And To Your Left…

I suppose choosing my domain name as ‘Food and Other Things’ worked well for me, because today’s post will be a little less about food and more of an emphasis on the other things.

While editing my pictures, I was inspired to act as your virtual tour guide through the streets of San Francisco. I realized I snapped most of my pictures from inside the car. So buckle up love, It’s going to be a bumpy one!

Before we get going, I wanted to share a picture of my newest infatuation with asian babies. My coworker just had one and I couldn’t let this stinker go, I wanted to put him in my pocket and take him home with me.


In my last post, I went on and on about the weather in SF, this weekend has also been really nice. After coming home from work, two of my roommates and I sat on our roof and I had to go back in and bring my camera. Isn’t it absolutely gorgeous? The colors were layered evenly throughout the sky. It’s also crazy to see all the houses circling the hill, it really puts into perspective how cramped everything is in this little city by the bay. I wouldn’t have it any other way!


On Saturday, Chi and I went to La Mission to buy a few things for Cinco de Mayo. He wanted to decorate the restaurant and I decided to tag along.

Cue pictures of pinatas:

We just had to get the Speedy Gonzalez one, when have you ever seen one before?!


photo (2).jpg

Our first stop details the perfection of the urban feel and nature that San Francisco combines. One of my favorite things about the city is how you can be in a complete city situation and go less then a mile any direction and end up in a calm and tranquil setting, like the Bernal Heights mountain, Lands End or Glen Canyon Park (check out that arial picture on the wiki page).


I also want to mention how cultured everything is out here. I’m probably biased because this I was born and raised here, but I think what makes SF so grand is how accepting (almost) everyone is of any differences. Also, our city supports its own feats, such as City Hall and Coit Tower lighting up at night to different sports teams that are playing, or if it’s a holiday.


To your right you will notice that the hills of San Francisco are no joke. Yes, those are stairs so you can actually get from A to B and yes, my butt does look amazing after getting to the top. Who needs the gym when you have sidewalks? There is also a inspirational note 3/4ths up that says, “You are almost there”. I’m still figuring out if I find it motivating or condescending. 😉


The next stop detours to a residential area, where you’re limited to 3 feet of playing grounds. I actually just find this picture too cute, his nephew puts his hands on his knees while waiting for the ball and kind of swings front to back.

photo (1)-2.jpg

Our short (but sweet!) tour will end in Civic Center. I had to go to the Library on Sunday to find some references on an Asian Art research final. I happened to have my camera with me so I took an awesome picture of City Hall. Interesting note: people from all over the world fly here to get married. I don’t have any pictures, but it’s stunning inside and not your standard ‘City Hall’ wedding!)


Right across the park is the main library, which is 8 floors high and hosts a pretty rare book collection!


This wouldn’t be a food blog without at least one picture of food, so I’ll leave you with this guy. Chi’s family was in town and his grandma taught him how to make Birria and it was by far the best homemade food I’ve had in so far. It’s usually made with goat but we made it with beef instead. I wish I could share the recipe with you but you’ll just have to go to Toma on Fridays to try! All of Toma’s recipes are family recipes, so it’s like eating straight from a Mexican family’s kitchen. I am obsessed!


**If you are actually looking for a San Francisco tour, I highly recommend Dylan’s Tours. It’s owned by a friend of mine and his tours are something to remember! He’s such a goober and gives a great time.

How was your Cinco de Mayo? Do you have any secret family recipes that are keepers?