Something Fishy

I was really excited to get back into a normal blogging schedule but sometimes life just gets in the way. I mentioned last post that something small happened to one of my family members. Well, last week my grandpa was admitted to the hospital after falling outside of his house. He suffered from a subdural hematoma and had to get Burr holes to help drain the hemorrhage. Good news is that he is doing so much better now and finally got moved from the ICU. My mom came down a few days ago and it was nice to have a helping hand in regards to hospital visits and etc.

After we took care of all the hospital stuff, I drove her to my aunts house in Marin where we had a fantastic dinner.

My mom brought down fresh box crab from Oregon and it honestly looks like something out of a Alien vs. Predator movie. My auntie Helen and my mom went to work and cracked open the meat out of two crabs so my cousin and I could make homemade sushi (!!).


We also got this little fella ready to make for dinner. (just kidding, we’re not that Asian). (ps: I hope nobody gets offended by that comment)

Chewy is a grumpy bunny and is not too fun to hang around. I let him have his space.


Annie and I have been friends since we were three years old! She moved across the street from our old houses and our moms became best friends. She is basically family and I love coming over and hanging around her house although I do not do it as often as I would like.


I also just wanted to quickly show off these rolls we made. The triangle shaped ones are box crab + cucumber + avocado (basically a California roll) and the other ones are salmon + avocado.


Since my mom has fresh access to salmon and crab, we had a seafood feast. Also, the wild-caught salmon came straight out of the water two days before it was on our plate.

Cannot forget the Chinese veggies either, they are so delicious with a little bit of salt and garlic.


It is rare that my mom and I get any alone time together, so we had a nice afternoon after visiting my grandpa the day after. Normally we are on the move when she comes down to visit, but a few hours of downtime before dinner led us to grab ice cream cones at Bi-Rite (she got a scoop of ginger, yuck) and snap a tourist selfie at Twin Peaks.


17 thoughts on “Something Fishy

  1. I’ve wanted to try making my own sushi. I’m not sure if I’d do as great of a job as your cousin and yourself but I’m still interested! πŸ™‚ By the way, looking at these photos makes me want to run out and eat some sushi! Nom nom nom.

  2. Sorry about your grandpa… Keeping him in my thoughts. πŸ™‚ I’m sure he’s a cutie and a fighter!
    You can make sushi like a professional! I am so jealous! I haven’t had sushi in too long, I need to get on it! Good job eating salmon! That’s some of my favorite food ever but you’re right, it definitely cannot taste too fishy or NO TO THAT.

  3. When I am in mood of eating spicy food with my friends then, mostly I prefer to Chinese food. I like to eat fish fillet and dong po pork.

  4. I’m sorry to hear of the circumstances that forced your mom to come visit but I”m glad to hear you guys are getting some fun time together!!

  5. Glad to hear your grandpa is doing better. Hope he improves every day. … BTW, I’ve never seen a crab like that! I have to visit my sister in Portland during crab season. Those box crabs are more menacing looking that the Dungeness we get.

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