Sad News

I spilled water on my Macbook an hour ago and it doesn’t work anymore. Feeling really defeated. 🙁

Comment, text, e-mail me something nice or funny please.

I’ll try to be back on Friday.


18 thoughts on “Sad News

  1. OMG I’M SO SORRY! I’ve done this before and unfortunately had to buy a new computer. People kept telling “it’s just stuff” but I wanted to tell them to fuck off. So instead of giving you lame advice I will just say that it sucks. Sending lots of love!

  2. I totally did this with my first HP. It was a tragic day to say the least! I’m pretty sure I went all out into a mourning period. Maybe bake something or go out to eat with your friends? That cheered me up!

  3. I’m with Davida on owning your GFY mode when people tell you that everything’s gonna be alright. ‘Cause the truth is, it’s just gonna suck – and suck hard – until it stops sucking. And (as is ALWAYS the case) something better will come, a newer model, you’ll be able to retrieve your most crucial things, etc. And then you’ll look back and think “okay, that wasn’t so bad.” But, until you get to that happy place, just let GFY computer.

  4. Shhhiiiitttt. That sucks SO much. I’m sorry girl. One time I left my iPad on the roof of my car and I found it down the road with tire marks on the case and a shattered screen so I feel your pain. I’m not sure how old your computer is but Apple does a trade in where you can get a replacement for much cheaper. Hopefully they have something to help you!! 🙁

  5. Hope it gets sorted soon buddy!

    This can be a lesson to us all who eat/drink around our computers!

    So, Its so windy here in Melbourne, I went outside to make sure everything was in place with my sister. A branch fell and hit her.

    …it was awesome.

  6. So sorry to hear that! Don’t have a funny story, but my laptop battery is dying and I can only work plugged in 🙁 It sucks to not be able to move around with we can be technology sad sisters!

  7. Oh, my dear that’s a bummer.
    My little one decided to pick out the keys from my old laptop and placed it back, but in crazy order..Yesterday, when I was trying to send out a mail, the whole sentence sounded like some language I’ve never heard of:).

  8. OMG, this totally reminded me of SATC as I was reading it. So sad… same thing happened to me last year and I was miserable. Really am debating getting a MAc, but I have to ask, what do you blog with? I wanna use Windows LiveWriter and they aren’t compatible with Mac.

    • Mac has two blogging programs that I know of, MarsEdit and Ecto. I use Ecto and am 80% happy with it. I hear Windows Live Writer is the absolute best!

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