yes, we did consume a whole stick a butter, but it doesn’t happen every night and it was worth it. We’ve also been craving gnocchi since we ate at Beretta, so we cooked the gnocchi (a little bit too long) and pan fried it with sautéed spinach. The whole meal came together really well at the end and pictures certainly didn’t do it justice.



Sunday was rather uneventful, as my whole day consisted of this:


What’s your favorite Girl Scout cookie? Did you have an eventful weekend?