Rolling Over The Hump

Happiest of birthdays to Taylor! We celebrated the day in a very San Franciscan manner: bottomless mimosas and Dolores Park.

Mimosas in the morning always seems like a great idea until you are already hungover at 1pm. Good news is that did not happen this time! We saw the bottom of our glasses often due to slow pours throughout brunch, which ended up having me feel great the whole day.


With a party of over 15, it was hard to find a place to fit all of us. I called a bunch of places the week before to try to get a reservation and Aliment was able to house us on their mezzanine.


Yay for all the people who were able to make it out! It was a treat to meet new people and also celebrate with my loved ones.


To show you a bit of what we consumed…

A continental breakfast with assorted cheeses, salumi, granola and a poached egg.


The dish I ordered was the braised short rib hash with potatoes, greens and slow cooked eggs.

Someone pointed out that I always get the same kind of food for brunch, savory and soft. Maybe it is because I am a nutrition student but I cannot help but notice the subconscious perfect combination of carbs, proteins & fats in slow cooked meat with starchy potatoes and a yolky egg.


I also might have snuck a bite of the decadent sour flour french toast with berry compote and barrel aged syrup. Just the word berry and compote in the same sentence stimulates my saliva glands.

(now that is a good alliteration train!)


Happy birthday Taylie!

Signed, Abs and I.

The only two girls who were not white (well, me 1/2) at the table, not including you.


Annnnnnnd then the football got stuck in the tree at Dolores. This is my roommates’ way of attempting to fix the problem. It took five people to finally get it out, it was hard for me to not pull out the old how many idiots does it take… joke.


PS: If anyone can beat my score on Flappy Bird, then I will grant you one wish of your choice. Sky is the limit.

(incase you do not know what Flappy Bird is)


How are you celebrating your birthday this year? I need some ideas to steal.

Are you into Flappy Bird? I also just downloaded Clash of Clans from a recommendation. I am not sure how I feel about this game yet, but my friend’s fiancé pulled a sweatpants and ribs Friday night for this game so I am giving it a chance.

To The Cardamones!

I am back from New York and want to go back already! Does anyone want to sponsor this girl to explore? (Kidding, not really kidding).

This past weekend, Bailey and I celebrated the unity between our good friend Jacque and her new husband Michael. My whole trip start on Thursday night, when we caught a red eye from SF -> JFK. I always thought the idea of a red eye didn’t sound so bad, but now I know better to avoid them at all costs. I am the type of person to knock out before take off and wake up a few minutes before landing. Apparently, my Circadian Rhythm didn’t agree.

It was all worth it by the time we got to Jacque’s lake house in the Catskills. Being born and raised in the city really made me appreciate the outdoor scene. The house didn’t have WiFi, so I spent a lot of the time sitting on the porch, watching the clouds roll by, reading old issues of National Geographic and East of Eden.


An air-conditioned bus picked us up on the corner of the abandoned Dairy King and gas station (welcome to the Catskills) and took us to the wedding site twenty minutes away.


I immediately fell in love with Jacque’s wedding because everything pieced together perfectly without seeming too over done.


The boys all looked very handsome,


but it was the bride that stole the show. Jacque looked absolutely stunning. Breathtaking, even.


Their vows reflected their personalities so well. For example, Jacq recited a silly (and impressive) rhyme to express the love she felt for M.


I had about half a second to grab a picture with the newlyweds before they were whisked away by the photographer. Too bad I was looking at the wrong camera. 🙁


Luckily Bailey and I caught her again for a re-do.


I thought I took more pictures but I guess I was distracted by all the shenanigans surrounding us. It was such a incredible time and I was delighted that Jacque allowed us to join her during her special day. All in all, I met a lot of charming people and had a great time eating, talking and dancing under the stars.

We went back to the Big Apple (does anyone really call it that?) Sunday afternoon and went straight to chow down on NY thin crust pizza. Grimaldi’s came up on everyone’s recommendations and was near where we were staying so it worked out perfectly. When we got there, the line was long and people actually recommended Juliana’s next door, where Patsy Grimaldi re-opened another pizza place after retiring and a long game of business politics.



I really wanted to try the Scamorza, which was their best seller. However, it had pancetta and my friend is vegetarian. Next time, Juliana’s.

Instead, we ordered a classic Margherita, which was more than I could ask for.


A taxi ride later, we were finally at a mutual friend’s enchanting Williamsburg apartment. They had an amazing view of the New York skyline and graciously gave us tips on what to do the next day.

Seven hours later, we schlepped our way to this beauty.


I was surprised to see so many people walking to work! It made more sense after learning that it’s only about a mile long.


We found ourselves in the Lower East Side, eating brunch at Clinton St. Baking Company. I heard that the lines get as long as two hours, but I believe we only waited around 30 minutes which was a nice change from the San Francisco hanging game.

Clinton St. Omelette- spinach and mushroom w/ hash browns & sourdough toast


Next, my favorite thing I ate the whole day. Brioche French Toasted w/ caramelized bananas, roasted pecans and warm maple butter.


I pretty much said I ate the best french toast here, here and here but this might take the cake. Especially with their house made raspberry jam. Divine.

Finally, we wrapped up our day at the number one must-see location in NYC, Central Park. I could of spent a whole day here! Bailey and I were on the move non stop, it felt nice to just stop and smell the flowers for the first time all weekend.



New Yorkers, where must I go the next time I visit? Any late summer weddings in your near future?

Thank You Mama’s

SF Pride has came and went just as fast as it came this weekend! It was a huge shit show and unfortunately, I didn’t partake in any of the activities. I heard from many friends that it was the craziest it’s ever been, especially with the DOMA act being struck down and California finally legalizing gay marriage!

I tried to avoid anything north of my house on Saturday because I didn’t want to deal with the crazies, so Chi and I ate at Beretta, one of our favorite pizza and Italian restaurants in the city. We were driving on Valencia St. for a place to eat, and pulled over when we realized that it didn’t have a line out the door. Talk about a lucky day!

We ordered the broccolini and peperoncino, drenched in olive oil and garlic. I honestly just wanted something really light, since we didn’t eat ’til around 3 in the afternoon and I didn’t want to eat dinner too late.


We also shared the hot salami, coppa, tomato, provolone & diavolicchino pizza. The fancy pants meat lovers, que no?


But what I really wanted to show you guys was where I went on Thursday, with my middle school best friend. It’s one of those food places that are featured on every top five places to eat lists about San Francisco. I even briefly mentioned it on my Friday Five: Places To Bring Out-Of-Town Guests.



We only had to wait an hour, which was awesome. However, while I was in line, it made me wonder why I was so happy to wait in line for an hour to eat breakfast. Usually the wait is around 2-3 hours any day of the week, which is pretty ridiculous now that I think about it.

We finally made it to the entrance after getting a nice little tan in line. Once you get the okay to go in, you order in the front and they tell you which table to sit in.


We found a cute friend next to us, he looks a little agitated from having to wait so long.


First the drinks came out. I ordered an iced coffee because water seemed boring and orange juice was too expensive.


Finally, my beautiful prosciutto and tomato benedict came. I almost peed my pants from excitement, it was cooked to perfection as always. Pictures can not do justice how good the food is. The line out the door everyday isn’t accidental.


Vika got the Northern Italian omelet, which included pancetta, mushrooms, basil, tomatoes and garlic jack cheese. I was really fond of her selection and I would like to get it next time. But I know I’m going to have buyer’s remorse if I don’t get my prosciutto and tomato benedict. I’m one of those people that has to order the same thing every time they go to a restaurant once I found my favorite.


We also shared the Kugelhopf: House Baked Brioche Bread with Golden Raisins, Cinnamon, Dates and Sliced Almonds. Every time I post I say it’s the best french toast ever, but it’s actually the ACTUAL best french toast ever. Served with a side of their house made strawberry jelly…mmm.


Did you celebrate Pride in your hometown? If not, how was your weekend?

Back To Reality

Feels so good to finally be home and settled from our mini trip to So Cal. It was great to finally get out the city but it’s always nice to sleep in your own bed. This time I did not forget to pack anything either! So proud of myself. We finally got back home on Saturday night, around 11:30 PM. Luckily, I didn’t have to work the next day (although I can’t say the same for poor Chi).

When I woke up on Saturday, I showered and got ready really quick to drive to the Marina and hang out with my friend Rocio while her boyfriend worked at Toma for a few hours. We set off to drain our wallets at Lululemon and eat brunch, followed by a SusieCakes mini cupcake treat.

I found an awesome running jacket on the sale rack that I can’t wait to wear this week! I also bought a headband and running tank. I’m working out a lot more now and find doing laundry every few days to be a bit exhausting.

We ate at Brixton on Union Street and shared two entrees, leaving enough room for sweet and salty in our mouths.

The first plate to come out was the Carnitas Hash, beer braised sautéed with yukon gold potatoes and topped with tortilla strips, avocado mousse, cilantro and a poached egg. Rocio and I were obsessed with it, I’m not usually a huge fan of Carnitas because I find it very rich, but I was so happy we ordered this plate.


Next was the Crispix Crusted Stuffed French Toast. This dish was a plain brioche stuff with nutella and sliced bananas, dredged in their own batter and grilled with crispix cereal crumbs. What a mouthful. Nutella and bananas are an instant hit with me, the only thing that could of made this better was to add strawberries on top.


After, we walked around Union St. for a bit before heading back to Toma and picking up Strawberry Lemonade cupcakes along the way. I said my goodbyes and drove the 45 minute drive to Concord to celebrate one of my best friend’s birthdays. She didn’t want to do anything fancy so we just some good ol’ Chinese in downtown Walnut Creek.

I honestly forgot where we ate already, but here’s the Spicy Basil Chicken,


and Beef With Broccoli.


Not pictured was three bowls of rice and a heaping plate of garlic noodles, my favorite! The waitress/owner loved us and gave us a free scoop of ice cream each.


I’m not a huge ice cream fan, but I will demolish a good amount of Green Tea or Coffee if given the opportunity.

We swung back to her house for a few hours and then I drove the long ride home. Chi didn’t get home from work until ~11:30 PM, we shared half a burrito and some guac.

I also want you to keep in mind that all the food pictures I took were from the same day + a burrito & a chips. Let’s just say if I had cheat days, Saturday would be considered one.

Sunday, I spent the whole morning kicking my feet in bed until I finally found the courage to go up and buy some groceries for the week. I’m finally getting out of my eating rut and excited to start cooking in the kitchen again. I felt lazy and just drove to Whole Foods, which is a few blocks from my house. Unfortunately, the parking lot was full so I had to trek to Trader Joe’s like I originally planned to.


I find myself buying the same things week after week.

What are your essential food items, any food ideas for me to change my grocery list? Did you have a crazy eating weekend like I did?