No, not me. There are a few variables missing in my life before that happens.

This post was originally supposed to go up on Monday, but something small happened to one of my family members so it had to get postponed until today. However, NOT posting this would have been tragic because it is such great news!

cue drum roll….

Bailey is now engaged! Her fiancé (B, how does that sound?!) proposed in the sweetest way up in the Marin Headlands. I cannot be happier for her, especially since they have been going out since high school days. Tear!

(side note: also since our last face-to-face meeting, Bailey received her acceptance into the American College of Traditional Chinese Medicine!! What a great month this has been, she is going to be my little acupuncturist in 3.25 years.)


I went to her house last Wednesday to hear all the deets and also because she wanted to show off her new spiralizer and mandolin. We snacked on Acme bread (have I professed my love for Acme yet?) and jalapeño infused olive oil while prepping for dinner. To drink, we opened a bottle of Tarantas cava- a Spanish brut that was perfect for a celebration.


I never made (or tried) zucchini noodles before, so you can tell by the look on my face how cool I thought the whole thing was. After about five zucchinis, my arm was so tired from the manic speed I was moving and I was over it. Dinner has to be made somehow though!

Before coming over, we sent a few recipes back and forth and decided on this one. I wanted a Asain-y peanut sauce to go with my zucchini noodles and this one looked great with the sesame oil and chile sauce.

To be fair, we did double the recipe because the original amount was not enough for two people.


Ta-da! Guys, it was SO delicious. We both ate the equivalent to about 3.5 zucchinis and half of a bell pepper. I did not think I was going to be full, but by the end we were both trying really hard to make sure we did not have to throw any away.

It was so good that I impulsively bought a spiralizer off Amazon while at the dinner table. I have not opened it yet but once this semester is over, bring on the vegetables baby.


After dinner, we headed over to Jacq’s house to catch up with her and also to share Bailey’s good news. Jacque and her mom went on a West Coast field trip from Portland to Seattle! I am thinking of doing something similar in late May/early June.

The selling point to schlep all the way to the Marina was that her mom made homemade cookies in the morning. (insert heart-eyes emoji here)

These bad boys were the perfect texture- crunchy on the outside and chewy on the inside. Michael (her husband) complained about eating five cookies throughout the day- I think I had about six in the whole hour and a half that we were there. I insisted that that I did not want to take any home but was giddy inside when Jacq forced a little doggy bag in my hands before we left. They were made with oatmeal so that means they were healthy right? if you take thered ginseng supplements you will be fine. 🙂


What are some must-try spiralizer recipes? Do not hold back.

Are vegetables a good replacement for pasta? I say no. As delicious as zucchini noodles are, they will never a replacement. I think it is a great alternative, but I will never spiralize when I am craving a huge plate of linguini and meatballs.

Comes And Goes

Today was the first run I missed in my training plan. I felt bad for about a minute but then picked myself back up because I realized I had way more fun today instead of canceling plans just to make sure I stuck exactly to my schedule.

So what did I do instead?

I had a date with Jacq where we had needles poked in us. 😉


She FINALLY came back from her African safari honeymoon! This girl saw over 1.5 million Wildebeest and followed the great migration for two weeks with her new husband.

Her being back in San Francisco means that we can continue our weekly acupuncture sessions and chatter over a meal. We sure do get hungry after our 45-minute adult nap time. 🙂

Eating lunch at the same place twice is boring in this foodie city and we already tried everything in the immediate area, so we drove over to The Little Chihuahua on Divisadero to attempt something new.

Note how foggy it was in this picture. When we left a few hours later, it was so sunny I thought we were in SoCal.


Somehow we ended up making it there exactly at 11:00am. I promise we weren’t hawking out in front, glaring at the cashier to make him open faster. 😉 I actually walked in first while Jacq was parking her car and he made a joke about how I should get a prize for getting there right on time.

Since this guy had joke for days, I made him take a picture of us.


Everyone talks about how delicious The Little Chihuahua is so I was really excited to try their food. Jacq got the Fried Plantain & Black Bean Burrito which looked amazing. I didn’t take a picture because I’m sure you know what a cylinder of foil looks like, ha.

I ordered the camarones y pollo asado tacos. They were good but I wished I ordered something a little more special to understand the hype of the restaurant. I just couldn’t take down a huge burrito at the time and simple tacos seemed the most appealing.


We were so engrossed in our conversation that two hours passed by without us even noticing. Jacq had to leave for work and we still had so much to cover. Love her!

I ran some errands before hurrying home to get ready for a going away dinner planned. What better place to round everyone up but Cha Cha Cha?


Junior is like the brother I never wanted and I’m going to miss him! He’s going back to Santa Barbara to take over the family business. Clearly, this picture is focused on the skills of the gentleman skateboarding behind us. It’s actually pretty funny when you open up Lightroom and notice this while trying to hurry up and edit all the pictures. Not.


A clearer picture of some of the girls that made it. I know it’s going to be a good day when I see Abby more than once in a week. 🙂


I already have a post on Cha Cha Cha, but these pictures show the worthiness of the food a little bit better. I am not the biggest seafood fan, but I will indulge on these mussels steamed in a saffron broth.


My favorite type of fungi, cooked with sherry and herbs. I wasn’t going to share this picture because it’s already in my other post, but I wanted to balance out the ratio of selfies and actual food.


Adios Junior! See you when you come up and fix the hole in the wall. 🙂

Tomorrow is an exciting day for me, I will make sure to tell you all about it on Monday!

Do you like mussels? (I’m actually so turned off by the texture I have to eat the little slimy part with a huge chunk of bread). What’s in store for the weekend?


I just want to tell you guys about the great week I’m having. It involves:

A. Game of Thrones– So I’m not usually into the whole medieval knights and queen shenanigans, but my roommate basically told me that I could slap her if I didn’t like it by the time I caught up to the third season. I figured anyone willing to place a slap on the face wager must be really confident, so I logged into HBO GO on my Xbox and ended up spending 10 hours the first day just shuffling through the first season. I was hooked before I could even blink. I’m actually anxiously writing this post because I want to lay in bed like a potato and finish the second season.


(P.S., doesn’t Khaleesi look like Sherry from YHL‘s doppelgänger?)


B. School– I’m officially enrolled in my Fall ’13 dietetics classes and anyone living in California knows how much of a relief off the shoulders it is. It’s so hard to get classes in this state, no matter how much you’re willing to pay! Final grades also came out and I am more than relieved at my final GPA. Maybe the dietetics internship won’t be so hard if I continue to do as well as I’m doing now. 🙂

C. Acupuncture– Jacq started going to a community acupuncture place in SF and raved about it. I’ve always wanted to try so I tagged along last week for my first time to give it a go. I am pretty much in love with it. I don’t know if it’s placebo or not, but I’m feeling a lot better as an individual (after my second time!) and will continue to go once a week. Plus, I love the center that I go to, the team is great and I always feela t peace and enjoy my adult nap time.


After our acupuncture session, our stomachs agreed that Green Chile Kitchen across the street sounded amazing.

(The fireman driving told me he wanted to be in my picture!)


I thought it was a chain at first because it kind of had that franchise feel to it, but I figured out that they only have one location. I liked how they set up the interior, nice and spacey with many seats for me to choose from.


Usually when the server/cashier asks me if I want anything to drink, I get water with lemon. However, she pointed out the green chile lemonade and I obliged.


I also didn’t regret it.

Can’t wrap my head around how people can hold off on the guac and chips when they eat at a Mex restaurant.


I don’t know who Mary is, but her rotisserie chicken was amazing. Green chile citrus rub, beans, rice, tortillas and salsa and side salad.


Jacq, my little vegetarian, had a quinoa and kale salad that I was actually very envious of. It’s literally picture perfect.


I’m really sad to write this post, because Jacq is leaving to Connecticut to finish up her wedding planning this week and I won’t see her until her wedding in August. Then, I have to wait for her to go on an African honeymoon to follow the great migration (jealous, much?) and come back when the school year starts. I’ll see you when you are a Mrs., Jacq! xx

What’s your views on acupuncture if you tried it? Any wedding plans knocking on your door?