15 Hour Flight, Here I Come!

So if you’re reading this, I’m either:

A.) In the middle of a 15 hour flight

B.) On a three hour bus ride

C.) In China!

Yes yes! My mom and I have been planning this vacation since it’s the only year I probably won’t have summer school. We’re spending three days in Hong Kong & Guangzhou, ten days in Sichuan and seven days in Japan!

I’m so excited that I actually packed early and not 20 minutes before we have to leave for the airport!

Chi thinks it’s weird that I pack everything into separate shopping bags, I just think it’s way easier to find things this way.


In terms of blogging, I’m going to change my posting schedule to Monday and Thursday for the next three weeks and I’m so excited to share that some of my favorite bloggers has agreed to help me out and write guest posts! I got to take a peak at them and I’m sure you guys will love! Monday will be my blogging friends and Thursday will be Asia recaps. I wasn’t planning to blog during my time out there, but a lot of my friends wanted to see how everything was going and I would love to share my pictures as well.

Although I am so excited to go, I am going to miss this guy very very much.


Yesterday, for my last night in SF, he took me out to eat at a very special place. Lolinda.


They have an ahh-mazing rooftop bar where Medjool used to be, we managed to grab a drink before dinner started.

They must of put a ton of money into renovating, because I was in awe when I walked in. I’ve been to a lot of fancy pants restaurants, but this one was decorated so well. Pictures seriously doesn’t do it justice, it’s a lot bigger and grand-er (?) outside the lens. They also paid a lot of attention to detail, which I love.

It was almost pitch black too, so my camera picked up a lot of light. This is a fore-warning for how diluted the lighting is in the next few pictures.


Lolinda describes its self as, “a new kind of Argentinian steakhouse that combines Latin American flavors with californian sensibilities”.

There were so many ambrosial options on the menu that we had a hard time figuring out what to eat. We started with the empanada de carne, stuffed with beef, raisins, egg, potato, olives and a side of chimichurri. My time at Lolinda reminded me of how much I love chimichurri dressing, I”m going to have to make some when I come back to the states.


The choripan came next, which wasn’t exactly what I expected but thoroughly enjoyed. I thought it would be more ground chorizo with bread but it came in the form of a fancy hot dog. The flavor was on point, Chi and I were eating the bits left on the plate after.


The table next to us recommended the pork chops (which I love, Chi hates) and sea bass (which Chi loves, but I hate) so we settled for a good ol’ fashioned Matambre: flank steak. I wish there was more, it was one of the best cuts of meat I had in a long time.


Of course I had to order a side of veggies, to Chi’s exasperation, to balance out all the hearty meats we received. Dino kale, crimini and chili flakes in the first bowl and Chilero (spicy picked vegetables) in the other.


It was an awesome meal at the end of the day and the bill came to a little less then 100 bones, including two drinks. Thank you Chi!

How do you sort your things in the suitcase? Any great eats this week?

Let’s Go Warriors!

Any basketball fans reading? It’s been such an exciting post-season so far with the Warriors actually in the playoffs (this is a huge deal to the Bay Area!), the 3 OT on Saturday and the Lakers getting swept on Sunday!

After I got off work on Friday, I came home to take a shower and drove to the Marina to watch the Warriors game with Chi. We ate and had a beer at Pizza Orgasmica and in case you were wondering- Raspberry Hefeweizen sounds like a good idea on paper but it tastes like children’s medicine (I should have gone with something more reliable)


We shared two slices- Margheritarita and feta, sun dried tomato, and basil pizza. Day two of my healthy eating gone down the drain. I can’t complain though because these thin crust pizzas were so crispy and delicious.


Chi went back to Toma to make sure everything was running smoothly while I went home to get ready to sleep. I wake up early for work on Saturday and nothing is worse than a chaotic morning at the office when all you want to do is crawl back into bed.

The weather in San Francisco has been on another level! It’s expected to be in the 70s all week, which means the whole city will be in an all-around good mood. I can’t stress enough how San Francisco becomes the best city in the world on a hot day.

I made Caprese + avocado flatbread sandwiches and packed them up while Chi finished watching the Bulls vs. Nets game and we left to go to Dolores Park to hangout by ourselves.


I haven’t been to Dolores Park since we had visiting Alaskans, so it was nice to sit down and people watch. If you have been to Dolores, this GIF might be highly funny to you.

(PS: Whilst In SF tumblr is one of my favorite sites ever.)


Look at my model guy pondering the finer things in life.


Something that is really popular at Dolores Park (and maybe around the world? I’m not sure) is people trying to balance on lines between trees. This guy almost made it to the other end and had a crowd cheering for him behind us.


After, we met up with our friend to have snacks and rehydrate. The Sycamore is a neighborhood bar that has awesome food as well. We’ve had brunch here a few times in their back patio that retains the sun’s heat really well.


Look at this awesome painting on the side of the building. The Mission/Valencia is one of my favorite districts of all time; there’s some of the best food, nightlife, art everywhere, shopping and it’s just such a laid back and chill neighborhood. I’d like to move closer in toward the inner Mission but rent is exploding everyday. It’s crazy to think how far Valencia St has become in the past ten years, it use to be a lot more ‘hood’ and now it’s the perfect breeding grounds for hipsters. I love it.


We left when it started coming home and ate at Pollo Campero, which is Latin America’s premier place for chicken. They opened their first location in San Francisco and the lines were crazy long for the first few weeks. This is my third time having it and it’s the best ‘fast food’ grilled chicken I have had.

To the Breaking Bad fans, doesn’t it remind you of Los Pollo Hermanos?


After pigging out, we relaxed for a few hours before meeting up with a few of my friends on Polk St. Good news is we made it home before 12:00a, leaving plenty of time to sleep before the next day begins.

My breakfast tasted a lot better then it looks, I admit that I made the mistake of mixing before photographing! Fage yogurt, strawberries, bananas and chia seeds. I ate this in less then five minutes because I was late to my volunteering shift.


Dinner was absolutely amazing. I got to break in my new salad tosser today, I’m so happy with it! Salads in the Lisbon household will never be the same. The plate consists of avocado, italian chicken sausage, grilled portobello mushrooms and a fried egg on top of mixed greens from TJs with a side of flatbread. At least my weekend ended up on a healthy note!


What was your favorite meal from this weekend? Are you watching the playoffs; if so, who’s your team?

A Meaty Valentines

I woke up yesterday not knowing what my plans were going to be for the evening, so you can imagine how I spent the better part of my day. What to wear? Should I eat a light lunch? Will I make it home in time?

Of course, all these concerns straightened themselves out as the day wore on. I started my day at 6:30a, took the kids I nanny for to school and then ate breakfast at my grandma’s house. Studied with classmates before class, attended a Microbiology lecture about microbial growth (certainly the highlight of my day) and drove home for a quick cat nap. After getting ready, I had a chunk of time to spare because my boyfriend got held up at the restaurant so I decided to play with my new tripod I got in the mail.

IMG_1087 copy.jpg

He came home just in time and I made sure to drag him in a few pictures. We are not the most photogenic couple and I just wanted one good one where we both have our eyes open; clearly it wasn’t our day. Hey babe, is that a wink or a squint?

IMG_1089 copy.jpg

We’re also not the best with timing, which got us all candids and no straight on shots. He either said something funny or I am just easily amused.


I think this next one described the situation perfectly.

Me: Okay, just one good one! Last one, promise.

Him: I’m seriously going to choke you right now. Cheeese


Ten minutes behind schedule, we got in the car and hit rush hour traffic. I am a huge worry wart and started panicking in the car because time was not on our side. I also was really anxious to know where we were going to eat. I feel bad for the poor guy, I think I drove him crazy. Just a little bit, at least.

When we got closer, I absolutely knew where we were going! Espetus Churrascaria, baby!! I have been dying to try this Brazilian steakhouse out for ages, I couldn’t wait to get out the car. We walked in and got seated instantly. Brazil’s national drink, a Caipirinha (sugar cane hard liquor, sugar & lime) some how made it to our table before I even put my bag down.


We made a rookie mistake and pounced on the bread before the meal. There was a sweet puff, a cousin of a Churro, and a fried sweet plantain. All were delicious and I wanted to bring a few home for desert.


This was not your typical, ordinary buffet; no sir. First, you start with the salad bar which entailed more than just veggies. My plate consisted of a constellation of arugula salad, cous cous, Brazilian guacamole (I favor Mexican more), hummus, eggplant and many more. We got situated and ate some greens before the meat party began.


This sign was our best friend the whole night. When it’s flipped up to green, the men and their large skewers of meat come to your table and ask if you would like a taste. When you flip it over to the red side, they skip your table until you’re ready to go again. There was 19 different meat options, which sounds confusing but keep scrolling.


The first meat that came was chicken hearts, which we politely declined. Next was homemade pork sausages. Yes please!


Next came chicken drumsticks (which I am embarrassed to say was my favorite) and then something that made me blush. Bacon wrapped filet mignon. I couldn’t resist, I had two.


One of our friendly meat servers.


Ten different cuts of steak, four rounds of pork coated in heaven and three serving of cooked pineapple later, we threw in the towel. Or at least we thought we did, until the server casually slipped the desert menu on our table. I have a rule where I’m not really interested unless Creme Brûlée is available, and it was our lucky (or un-lucky, however you want to think about it) night.


Even though we both were a speed bump away from throwing up from pure gluttony, it was a great experience and a memory I’m happy I get to share with him.

How was your Valentine’s Day? Have you ever gotten so full it was uncomfortable to walk?