Running Reflections

The first week of August is an exciting one. Not because of the Cardamone wedding, but because I started my first week of half marathon training!


(Actually, can any of my running friends look at this and make sure I’m not fucking myself over toward the end? Thanks!)

Incase you forgot, I’m hoping to run the Santa Barbara Half Marathon in November and actually had to change the long runs from Sundays to Wednesdays due to my school schedule. I’ve spent the last few months doing light runs here and there. Unfortunately, my base training plan had many holes due to work scheduling and vacations where running outside wasn’t possible.

Since today is Friday and I haven’t posted a Friday Five in over a month, I wanted to tell you:

Five Things I Have Learned As A New Runner

I don’t have a million pictures of myself running (which would be kind of weird) so instead, you’re in for a Google Images treat.

1. Hydration is really important

Everyone says this, but I really noticed the difference in my speed and endurance depending how hydrated I was the day before and during my run. No, I don’t drink as slickly as Senator Rubio above, but I do try to keep a bottle around me at all times.

2. Working out isn’t an excuse to buy Lululemon

Every time I hit a PR (which comes really easy when you’re only running three miles), I convince myself that I earned something from Lululemon. Bribing myself is not the most financially responsible thing I have done, although I must admit…my butt has never looked better in workout pants.

3. It’s all in the head. Well, sort of…

Running is definitely more of a mental dilemma than a physical one after a certain point. I find myself doing really well until my mind starts to wander, How long have I been running? Wow, it’s only been 1.5 miles? Is my Garmin working? After my mind shifts from auto focus to actually paying attention to my body moving, it all becomes an awkward game of QWOP.

4. Keep your pace

I always start my running feeling like Usain Bolt and hit my peak pretty early on and slug out the last x amount of miles.

P.S.: I ran my fastest mile today! (7:37) I also wanted to throw up on the side of the road for the first time. Two new records on the same day, yay!

5. Running sucks until you get good at it


After my first few runs, I wondered what kind of crazies there were in the world to actually enjoy putting one’s body through the most unenjoyable task ever. It made me go through a series of denial and distrusting other people’s recommendations for anything. I woke up one day feeling a little crazy myself. I actually wanted to put my Vessi vegan shoes on and go on a run, and so this madness begun.

Last week’s Friday Five: Five Ways to Prepare and Eat Mangos

I feel bad for not showing you any food this whole post, so I will tell you about a dinner date I had yesterday with one of my best friends, V.

Haven’t seen her since I came back from China and missed my lady terribly, so I took a short road trip to Concord, U.S.A. When she got off work, we walked over to their downtown area and caught up on everything that’s been happening between us. Crazy how easy the conversation flows between us, it’s like she knew what was on my mind before I even opened my mouth.


We had Indian for dinner, which made me a very happy girl because nobody ever wants to go eat curry with me.

Chicken Vindaloo and Palak Paneer, yum.


And my first Fro-yo ever: tart frozen yogurt with almonds, almond roca, cheese cake, graham crackers, strawberries and oreos.


Runners, what’s your tip for a newbie? Favorite froyo combos?

32 thoughts on “Running Reflections

  1. Oh my, so much to comment on…prepare yourself for a long ‘un. 😉

    I think your schedule looks pretty good! Although–if you feel like you need a cutback week (a week with about 25-30% lower mileage than your week before, with the mileage usually coming out of your long runs), I’d say don’t be afraid to take it because you do have multiple long runs of the same distance. Some people don’t need cutback weeks, but my body definitely needs it every 3-4ish weeks, so it really just depends. Also, I usually take the day before a long run completely off and I use the day after as an active recovery day (some kind of cross-training but not high effort–more just to get my heart beating and my body moving) because I tried the whole run-the-day-before-a-long-run and it really didn’t work for me. But other people love to do “shake-out” runs before their long run. Again, it’s all about seeing what feels good to you!

    1. I think working out is a perfect excuse to buy Lulu! 😉 …it doesn’t help that their shorts are the only shorts I’ve found with so many pockets. 2. Working on pacing yourself is definitely one of the hardest parts of being a runner–I thought I had it down until my last run, when I ran out of steam on the last mile. 🙁 3. I’LL COME EAT CURRY WITH YOU AT ANY TIME! 4. HOW HAVE YOU NEVER HAD FROYO BEFORE?!

    • I loved reading your comment, Beth!

      I am almost 100% sure I will need to put a cutback week in there, I need to mess around with the scheduling (and possibly put my long runs back to Sunday).

      Also, I completely agree with the pockets thing! I always end up putting my key in my shoe or sports bra when I’m not wearing Lulu. It’s so hard to find workout clothes that makes pockets!

  2. Congrats on your 7:37!! i’m no expert so i will save the real running advice for commenters who actually run, but I CAN comment on lululemon and i see nothing wrong with a few motivational purchases, especially in the beginning 🙂 also ahh i love indian food- ESPECIALLY chicken vindaloo and palak paneer (although in boston they tend to call it saag paneer- same thing, though, i asked) and FROYO FOREVER. (thats my new tagline) i always get the original tart flavor with mango, mochi and coconut 🙂

    • I heard it being called Saag Paneer too. I think we’re the only ones that like the tart Froyo! I feel like the other ones are way too sweet.

  3. i want to run a half again this year and i m not a runner myself but i follow those 5 things on a regular basis. Mental strength is more important than physical one I think. I would love to hear your updates because I plan on starting my training soon as well.

  4. Lolllomg that #4 gif had me CRACKIN’ up!!

    I’m an off-and-on runner. This year is off, and I haven’t done more than 1-2km runs at a time. Running is the only sport that plays with my mind and makes me incredibly anxious and nervous. I can’t stand feeling that way! So….I don’t run lol 🙁

    • I see how it makes you anxious, I always get anxiety before my runs but I just tell myself, “It’s only twenty minutes. That’s less then an episode of Boy Meets World”.

  5. I think your schedule looks amazing! 🙂 I can’t imagine doing a long run on a weekday but that’s great that you’re making it work with your schedule! 🙂 WOO HOO! Haha, a sub 8 minute mile? Girl, you’re fast!
    And I disagree with #2 – it is an excuse to buy Lululemon!! Haha! I think I might adopt that philosophy! Per usual, your food looks amazing.. 🙂 Can’t wait to keep up with your training my dear! Have a great weekend!

    • Ha! It was only for one mile and I seriously almost threw up and walked most of my second mile. No way impressive! What’s impressive is your two workouts a day. Talk about dedicated!

  6. Your schedule looks great from what I can tell, but I’m new to running too so I’m probably not the best source of advice! Seriously though, you’re going to rock your half! Be sure to keep us updated on your training. 🙂 And I definitely agree with you that running is so much more of a mental sport. Obviously it’s physical too, but I think our minds are much more likely to give out before our bodies do!

    • I will keep you guys updated! Maybe twice a month, I don’t want to become a running blog. I remember your half is coming up soon too! Can’t wait to hear all about it. 🙂

  7. Waittt, you mean lulemon isn’t a reward? My life is a lie 🙂 This post is 100% true though! You are doing great girl! And that Indian food? I love Indian food so I am SO jealous! Oh, and HAPPY ALMOST BIRTHDAY!

  8. Hi I found you through ‘Food pleasure ad Health’ blog. Good luck with your half marathons! My sister just ran her 3rd marathon and she always says train hard(obviously) and also give yourself a rest from long lots of short, fast, runs…..
    By the way, loooove palak paneer, just seeing that pic, made my stomach rumble

    • Thank you for visiting Amelia! The palak paneer was fantastic. Next time I am dead set on ordering Channa Masala, I crave it every time but end up picking something else.

  9. The Indian food looks delicious!

    I have no real insights into running except that when / if your knee starts hurting don’t ignore the pain like I did! 🙁

    Hope you are having a great weekend Tara!

    • I think I’m starting to get shin splints, so I’m taking it a little easy. PS: Next time I’m in NY we will make it work! 😉

  10. I don’t run so I can’t even help you, I just do the elliptical.
    I love salted caramel fro yo, it’s like my favorite flavor. It would probably taste good with mango or something and definitely walnuts. 🙂

  11. Haha, this post is hilarious! I can totally relate. I’ve never been a runner but I’m signed up for a 5k this Sat and 10k in October and I have felt the same way as you while running. It is SO mental. I’m always looking at my RunKeeper App like WTF?! This thing has to be wrong!
    You’re making me crave Indian food right now. Mmmm…warm naan.

  12. Congrats on 7:37 thats an awesome mile time! And youre right, running totally sucks until you get good at it! I think the same is true for thee P’s: pushups, pull-ups and planks. Once you start seeing improvements, you start liking the exercises more and more!

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