Dinner At Sino

I am so happy to report that there is officially only eight days of school until I am done for the semester! It seems so close yet far away at the same time. Until then, things will be pretty quiet around these parts (although I am sure that can be said for the past three months). Aside from that, things are pretty exciting here at the Food and Other Things HQ and I cannot wait to share with you within next month. I am told to keep my lips sealed for just a little bit longer so that is all I can say right now!

When my mom was still in the Bay Area, we drove down to San Jose to catch up with one of her old friends. I actually have a really cool story to tell you about their relationship but I have to wait until next Tuesday! They have not seen each other in over twenty years and Chris Yeo (her friend) wanted to treat my mom to dinner at one of his many restaurants.

Walking into Sino was like a dream. Not only is it located in the heart of Santana Row but the music was pumping, people were drinking and food was being passed around left and right. I could not help myself but take a picture of this tranquil Buddha.


Something you will not see very often (read: never) in San Francisco is open restaurants like this. I love how inviting it is and it makes the place look huge.


The whole 9,000 square feet of this place is actually pretty remarkable. They even have banquet rooms that you can block off if you want your own private party.


I was really excited to meet their executive chef, Kenny So. Why? Because he was the guy that created the famous Salt and Pepper Crab at R&G Lounge. This guy deserves some sort of Noble Peace Prize or something. (kidding)


I could not leave you too long without a picture of the crab. If you think it looks great in pictures, I cannot even begin to express how great it was at the dinner table.

The dungeness crab is deep fried with batter and sprinkled with salt, pepper and fried garlic. The breading is a little thinner than R&G’s and I actually prefer it that way.

The fried bits of garlic and green onions were so good, I saved them in a little dish to put over my rice after everyone was done eating the crab.


Chris wanted to show off the dim sum that he serves in the afternoon. Although the restaurant leans more toward his asian-fusion, he says his dim sum is 100% authentic Cantonese cuisine. I could not wait to try it for myself and two tins came out: fung zhao (chicken feet w/ oyster sauce) and pai guat (pork spareribs w/ black beans and chili peppers).

Two thumbs up and definitely authentic! It made perfect sense after learning that he has separate staff that strictly does dim sum.


To continue on with authenticity, the next dish to come out was Sino’s peking duck accompanied with classic gold coin buns, scallions, cucumbers, hoisin sauce and a side of pickled kumquats. I might have ate one too many due to the fact that they take out the excess fat beneath the skin and it was not too rich.


The two veggie dishes we had the pleasure of enjoying was bitter melon and choy sum (vegetables hearts). It was my first time eating bitter mellon and let’s just say that it is a taste you get accustomed to. My mom gobbled it down like there was no tomorrow. She says it reminded her of her childhood.



If you thought that dinner was over, then you were wrong. As you guys know, I am not the biggest fish fan but I ate two (2) whole bowls of this live-steamed fish with a soy sauce base and topped with scallions and cilantro. It was that good. This is the part of my meal where I put the deep fried garlic leftover from the crab onto my rice.

This girl has been getting her full dosage of DHA+EPA lately, I am so proud of myself.


Also for fun was these bite sized candied walnuts and honey prawns.


I have been loving desert after a huge meal lately, so it was only right to end the night with their signature carrot cake topped with walnut-coffee ice cream. Magnificent.


To say we ate like queens would be an understatement. Our meal was definitely more traditional then what a normal table would order, but I just wanted to show you that they can do it all! Thank you Chris and Kelly for the amazing meal!


PS: That is Chris in the back that photobombed our picture. 🙂