Rolling Over The Hump

Happiest of birthdays to Taylor! We celebrated the day in a very San Franciscan manner: bottomless mimosas and Dolores Park.

Mimosas in the morning always seems like a great idea until you are already hungover at 1pm. Good news is that did not happen this time! We saw the bottom of our glasses often due to slow pours throughout brunch, which ended up having me feel great the whole day.


With a party of over 15, it was hard to find a place to fit all of us. I called a bunch of places the week before to try to get a reservation and Aliment was able to house us on their mezzanine.


Yay for all the people who were able to make it out! It was a treat to meet new people and also celebrate with my loved ones.


To show you a bit of what we consumed…

A continental breakfast with assorted cheeses, salumi, granola and a poached egg.


The dish I ordered was the braised short rib hash with potatoes, greens and slow cooked eggs.

Someone pointed out that I always get the same kind of food for brunch, savory and soft. Maybe it is because I am a nutrition student but I cannot help but notice the subconscious perfect combination of carbs, proteins & fats in slow cooked meat with starchy potatoes and a yolky egg.


I also might have snuck a bite of the decadent sour flour french toast with berry compote and barrel aged syrup. Just the word berry and compote in the same sentence stimulates my saliva glands.

(now that is a good alliteration train!)


Happy birthday Taylie!

Signed, Abs and I.

The only two girls who were not white (well, me 1/2) at the table, not including you.


Annnnnnnd then the football got stuck in the tree at Dolores. This is my roommates’ way of attempting to fix the problem. It took five people to finally get it out, it was hard for me to not pull out the old how many idiots does it take… joke.


PS: If anyone can beat my score on Flappy Bird, then I will grant you one wish of your choice. Sky is the limit.

(incase you do not know what Flappy Bird is)


How are you celebrating your birthday this year? I need some ideas to steal.

Are you into Flappy Bird? I also just downloaded Clash of Clans from a recommendation. I am not sure how I feel about this game yet, but my friend’s fiancé pulled a sweatpants and ribs Friday night for this game so I am giving it a chance.