Queen B

This happened last night.

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I got to breathe the same air as Beyonce. Before I start showing off, lets back track to the beginning of the day.

A few weeks ago, Taylor and I were jamming out to music videos in the living room when a Beyonce song came on. While dancing our tails off, we made a joke and said we should buy tickets to the upcoming Mrs. Carter World Tour. After locking eyes, it became decided that we were going to the tour. It might have been my most impulsive big purchase, because five minutes later we were down almost $200 each.

I kind of regretted it a few days later, but after last night, I decided that it was one of the best decisions I made this year.

After Thanksgiving week passed, it was time for the concert of the life time.


I had school in the morning, but rushed home to start getting ready. We left around three o’clock to eat a late lunch in San Jose (about an hour away from SF) at The Yard House. It is not the best restaurant in the world, but it is in Santana Row and gets the job done. I got the same thing as last time, this epic Grilled Cheese sandwich with Tomato Basil Soup.


Mmm..I added avocado and bacon. Does it not look picture perfect?

Taylor and I overestimated our time and we had about an hour to kill in the car. Trying to get a picture of both of us looking good, while smiling at the camera, is almost impossible in a compact car with a self-timer. With that note, I will leave you of one of our bloopers.


It looks like we just fell in love. I do not think I laughed that hard (after reviewing all the pictures) in a long time.

Around 6:00p, we started lining up in front of the pavilion. Since our tickets are general admission, it was pretty much a first come first serve basis. We were number 200 and worried that we would not be able to see her but we ended up being so freakin’ close!

Is it possible for this woman to be more beautiful in person then her prints and videos? She is so perfect, I do not think anyone could find one single flaw about her.

photo (2).JPG

She is so fierce. She sang almost all of my favorite songs.

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Besides a couple standing close to us that were dancing like crazy maniacs at a rock concert, the night was perfect.

Okay loves, now I am off to finish my comparison paper on processed versus wholesome foods.

What is the best concert you went to?

17 thoughts on “Queen B

  1. SO JEALOUS!! Oh my gosh. I think impulsively buying concert tickets is the way to go these days..otherwise you’ll be so aware of how much you’re spending haha but I’m glad it was worth it! ….not that seeing Beyonce would ever NOT be worth it.

  2. I am SO jealous. I’m not big on spending lots of money on concerts (because I’ve seen so many awesome ones for cheap), but I’d do it for tickets to a Beyonce show. My boyfriend surprised me with tickets to the Justin Timberlake & Jay-Z tour this summer. They were the most expensive concert tickets I’ve ever used, but it was absolutely worth it because I will never forget that night.

  3. Zac Brown Band. Summer. Red Rocks. Best thing that happened to my life (and my ears, and my groove thing) this summer.
    Mumford and Sons (.. I know, I know.. we’re all kind of over it)
    and Lumineers (go Denver bands!) were definitely contenders..
    Pretty much anything at Red Rocks, well.. Rocks!

    Although I do agree that Beyonce is basically flawless.. sigh.

  4. So funny that we both were at the concert!! You were WAY closer than me though haha she was FABULOUS right! She totally did sing so many of her best songs. And I loved the ode to Destiny’s Child with “Survivor”!

  5. Wow Tara you’re so lucky to have seen Beyonce! She looks like she put on a spectacular performance. (I hear she always does though!) My favourite concert was seeing Pearl Jam back in 1996. I would also add Cold Play as a fav 🙂

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