Hike Hike Hike

School starts in less than two weeks, so I’m trying to get everything in before I’m chained to my desk and chanting Ochem nomenclatures.

What does the end of my vacation include? Hikes and food!

My old roommate Keri traveled to New Zealand, Australia and Thailand for nine months and came back to San Francisco last week. Talk about adventurous, right? I would love to do something like that if I didn’t have so many ties and attachments here in America.

Anyways, she’s been staying at our place so I got to spend lots of time with her. On Wednesday, all of the girl roommates went on a hike at the Bernal Heights hill.


We were actually led by a pack of wild mountain dogs.


They walked us to the top, where there was an amazing (almost 360°) view of San Francisco! You can see Coit Tower and the Bay Bridge right behind me.

(This is my ‘ta-da! we made it!’ pose)


We also slipped into the abandoned part of the water tower, I think in this picture it looks like we were trying to recreate the beginning of Destiny Child’s Survivor video. By now, I seriously can’t remember what we were doing. Ha!

Sarath, who is inheriting a DSLR from her brother, adopted my camera for the afternoon to learn how to use it and get use to all the buttons. Unfortunately, that means that she wasn’t in most of the pictures.


There was also quite a few pieces of rock art on our descend down the mountain. I thought this picture symbolized the loneliness and vastness that is my heart. All jokes aside, there are about ten pictures of me squatting next to different rock art and this one was the best one. 😉


We also saw the San Francisco fog creep in, which was nonexistent when we got there. This phenomenon can really engulf the whole city in a matter of hours! I even saw a twitter a few months ago that lovingly named our fog “Karl”.


After our less-than strenuous hike, we were ready for dinner. I’m sure anyone in the SF or NY area has heard of Mission Chinese, essentially it is Americanized Chinese food (kung pao pastrami, etc). Keri has never been so we thought it would be a great last meal before she heads home to Boston.

The waits are usually less then desirable, but we managed to get in before a line started to form outside.

Tiki Pork Belly, w/ soy caramel, mandarin orange, picked pineapple, shaved coconut and macadamia nuts. This one was probably my least favorite, which isn’t their fault! I just don’t like mixing my sweet with my savory and I also think this was their least Chinese inspired dish.


These Mongolian long beans w/ xinjiang spices, horseradish and chili oil were a group favorite. I’m not the biggest green bean fan but I think I ate the most out of everyone in the group! They were honestly perfect, with the little cuts of jalapeño in there.


Chongqing chicken wings w/ explosive chili and crispy beef tripe. These brought me back to my days in Sichuan, my mouth fell back in love with the numbing spicy that is usually associated with that province.


Last but not least, Broccoli Beef Brisket w/ chinese broccoli and smoked oyster sauce. This was also delicious, but the chicken wings and green beans were my favorite! NExt time I’d like to try the bacon and rice cakes or kung pao pastrami!


To make sure we completed the day with no regrets, we stopped by Birite Creamery to top things off. Since I had a sad ice cream experience a few days ago, I had to make it up and make sure I got the two best flavors they had.


Which I did! The top scoop is their sorbet of the day: raspberry and blackberry, and the bottom scoop is the ricanelas (cinnamon and snicker doodles).

I never thought I would use this word to describe ice cream but it was magically phenomenal. No wonder there is always a 20 person line in front of Birite whenever I pass by Dolores! I even called the next day because I wanted to buy a pint of their sorbet, but they changed the flavor to melon. Not the same. 🙁


Have you ever had asian fushion, what’s your thoughts? What’s the best hiking spot you have been?