The Final Stretch

The 102nd annual Bay To Breakers race and festivities happened today in San Francisco. For those that are unfamiliar, it starts off really early in the morning as a 12km race and finishes as a city wide shit-show. Literally.


(Photo credit to

I have seen the funniest and jaw dropping costumes when I attended two years ago (as a spectator, not a runner) and it’s such a great time people watching. The race starts from one end of the city (downtown/Embarcadero) to the other end (Ocean Beach). Did you know San Francisco is only 7 square miles long and wide?

Please check out these pictures to get a feel of how San Francisco gets down. You won’t regret it.

I’m on my final stretch regarding school and only have one more final before I am a free woman to summer. It’s bittersweet to have the semester wrapping up but I’m more than ready to start my dietetics program in the fall! I also have a lot of trips I’m taking in the next three months, so I have to start planning and getting ready for everything. I still didn’t apply for my Visa to China, I need to get on that soon.

To give myself a tangible pat on the back, I bought a Garmin ForeRunner 10 in Violet/White! It’s the cutest thing and I can’t wait to use it tomorrow when I start my Couch to 5k training. Although my half marathon is not until November, I’m going to have a lot of holes in-between from all the traveling I’ll be doing, so I want to have as much background training as possible. I can’t even run a whole mile yet! This is going to be a long journey..


Can’t wait to let you know how my first day back in the fitness world is working out, since I’ll be trying steroids as anavar to help me with my fitness performance. Another reason I’m happy school is over is because I have a lot more time to do personal things. Those 2 hours I usually spend driving to school and back can be put into good use now! If you are wanting to get into a fitness lifestyle, then start Boosting Testosterone Naturally.

On Saturday, Chi and I went to eat a late lunch together since we haven’t seen each other much lately. I’ve been busy with school and work and he’s been making sure the restaurant continues to run smoothly.

We went to Papito, in one of my favorite districts in SF, Potrero Hill. It feels like I was just here… 😉

Papito is one of my favorite modern Mexican places to dine, they serve the most delicious food and it doesn’t hurt that everything is organic and local! A funny note is that the restaurant is actually owned by French people that have a French restaurant on the corner.

(I honestly don’t remember the sign being like this to be honest)


Chips and salsa are served untraditionally with a spicy sauce, mild verde and a sweet mango salsa.


I couldn’t resist ordering the Watermelon Fresca. It looked so refreshing and tasted so.


We ordered my favorite thing ever (there), the Chorizo Fundido. I actually never heard of fundido before I started dating Chi, but essentially it is meat (chorizo) or no meat for vegetarian style with beans, tomatoes and onion served with a topping of melted cheese. Kind of like a Mexican fondue, I would say. You serve it with chips and scoop out the fundido and eat it like a dip.

I actually just got hungry and kind of sad just by looking at this picture. Thanks, Papito.


I knew I was going to be full from the fundido, so I only ordered two tacos. These tacos are no joke, I never had such fancy pants tacos before. My first one was a sautéed shrimp taco with garlic, chile de arbor adobo, avocado, cilantro, red onions and mango pico de gallo. Now that was a mouthful.


My second taco was house-made chorizo and potatoes, salsa verde and pico de gallo.


Chi also got a cameron costeño taco, I think it’s safe to say that it was a real winner. His second choice was the pollo empanizado: fried chicken, chipotle remoulade, salsa roja, guacamole, purple cabbage slaw and creme fraiche.


I think these tacos are the epitome of food porn.

Remember when I showed you the night-time view of SF from Potrero Hill? Here’s the daytime view!


Runners: can you recommend a great but not $100 pair of running headphones? What was the most appetizing thing you ate this weekend?