P.S. I Love You

Dear, I thought I’d drop a line: the weather’s cool, the folks are fine.

Maybe last Saturday night confirmed my fears but I think I officially leveled up to a middle-aged soul.

To revisit the topic of nostalgia, I had another experience that brought me right back to childhood. My sister can (and probably will in the comment section) attest to the uncountable times that our father had us listen to the contralto vocals of the Diana Krall. Shit almost hit the fan when I found out she would perform at The Fox Theater this year.

Incase you missed the memo about who is Diana Krall, she is a two time Grammy winning, seven multi-platinum album having best-selling jazz artist of her time. (thanks Wiki)


I usually aim for general admission so I can be as close as possible to the performers, but we settled for balcony seats since Diana is stationed at her piano the whole time. Also note that this is the second time this year I have found my way across the Bay Bridge- world record, y’all.


We hit unexpected traffic heading across the bridge, so had little time to get some food in before the concert started at 8p. A quick Yelp search led to what was named as “the best grilled cheese ever” at Dogwood just down the street from the Fox.

They took 20 minutes so I was really excited because it must have been made with lots of love.

Another PS: I am a pretty smart cookie, but I did not realize I had two dimples until I was editing this picture below. Well, I knew I had two dimples at some part in my life but one went into hibernation for a few years and it just now came back recently!


We ordered two grilled cheese to share, one custom (salami, pepperoncinis, truffle oil) and the other Cubano. They were really tasty but also very thin- I was still famished before even leaving the bar. We had to stop by In-N-Out on the way home, which is not much to complain about.


The historical Fox theater is not your average concert hall. The attention to detail is incredible inside, I wish I could have taken a real picture but I was not going to be that person. You can still see a lot of the original middle-eastern/roaring 20s influences from the first owner.


My review of Diana Krall? So amazing, seriously. Listening to live music really makes you live in the moment. All she had on stage was her piano, drummer, strings, fiddler (Stuart Duncan, omg) and key-man. No background music, nothing and they produced the music all by themselves.

With such a big auditorium, she still managed to create an intimate mood with stories of her past and her sultry banter.

I was a little nervous going into the concert because I read reviews and she seemed to play mostly music from her new CD- songs that nobody really knows instead of her classics. She surprised the audience and took requests for about 30 minutes in the middle of her setlist. Hearing her play her new album was good, hearing her play songs that I loved was on another level.

A few of my favorite songs: (aka go download/youtube them now)

S’Wonderful, Besame Mucho, P.S. I Love You (cue title), Case Of You, Cry Me A River and Peel Me A Grape

Anyone you want to go see that you have not had the chance yet? Yes, Tony Bennett! Although I have to do it soon before the old guy needs to be wheeled around. There is just something about being brunette in a crowd of white hair. 🙂