First World Problems

We all go through phases.

My exercise phases are basically just one phase: off. I am planning to hit the gym (our garage) the Monday after finals because we all know I do not even have one hour to do something healthy. 😉

My eating phases, however, have been a real problem lately and I think it is a reflection that can be seen on the blog.


I have been eating out a lot lately. I know I say that every post, but this time it is in a negative note. At first it was really fun to wine and dine every night and now it is becoming a drag. I have always eaten well my whole life and luckily never had any mental problems with food. Cooking has been a real challenge for me. I am not inspired by anything, despite all the fabulous recipes I come across reading your blogs. I have been putting off a grocery store trip for two weeks now. I never knew what it felt like to have my body seriously crave vegetables and fruit because it was deficient of vitamins and overwhelmed with refined carbohydrates and oil.

Two days ago I felt like that. I felt so gross and I just wanted a plate of chicken, broccoli and sweet potatoes.


My body is craving home cook meals.

It wants green, leafy vegetables and winter squash.


Persimmons, apples and grapes.


Taylor cooked me dinner last night, I can not believe how much of a difference it made and how fast I felt the change.

I am honestly so excited to start making delicious food again. I just ordered a bunch of small Pyrex glass containers so I can bring my leftovers for lunch.

Sorry for the random post but sometimes we just need to take a break from the day-to-day and talk about our feelings. I can not wait to show you all my creations in the next few months. 🙂

What is your first world problem?