Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays

Merry Christmas to all who celebrate! I am not the most religious person, but I like to think of it as a joyful day where good karma gets passed around. Plus, it is a great excuse to listen to croony old Christmas carols. Will you judge me if my Pandora is still churning out the holiday tunes after the New Year?

School is done until the end of next month! I am happy with my progress and can not wait for final grades to be released. Although…there is an A- that is hanging over my shoulders and I need to see the end result as soon as possible.

Without further ado, I just wanted to show off some big and little things received for Christmas/happy really late birthday/good job in school.

Could not find a Christmas hat in time, so the 49ers beanie had to make do! This picture was actually taken on Saturday right before Taylor and I did last minute Christmas shopping (more about that on Friday).

You probably saw this picture on my Instagram already, but if you do not have me added, here it is!

photo (6).JPG

Can we talk abut my new KitchenAid?! I am the most excited girl in the whole world. I still have not taken it out of the box due to how perfect and beautiful it is. If possible, please link up your favorite recipes that need a stand mixer so I can feel like a 50s housewife. My new kitchenaid matches my Urban Kitchen perfectly.


My sister is the sneakiest snake and surprised me with this complete collection of all of Thomas Keller’s Napa creations. The books are heavier than the KitchenAid! Friends, you are in for a real recipe treat when I get the courage to take the books out of the plastic.



Anyone that knows me in real life knows that I have been talking non-stop about this food grinder attachment. I even obsessed over it on my Holiday Gift Guide for Food Lovers, which looking back might have been a subconscious wish list of my own thoughts. I think it is pretty funny how I wanted this before I even found out I was getting a KitchenAid.

Ground meat and from-scratch pizzas from here on out, mark my words.


Isn’t this teapot a beauty? She is made from cast-iron and will come out only on special occasions. I was just telling my friend the other day that I wanted to start drinking more tea, this could not of come at a more perfect time.


And finally, the award for the most thoughtful gift goes to my patient, Bob! He goes to NYC once every two months because he loves the jazz clubs and the vibe of the concrete jungle. We have gotten to know each other for over five years now, so he feels more like family than just a patient. He just came back from another trip and dropped off a little care package on Saturday for me because I told him that I was going in mid-Jan. He included his favorite jazz clubs, a subway map “that always works even when cellphone don’t”, a Metrocard with the cutest little cardholder, t-shirt and a magazine of fun things to do.

Although it was all small things, I almost teared up because of the sincerity; thinking about it again makes me happy.


Merry Christmas everyone! I hope you got everything you wanted plus more. I am just relaxing with family for the day and will see you on Friday. 🙂

What cool things did you get?

If you don’t celebrate Christmas, what are your NYE plans?

Too Soon

Hello all, I am going to assume your Thanksgiving went just as planned.

My day consisted mostly of cider, football, pumpkin pie and The Godfather. I could not ask for anything more on such a relaxing day.

Are you one of those people that put up the Christmas tree a few days after Halloween? I will not judge you if you do that. However, I like waiting until the day after Thanksgiving to start bringing out the ornanments.I usually have to work the next day, but this year I have the day off. My co-worker and I did an awesome job last year, no?


You should see our tree, Al adds a really nice touch.

I do not usually over-do it on the holiday cheer, but there is one thing that is truly magical in the month of December. Christmas songs! I love everything about them.

Because today is my day off, I wanted to stop by and say hi and give you a short list of my favorite Christmas songs. I gave Thanksgiving a chance and now it is time to sing carols! I have not done a Friday Five in awhile, so I figured it would be nice to bring it back. 🙂

Without further ado,

(My) Five Favorite Christmas Songs

1. Frank Sinatra- Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas

Call me stereotypical, but nothing is more inviting and warm than the old croony voice of Ol’ Blue Eyes himself. What I wouldn’t do to be able to attend one of his live concerts.

2. Dean Martin- Baby It’s Cold Outside

Tell me one person who can sing this better than Dean Martin and I will personally fly over to your location and bow to you. Because it can not be done. 😉

3. Eartha Kitt- Santa Baby

Marilyn Monroe who? Eartha Kitt, the original singer, kills this version. This song adds a little spice to the fuzzy-feel good Christmas list.

4. Nat King Cole- The Christmas Song

Chestnuts roasting on an open fire + Nat King Cole = enough said.

5. Tony Bennett- Santa Claus Is Coming To Town

To my recollection, this is the first song I remember actually knowing the words to. I tried to include most of my favorite artists and this fit the bill!

Don’t you feel all warm and cozy now? I am in the middle of making my holiday playlist now so I can listen in my car. It is going to be really fun for all my friends. 🙂

PS: The Christmas part of Godfather just came on, how fitting.

What is your favorite holiday song?

Do you even like Christmas songs?