Sunday Funday

Okay, so I am not going to lie to you. I spent my Saturday night…wait for it…watching a documentary on Alexander the Great and falling asleep before 10:30pm. I woke up feeling like I took first place for the ultimate grandma award.

Thankfully, my Sunday was a little more eventful. I studied for a few hours in the morning before I got ready to meet my friends at Off The Grid!

San Francisco has been having the absolute best weather this week, I’m talking 80° hot! I know many of you around the world are rolling your eyes because either: 1.) 80° is not hot or 2.) 80° is unbearable.

Well sister, I have news for you. Anything over 70° in San Francisco is a cause for celebration, like leaving work early or putting on your best pair of shorts. Also, our warm weather is quite enjoyable because we don’t have to deal with that humidity problem you East Coasters and half-way-around-the-worlders complain about. Think of having rays of sun shine on you with a slight cool breeze. Perfect.

We were a little worried when we arrived because Karl The Fog made an unexpected visit just right above our patch of grass. (Side eyeing you, Karl). However, the fog didn’t stop us from giving the picnic a chance. We even got to watch the America’s Cup ships roll by, which you can see if you squint your eyes really hard and look past the palm trees in the picture below.


Jacque and Maresa were really excited to get a Bloody Mary bucket, so we claimed our spot on the grass and went straight to purchase one. It comes with a complimentary bucket, enough BM for four people and a mixture of pickles, peppers and something else I forgot. Celery perhaps?


We didn’t want to wait in a long line because everyone was starving. Jacq and Maresa went on a morning hike, Bailey had a light breakfast and I’m just hungry all the time. However, all stands except one had a 20+ minute line, so we spread out to maximize our time.


I chose to get fried chicken, because honestly, who doesn’t love fried chicken? (Besides vegetarians of course.) The empanadas next door were tempting, but I had two at the Farmer’s Market last week and wanted to try something new.


Maresa and I shared the fried chicken and pulled pork sandwich while Jacq and Bailey shared something from the Indian food truck. I peeped over and saw potatoes and green beans, but I was so focused on my own food I would not of noticed if someone took off all their clothes and started dancing near me.



First to finish! I love this picture.

If I had to caption this photo: Bailey is surprised at a joke Maresa made, while Jacque is intently trying to finish her glass of wine so she can open a second bottle.



The sky looks like it’s going to fall down, but I promise it was not that foggy the whole day! It was mostly blue skies with Karl weaving in and out for the few hours we were there.


An elementary school kid came to each blanket and asked if we wanted to purchase chocolate to help her fundraiser. I can never say no to them, so I bought a round for the girls. Can someone teach me how to not give in? I must of bought at least 15 of these chocolates in the last month. Aug/Sept is a rough month for my candy budget.


What I really came here to blog about was the Creme Brûlée cart! Although they expanded past the cart and into an actual brick and mortar store, I hold the biggest place in my heart for them. As I mentioned in this award post, creme brûlée is my favorite desert in the whole world. Panna Cotta is a close second and I will indulge occasionally, but creme brûlée all the way!


Look at that technique. We ordered one of each so we can do a mini-tasting.


Ta-da! We paid for one traditional vanilla bean (my choice), Yes Please (Bailey’s choice), Uh-Oh Oreo (Maresa’s choice) and Grown-Ass Woman Special (Jacq’s choice).


Our original plan was to take the tin ramekins to-go and eat it on the way to the car. However, once we saw how delicious and warm they looked, all four of us abruptly sat down on the grass and took a bite of each one and passed it clockwise. I’m pretty sure we all agreed it was the best part of our day.


Of course we had to do a desert cheers before we ate! It’s the best kind of cheers if you ask me.


After getting a quick tan and talking about everything under the sun, we headed back to Jacque’s house to have wine and cheese on her roof top. She actually has a view of the Golden Gate Bridge, but it is flawlessly hidden by the fog. Karl, you win again.


Do you enjoy creme brûlée? If so, what toppings would you put on yours? How was the weather in your hood?

25 thoughts on “Sunday Funday

  1. Bloody Mary bucket AND a creme brulee cart?!?! I’m booking my flight to SF ASAP! But seriously…why I’m not living there now is truly a mystery to me.

    P.s. I watched 3 episodes of the real world and was asleep by 11:00 on Saturday. Grandmas the new cool thing right? uhhhhhh

  2. Oh My – I lurrve creme brulee – I am seriously creme brulee deprived cos I have only had vanilla and chocolate…yalls ones have me seriously drooling over here on the east coast!
    I was in San Francisco about 3 years back and it took me an evening to figure out why there was only a heater and no ac in the hotel room – thoroughly enjoyed the weather, it helped us walk around EVERYWHERE and not be tired at all πŸ™‚

  3. Looks like such a beautiful day in the city! We had ridiculously hot weather in the 90’s all weekend. I think we have one more day of 94 and then should be cooling down to the 80’s. I am not a fan of creme brulee! I think it’s a texture thing or something…

  4. That bloody mary bucket is adorable! I want something like that! Those are the best Sunday morning drinks! πŸ™‚ I love all the fixings that go into them, too! What a fun day (never mind your grandma award on Sat night!) – which totally makes up for the lack of coolness on Sat night! I want to trade weather with you for like 1 week – I’m so over the heat here and anything even in the 70’s would be a delight! We have been in 90’s and high 80’s for EVER!
    Creme brulee is the best, I’m so jealous of all four of those! YUM! What a fabulously beautiful day, and ended just perfectly, with that rooftop wine and cheese fest! You’re too adorable.

  5. What a perfect way to enjoy the gorgeous weather in SF! You girls are so cute- I love the picture with the wine opener in the bottle and the four of you. πŸ™‚ The creme brulees looked unbelievable too!
    Sorry to see Karl ruined your rooftop view. Bastard.

  6. Oh man, I pass the Creme Brulee cart on my way home from work. Fortunately it’s on the other side of the street or my wallet would be lighter and other things, not so light. πŸ™‚

    I was so glad to get out and enjoy the weather! We checked out the sailing on Saturday, and participated in a lot of rooftop pool action on Sunday. Whoop, I wrote “poop” instead of “pool”. Think anyone would have noticed?

  7. Sounds like the perfect reward for getting some serious studying done- My reward was with a hot date on bluehost driving myself more insane!

    The foodie options there look insane- not the typical hot dogs and burgers! Creme brulee…wow I didn’t even know they came in other flavours besides…creme brulee normal flavour!

  8. Oh yes please! I love creme brulee…and I laughed out loud when you shared about your Saturday night. You sound like me! We go to bed at 9:30 now! Thank you for sharing yet another delicious and delightful post. I hope you had a wonderful Monday. Here’s to an even better week!

  9. I’m laughing at your fried chicken commentary!

    Those dessert ramekins look so adorable – YUM. I didn’t like creme brulee the last time I tried it, but it’s been awhile so maybe I should give it another go πŸ˜‰

    80 sounds like a nice temperature to me! In the South Bay area it was an ungodly 95 degrees — too damn hot for my liking!!

  10. Love that creme brulee..I’ve only ever had the vanilla version. I envy your picnic and SF sounds soo good -its been a while since I visited but havent done any of those fun things you do over there. I’ll probably visit in Dec/Jan – will tap you for recommendations for then if you dont mind!

  11. If we could hang out one weekend, that’d be great. I’ll even bring the umbrella for dark skies like you saw! You are so pretty Tara! The food looks killer too! Gosh, your foodie adventures are to die for!

  12. I’m from Seattle so 80 is “like SO hot” πŸ™‚ I heart crΓ¨me brulee but I’ve only had the regular vanilla to get my hands on some topping..hmmm.

  13. That bloody mary bucket is too hilarious! I would get two. I didn’t know OTG was on Sundays. Where do they do that? And call me boring, but I like my creme brulee with no topping except just the nice crack of the caramelized torched sugar top. That’s all I need!

    • This one was at the Presidio, kind of close to the YMCA there. It’s called ‘Picnic At The Presidio’. πŸ™‚ I also agree with your creme brΓ»lΓ©e statement! I always get plain vanilla bean and think it’s perfect just the way it is.

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