Rainy Day Adventures

Big things are coming! I did not post last week because I was busy outlining what direction I wanted to take with this blog. A few months ago, I would not change this blog for anything. As of today, I feel like there is so much potential that I am not utilizing. After I work out all the minor details, I will be a little less mysterious about everything but I am really excited guys.

To show how mysterious things are in my world, I included this picture below from my first trip to Tartine Bakery. I know, I am thinking the exact same thing. How have I, Tara- local food blogger of San Francisco, not visited Tartine Bakery before? If you did not know, it is only one of the most admired bakeries in the nation. I think they are a few years from becoming a household name if they are not already.

From all the pictures I took in front of their huge whisks and pots, this candid of me blowing into my hands (from the cold. ps: what is the cold? this warm californian sun makes me a little forgetful) was the best out of the bunch.


We went on Cesar Chavez Day (no school, wahoo!) and the line was not too bad. Only out the door and half way around the block, no biggie. I can only imagine how it is on the weekends.


I never mind waiting as long as I get the goods at the end of the day. In this case, a cappuccino and a box full of treasured pastries.

Taylor and I shared a chocolate croissant in the car since we did not want to spoil our appetite before lunch. 🙂


I missed the excitement of Eataly and tried to find the closest place to fill my craving for a perfect salami sandwich. I heard about the Salumeria a few weeks ago from a friend and decided that it was the perfect place to go. It even has the word salami (or salumi…whatever) in their name!


We ordered the charcuterie plate (last thing on the menu). I even convinced Taylor to try the terrine, today was a good day. 🙂


We also chose the arugula salad and salami sandwich to accompany our cured meat extravaganza.


Friends, do not think I would forget to show you the heavenly pastries of Tartine. We did a mini-tasting at the house and split everything into three. I cannot remember everything here but some of the treats were shortbreads, Mexican wedding cookies and coconut balls.

Let’s not forget about the chocolate eclair (divine) in the back and croissant.


PS: Look who I met yesterday for brunch?!

photo (19).JPG

Dixya is just as sweet in real life as she comes across with her online persona. I cannot wait for her to come back again as soon as possible!

How many bloggers have you had the pleasure of meeting?

12 thoughts on “Rainy Day Adventures

  1. Dixya!!!! Hi, please insert me in the middle. You better clear your schedule when I am coming to town. 90% sure it will be in November. This will give me ample time to stretch out my stomach and you enough time to plan our eating itinerary. k bayyyyye.

  2. Oh my gosh give me those baked goods NOW. Also, wtf Cesar Chavez day?? Jealous. I mean, I really just want a day off ya know. Excited to hear about your blogging news!! though I’m kinda diggin’ the mysteriousness haha.

  3. I’ve meet 4 bloggers in real life. One of them became one of my closest friend and I’m a bridesmaid in her August wedding. 🙂 That’s definitely been the best part of blogging.
    I’m taking some time off blogging too but mostly because I don’t have much content to share right now.

  4. Em, excuse me. You can’t just say “Pssst. I have a secret. Never mind.”
    I mean, that’s tantamount to not showing us the goods from Tartine.
    Will you at least give a release date?

    P.s. Will you send me a box of mexican wedding cookies? I could go the very rest of my life turning my cheek to all the cookies of all the world, if I could only just have these forevermore.

  5. Haha I like Lulu’s comment above me! Dish those secrets girl! Anything to do with this blog will be great! 🙂 And YUM to all the sweets! I would have waited for a couple of pastries too… Dang.
    I will be in SF in June! 🙂 So we can maybe meet! And I’ve met 4 bloggers so far, herhappybalance, blissfullbritt, sugarmagnolia (no longer blogs) and fitfunfemme (no longer blogs either!). It’s always a good time!

  6. I’m excited to see where you’ll be taking your blog!!

    I have had the pleasure to meet quite a few bloggers through conferences or just travel in general. I love meeting people who have similar interests to me!

  7. Yay bloggies in real life! I haven’t met anyone yet, mostly because I’m socially awkward and that’s why I hide behind posts most of the time, haha. But we should probably get me out of my comfort zone one if these days.
    I have heard such good things about Tartine, I need to make a trip one of these days!

  8. Aww how great is that! So nice you got to meet. Am excited to see where you are going with your blog Tara. When we will see the change?
    I haven’t met any bloggers yet. Most I interact with live very far away from where I am.

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