Thank You Mama’s

SF Pride has came and went just as fast as it came this weekend! It was a huge shit show and unfortunately, I didn’t partake in any of the activities. I heard from many friends that it was the craziest it’s ever been, especially with the DOMA act being struck down and California finally legalizing gay marriage!

I tried to avoid anything north of my house on Saturday because I didn’t want to deal with the crazies, so Chi and I ate at Beretta, one of our favorite pizza and Italian restaurants in the city. We were driving on Valencia St. for a place to eat, and pulled over when we realized that it didn’t have a line out the door. Talk about a lucky day!

We ordered the broccolini and peperoncino, drenched in olive oil and garlic. I honestly just wanted something really light, since we didn’t eat ’til around 3 in the afternoon and I didn’t want to eat dinner too late.


We also shared the hot salami, coppa, tomato, provolone & diavolicchino pizza. The fancy pants meat lovers, que no?


But what I really wanted to show you guys was where I went on Thursday, with my middle school best friend. It’s one of those food places that are featured on every top five places to eat lists about San Francisco. I even briefly mentioned it on my Friday Five: Places To Bring Out-Of-Town Guests.



We only had to wait an hour, which was awesome. However, while I was in line, it made me wonder why I was so happy to wait in line for an hour to eat breakfast. Usually the wait is around 2-3 hours any day of the week, which is pretty ridiculous now that I think about it.

We finally made it to the entrance after getting a nice little tan in line. Once you get the okay to go in, you order in the front and they tell you which table to sit in.


We found a cute friend next to us, he looks a little agitated from having to wait so long.


First the drinks came out. I ordered an iced coffee because water seemed boring and orange juice was too expensive.


Finally, my beautiful prosciutto and tomato benedict came. I almost peed my pants from excitement, it was cooked to perfection as always. Pictures can not do justice how good the food is. The line out the door everyday isn’t accidental.


Vika got the Northern Italian omelet, which included pancetta, mushrooms, basil, tomatoes and garlic jack cheese. I was really fond of her selection and I would like to get it next time. But I know I’m going to have buyer’s remorse if I don’t get my prosciutto and tomato benedict. I’m one of those people that has to order the same thing every time they go to a restaurant once I found my favorite.


We also shared the Kugelhopf: House Baked Brioche Bread with Golden Raisins, Cinnamon, Dates and Sliced Almonds. Every time I post I say it’s the best french toast ever, but it’s actually the ACTUAL best french toast ever. Served with a side of their house made strawberry jelly…mmm.


Did you celebrate Pride in your hometown? If not, how was your weekend?

Farewell, Danielle!

I don’t usually go out to eat brunch, but when I do, I get so full it’s uncomfortable. Does that happen to anyone else?

One of my best friends from middle school told me she was moving to Colorado, so we arranged a brunch date to catch up on everything. I’m going to be so sad to see her go, but now I have an excuse to go to the Rockies 🙂

We wanted to go to Red Door Cafe and I drove all the way there but it was closed! Hopefully we can try it next week. Instead, we went to Mission Beach Cafe, which always has a line out the door on the weekends.


Coming here also has its plus, there’s always free parking all around. I also really want to commend the staff here, everyone was very friendly and attentive. Made me feel like I was right at home!


Danielle was coming from school and it took her a little while to meet me, so I ordered a soy mocha while I waited. I thought they served Blue Bottle, but the coffee was from another local company. I’m not a daily coffee drinker, so it was a treat for me. Lucky for me, she came about five seconds after it got to my table.


Yes, I comprehend how corny this picture looks! Danielle wanted to try and be a photographer for a few minutes.


We both knew what we wanted, so I quickly ordered the the Wild Mushroom Benedict, with spinach, caramelized onions, truffle mornay sauce and potatoes. I did not make a bad decision, it really hit the spot.


Who doesn’t love a good runny yolk?


We also shared the French Toast with mascarpone cheese, strawberries and syrup. A few weeks ago I went to Olea and said that it was the best french toast I ever had, but I think I spoke too soon. The mascarpone on this french toast really brought it to another level. I can seriously go for this again. Right now.


Now, I will keep this Wednesday short and sweet. Thanks again for reading everyone, I can’t express how appreciative I am!

What unique toppings do you put on your french toast? Have your good friends diffused across the country, or do they all live close to you?