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Can we pretend it is last Monday? That way, this post will make a little more sense and not seem so stuck in the past. I feel really bad about not blogging last week but my real life always comes first. Truth is, I have a Biochemistry exam tomorrow and have been studying for it like it is my job, I even got an A level chemistry tuition to help me with this. Not to mention all my other obligations such as 10+ hours of volunteering every week, working and my three other classes. This semester being overwhelming is a bit of an understatement.

However, I know that all work and no play works for very little people, so I wanted to share some of the cool stuff that I have weaving in and out of my crazy schedule.

I think I mentioned in my Chinese New Year post that our celebrations lasts for two weeks and we ended the night with one of the best CNY parades in the nation. I was lucky enough to not have to stand in the cold outside and watched it above from an art gallery that had a great view of Post St.

Pictured below is the finale with the 250 ft dragon and the lions helping scare off the bad spirits for the new year.


Abby and I stayed warm with our open-bar plastic cups.

photo 2 (2).jpg

We also passed time by looking at all the cool pieces that were hung on the wall.


The best part of the night was having the pleasure of sitting on this awesome rocking chair made out of wine corks and yarn.

The title of coolest chair in the world is probably my 1971 Herman Miller original Eames lounge chair and this is officially the second.

photo 1 (3).jpg

On President’s Day, I snuck out of school in between classes and had lunch on the beach with one of my favorite people in the whole world.

Our beaches are nothing like SoCal’s, but they are not too shabby either.


This extremely spicy Bloody Mary was probably not the best decision before heading back for a three hour lecture on “What is Health?”, but it felt so right at the time. I usually do not order cocktails, but this hit the spot and helped calm down the mild anxiety attack I was having about school.


A classic American burger with white cheddar cheese and garlic fries was another thing I needed.


Also just one bite of these crispy beer battered fish and chips.


Great views of the Golden Gate Bridge and the Palace of Fine Arts (daytime view here) from Jacq’s roof also helps out when having a long day


and a cheese plate being put together by Maresa never hurts either.


Or it could be the wine. It is probably just the wine.


I am hoping to have a recipe posted on Thursday because it is long overdue. I am excited. 🙂

Also a congrats to Bobbie S. for winning our last giveaway!

What are your favorite things to do when you feel over your head?

Made any crazy concoctions lately?

11 thoughts on “Some Explaining

  1. .. I dunno, eating cheese certainly sounds like a good thing to do when you’re feeling overwhelmed, ha!
    No, but seriously, here’s my magic cure-all for that foggy cloud that sits right my brain when I’m at the computer for too long.
    I set a timer on my phone, change the Pandy station from Lindsey Stirling to Salsa! and jam the f*$%# out like ain’t no one watching. I call this .. wait for it.. The One Minute Dance Party.
    Do give it a go.

  2. OMG – what I would do to have the beach walking distance from work. They’d have to call a search squad to come find me! My favorite I-have-too-much-going-on activity is reading. I find that just 15 minutes or so helps ground me. Good luck with everything!

  3. If it makes you feel any better, I had a total meltdown during exams my first year of law school. I called my mother hysterical because my property exam was multiple choice and I didn’t have any practice questions. She literally had to say, “Brittany, get a hold of yourself!” So I feel your pain.

    I love that rocking chair! So cool! Your food looks amazing, as always!

  4. Though I’m not going through what you are with school, I totally understand because my husband is feeling so extremely overwhelmed. It’s unfortunate how hard it is to go to school full time while also working. Some teachers act like their 3 unit class is the only commitment people have! Good luck balancing it all! I guess the only thing you can do is try to remember you need time for you too! I tell David to go on a jog with our dog to help him relax but he prefers to drink a beer. 😉

  5. Aw you are so cute. Good luck with everything school wise this week. 🙂 And a bloody mary before class is always appropriate. When I was in college my junior year, I legit went to bars to be able to get a nice buzz going before my tortuously boring classes. It’s a good way to get through things. 🙂

  6. That’s a cool way to watch the parade. I have yet to go to one because I am a wimp with rain and it typically rains, so I avoid it. I would totally change my mind for an indoor balcony view with open bar. 😉

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