Creamy Potato and Broccoli Soup

My last final is May 21st, which is exactly one week and six days from today. I would even count down the minutes if I wasn’t so lazy at the end of the semester. My blog posts are not going to be as interesting until then, just a little heads up so you don’t get discouraged from reading!

The weather went from this,


to not even one lick of sunshine the whole day. I figured it was too good to be true! I suppose I’ll take what I can get, I hear it’s going to pick back up by next week. Has any other Californians noticed a lack of rain? I can count the number of rainy days on my fingers from the past year which is basically unheard of in SF.

My meals has also fell off, I went from eating the finer things to this:


The last wheat flatbread, the last italian basil chicken sausage and finally, the last egg. I doused the pathetic sandwich in hot sauce which made it okay.

Yesterday, I felt a little inspired to actually cook something and the fog rolling back up the hills had me craving soup. With that, I went to Woodland’s Market after school and picked up ingredients for from-scratch potato and broccoli soup. I’ve never made soup, let alone creamy soup, so this was definitely an experiment for me for which I picked Morphy Richards 48822 soup maker. Let’s just say I am thoroughly impressed with myself.

Creamy Potato and Broccoli Soup

Prep Time: 30 minutes

Cook Time: 1 Hour

Serves: 5-8



  • 4 Yukon Potatoes
  • 1 Big Head of Broccoli (or a bag of frozen broccoli)
  • 1-1/2 Cups of Baby Carrots
  • 1 Medium Onion
  • 1/4 Cup Butter (1/2 Stick)
  • 4 Cups of Chicken or Vegetable Broth
  • 1/2 Cup of Milk (I used Almond, this step is also optional)
  • 2 Cloves Garlic
  • 6-8 Sprigs of Parsley
  • 1 Tsp of Thyme
  • Parmesan cheese for garnish
  • Salt and Pepper to taste



1. Wash all four potatoes and dice them to around 3/4-1 inch squares. Set aside.


2. Wash and dice the baby carrots to about 1/2 inch. Set aside.


3. Wash and chop the broccoli to little florets, leaving pieces of the stem to cook in the soup. Set aside.



1. Melt the butter on the bottom of a large pot and sauté the diced onion (until translucent) and minced garlic on med-low.


2. Pour in 4 cups of broth, all the potatoes, broccoli and carrots. Season generously with parsley, thyme, salt and pepper. Stir the pot and let it boil on medium for 40-50 minutes.


3. Check the potatoes and broccoli and let it cook longer if they aren’t soft yet. They should be steaming (shown in pic above) and pretty mushy by this point.

4. Scoop everything into the blender (this may take 1-2 turns if you dont have one of those blenders for juicing or if your blender is small like mine), and pour in the 1/2 milk to the whole mixture.


Use the liquify or whatever setting your blender has to make it more soupy, you can check for various types of juicers to fit your cooking. Blend until liquid if you like it smooth, blend until thinner if you like it chunky. I’m not here to judge.

**If it’s not getting liquid enough to your liking, add a cup of water and keep blending. I personally like it the same consistency of baby vomit.

5. Taste your delicious soup and add more seasoning if necessary.


6. Garnish with extra parsley and a side of focaccia bread. Sprinkle parmesan for good looks.

I think it’s pretty funny how my pictures go from blinding bright to barely clinging on to light for it’s dear life. I get home around six, so day light savings isn’t in full effect yet.

Another funny thing that happened to me this morning was driving my kids to school.

E, the girl: Do you have any toys at your house?

Me: Yeah, I do actually.

E: Why?

Me: I have two kids there (while I’m showing them a picture of Chi’s nephew and niece that visited this weekend).

E: Why do they stay there?

Me: I bought them.

E: You bought them? With money? They didn’t come out your tummy?

Me: They were mean to their nanny so their mommy sold them to me. That’s why I always tell you to be nice to me, because I want you to stay with your mommy!

They were so nice to me all the way to school. They’re not bad kids at all by any means, but kids are naturally sometimes really mean without thinking twice about it. I called her mom and told her what happened and we were cracking up for a few minutes.

Anyways, you probably had to be there. It wasn’t as hardcore as it sounds over the internet, I promise I’m not the nanny from hell!

Have you ever told a white lie? Who bought their tickets for The Great Gatsby already? (Me!)