Indian Summer

Did anyone watch the Real World growing up? I haven’t tuned in for many years but I am going to watch the next season because it is based in San Francisco this time!

I know this because I saw them and their entourage of cameras. Their house is down the street from my job and rumor has it that they spend a lot of time on Polk St. Maybe this will be my time to shine and a movie director will see me walk by in the background, call me up and put me in his next Blockbuster hit. 😉

It has been SO HOT this weekend that I can not even bare it. Being a San Francisco native means that 60° degree weather calls for shorts and a tank top. Sunday was a whopping 88°. I didn’t even know what to do with myself besides lie in the grass at Dolores and melt the day away.

Good thing I had such beautiful people to surround me. 🙂


I was battling myself and wondering if I should show you what I ate. Conclusion is that this is kind of a food blog and it would be weird without even one picture of food.

So…heres my salami and arugula sandwich, anyone who knows me knows I love the sandwich shop kirkwood mo. It is a little sad because we are not the best picnic packers.


A little plain but it hit the spot.

Dolores Park was dead because SF had a Bluegrass festival in Golden Gate Park and O(a)ktoberfest in Oakland.


PS: The guy in my picture is one of my new roommates. He is also half Chinese and half white! What are the chances? I don’t meet a Hapa very often but I get excited when I do. As of today, I personally know six. Let me know if you know any so I can meet them, please. 🙂

Saturday was probably my last Dolores run of the year. It was a good end of a run, since I already went more than a few times this summer. Although this weekend was so hot that chickens laid hard-boiled eggs, I know it is going to cool off soon and rain weather will shortly be upon us. I’ll be back next year for the Hunky Jesus contest.

We all packed up and left when the sun was barely visible. I was craving chicken, so we headed to the Mission. While walking to the restaurant, I let out the most dramatic and cheerful scream when I saw THIS.


The Creme Brûlée Cart opened a brick and mortar store!! Bloggers, you can have your Froyo because I am Team Creme Brûlée, all the way baby. You are probably sick and tired of hearing about it but nothing makes me happier then cracking the sugar glaze open.

The sign does not lie, it was one of my top 5 Best Days Ever. I am a little scared because now there will be nothing stopping me from eating one everyday.


Look at that technique. It is making me want to get dressed and head over there right now.

I was actually a little nervous about telling people they had a store because I do not want to have to wait in a long line like every other delicious desert place in the city.


And since I ate it before taking a picture, here is an old picture of the Berry Compote Traditional Vanilla Bean Creme Brûlée. I think it’s my new favorite flavor, after just traditional vanilla bean.

I wish I had more to show you but on Sunday, I was cooped up inside the house studying for upcoming tests. Since I like sharing my wealth of knowledge, did you know that the average person eats 46 slices of pizza a year?


I think I reached my allowance a few months ago.

Here’s to pizza!

Know any cool food facts? How was the weather in your hood this weekend?

Cheers To The Working Class

I have a few concerns and thoughts to go over with my small group of readers before I share the overwhelming amount of food consumed this weekend.

1. Happy Labor Day! Hopefully you got to take the day off work. Or, if you’re like myself, then you get a day off school even though you just started last week. Score!

2. Is it still a faux pas to wear white after Labor Day? I really hope not because I just ordered the cutest white pants from J.Crew’s labor day sale. Hmmm…maybe that is why they were on sale. Good thing San Francisco is not too judgmental about these sorts of things. I hope you will forgive me and I will try to remember next year.

3. Does anyone follow NPR’s instagram? I really enjoyed their ‘How To Make…’ dumpling series from all over the world. Check it out if you have time.


Starting from Saturday, I was minding my own business at work when I received a phone call from of my favorite people ever, Bobby Moon. No, that’s not his real name but our little circle has called him that for so long now that anything else sounds preposterous. He told me he was on a ferry (wtf?) on the way to San Francisco and wanted to eat dim sum with a few mutual friends.

PS: It never occurred to me that people can take ship as their normal daily transportation. Bobby came up to visit from LA and his girlfriends family lives in the North Bay.

I have never been one to turn down dim sum nor do I have the ambition to change that so I was ecstatic and couldn’t wait to get off work.

I caught a Sidecar to Abby’s house and we walked over to Great Eastern in Chinatown and only had to wait twenty minutes! Ever since President Obama came to SF and ate here, the lines have been excruciating long so it was nice to not have to stake out early in the morning for a coveted number. Thank you Labor Day and the closure of the Bay Bridge!


We ordered around 11 dishes between the four of us, but you can see all the dim sum from my post in Guangzhou. (I covered most of the essential plates over in that post.)


Have you tried these egg custard tarts? We call them Dan Tat in Chinese and they are ridiculously amazing. Call me biased but I think the Chinese has the best pastries and deserts.


After walking around and feeling like a tourist, we schlepped back to Abby’s house and I got to play a game of tug-o-war with my god son, Bailey.


And then we dropped Bobby off at the Ferry Building, but decided to grab a bite to eat at Gott’s Roadhouse first. I want this sign for my room but I don’t know if I have enough wall space. Wouldn’t that be cool?


He ordered a Gottspacho (gazpacho) to share with everyone, I might of guzzled down most of it when no one was looking. 🙂 If anyone is asking, I recommend to dip your fries in your gazpacho. Fire!


I ordered the Green Chile Cheeseburger w/ jack cheese, lettuce, onions, salsa verde & charred jalapeño mayo on a toasted egg bun. The staff favorite was to substitute the beef patty with a turkey patty and I felt compelled to listen to the cashier. And it was delicious.



The sun was out, nobody had to work and it was a long weekend. So where do we start off our day?

Beretta, of course! Whenever I don’t see a line outside, I feel like it’s a rip off to not stop in. We were on our way to Dolores Park to enjoy the festivities when we decided that all of our stomachs could of used a little padding before getting crazy at the park.

The antipasti was beef carpaccio w/ arugula, parmesan and capers. What do you think about carpaccio? I’ve eaten out with people that both loved or hated it and it’s always one extreme or the other.


Gnocchi Florentine w/ spinach, Italian ham, bechamel, tomato, parmesan and panagratatto. I love gnocchi (especially Beretta’s appetizer with porcini mushrooms & smoked pancetta) but I felt that these fell a little short of my expectations. The flavor was delicious and I can’t say anything bad about food ever because I love it, but it tasted more like mush then gnocchi.


I love runny eggs so I was surprised when I realized I never had it on my pizza before! This was the carbonara w/ bacon, eggs, mozzarella, pecorino & cracked black pepper. Yum, I couldn’t get enough.


Finally after feeling stuffed, we drove a few blocks to Dolores Park and got a good spot in front of a bunch of dudes playing volleyball.


I can’t express enough how much I love Dolores. We had a a trio of high schoolers serenade us with their Caribbean steel drums.

1. When is the last time you have seen a steel drum?

2. What high schoolers even knows how to play one? I just imagine them going home after school to practice their set list and felt a little warm in the heart after.

3. Do you even know what a steel drum is?

Everyone started playing ladder ball and I was too tired to get up so I took a cat nap.


I don’t have words to describe the next picture but look at the size of this water container. It is literally the size of two (2) normal human heads. You could fit 2 two-liter cokes into this huge thing.


And for the grand finale, the highly coveted Ramenburger! 50% pork belly and 50% Wagyu patty between two Ramen noodle buns with shoyu sauce, cheddar and bacon.

Remember when I showed you how the Ramenburger sold out at La Cocina? Well, Abby and I did not put up well with that so we made everyone come and try it with us against their will. It was nice to be able to say that I ate it but I think this meal officially ended my obsession with the Ramenburger.


Happy Labor Day again and hopefully everyone ate as well as I did!

PS: It is so hard to put a duvet on by yourself. Where is my +1 when I need one?

What did you do during the long weekend? Thoughts on the ramenburger, yes or no?

Let’s Go Warriors!

Any basketball fans reading? It’s been such an exciting post-season so far with the Warriors actually in the playoffs (this is a huge deal to the Bay Area!), the 3 OT on Saturday and the Lakers getting swept on Sunday!

After I got off work on Friday, I came home to take a shower and drove to the Marina to watch the Warriors game with Chi. We ate and had a beer at Pizza Orgasmica and in case you were wondering- Raspberry Hefeweizen sounds like a good idea on paper but it tastes like children’s medicine (I should have gone with something more reliable)


We shared two slices- Margheritarita and feta, sun dried tomato, and basil pizza. Day two of my healthy eating gone down the drain. I can’t complain though because these thin crust pizzas were so crispy and delicious.


Chi went back to Toma to make sure everything was running smoothly while I went home to get ready to sleep. I wake up early for work on Saturday and nothing is worse than a chaotic morning at the office when all you want to do is crawl back into bed.

The weather in San Francisco has been on another level! It’s expected to be in the 70s all week, which means the whole city will be in an all-around good mood. I can’t stress enough how San Francisco becomes the best city in the world on a hot day.

I made Caprese + avocado flatbread sandwiches and packed them up while Chi finished watching the Bulls vs. Nets game and we left to go to Dolores Park to hangout by ourselves.


I haven’t been to Dolores Park since we had visiting Alaskans, so it was nice to sit down and people watch. If you have been to Dolores, this GIF might be highly funny to you.

(PS: Whilst In SF tumblr is one of my favorite sites ever.)


Look at my model guy pondering the finer things in life.


Something that is really popular at Dolores Park (and maybe around the world? I’m not sure) is people trying to balance on lines between trees. This guy almost made it to the other end and had a crowd cheering for him behind us.


After, we met up with our friend to have snacks and rehydrate. The Sycamore is a neighborhood bar that has awesome food as well. We’ve had brunch here a few times in their back patio that retains the sun’s heat really well.


Look at this awesome painting on the side of the building. The Mission/Valencia is one of my favorite districts of all time; there’s some of the best food, nightlife, art everywhere, shopping and it’s just such a laid back and chill neighborhood. I’d like to move closer in toward the inner Mission but rent is exploding everyday. It’s crazy to think how far Valencia St has become in the past ten years, it use to be a lot more ‘hood’ and now it’s the perfect breeding grounds for hipsters. I love it.


We left when it started coming home and ate at Pollo Campero, which is Latin America’s premier place for chicken. They opened their first location in San Francisco and the lines were crazy long for the first few weeks. This is my third time having it and it’s the best ‘fast food’ grilled chicken I have had.

To the Breaking Bad fans, doesn’t it remind you of Los Pollo Hermanos?


After pigging out, we relaxed for a few hours before meeting up with a few of my friends on Polk St. Good news is we made it home before 12:00a, leaving plenty of time to sleep before the next day begins.

My breakfast tasted a lot better then it looks, I admit that I made the mistake of mixing before photographing! Fage yogurt, strawberries, bananas and chia seeds. I ate this in less then five minutes because I was late to my volunteering shift.


Dinner was absolutely amazing. I got to break in my new salad tosser today, I’m so happy with it! Salads in the Lisbon household will never be the same. The plate consists of avocado, italian chicken sausage, grilled portobello mushrooms and a fried egg on top of mixed greens from TJs with a side of flatbread. At least my weekend ended up on a healthy note!


What was your favorite meal from this weekend? Are you watching the playoffs; if so, who’s your team?

The Visiting Alaskans

Saturday was a nice relaxing change from my usual weekends, which conveniently includes work and studying. After my Microbiology test on Thursday, I took the weekend off from the books and had no worries on my mind. I needed to fill out the Florida food stamp application since I have been without a job for a bit. Chi had an old friend and his girlfriend visit from Alaska, so we got to take them out and around SF for the day. We started the day in the Marina, where they had their first Toma taco (which received the Alaskan stamp of approval) and then we walked over to a nearby brunch spot.


The Republic considers themselves a “modern bar and grill”, and they are usually jam packed during game days. To our advantage, this off season weekend allowed us a table without a wait.



Bottomless mimosas, which is a standard San Franciscan Saturday affair, were served right away. I volunteered to be designated driver, so our guests and Chi’s uncle had no excuse to stop drinking anytime soon.



I was sad to see that my favorite item here, the mushroom benedict was no longer being served. It seems like they reduced their menu by half, so I opt for the corn beef hash.


Chi ordered his usual nachos, which is a lot to handle before noon. I, being a good girlfriend, helped him out. 🙂


While they were finishing another round, I snuck out to buy cupcakes. I noticed the Kara’s Cupcakes sign when we were walking in.




I decided on a few mini cupcakes for us to taste. They were so small and adorable, I couldn’t say no.


Since the weather was so nice, we wanted to do something in the sun. Dolores Park sounded like a good idea, so we stopped by the house to pick up blankets to lay on the grass. Luck was on our side when we found a parking spot right on the same block of the park!


Junior took us to the Bi-Rite Market to pick up a few beers for our park outing.



The boys went to scout a good spot for us to sit, while Sarah and I went to get a coffee pick me up. My soy mocha really hit the spot, I was on the verge of falling asleep.


We finally found them by the tennis courts and spent a few hours people watching and shooting the shit.



When the sun went down, we packed up and went home for a cat nap. It was really hard for all of us to wake up, but we managed to make it back out to a cigar bar in the Financial District that also plays live salsa music.

Where are your favorite places to bring out of town visitors? Did you also have a relaxing weekend?