Puerto Rican Thanksgiving

Ameena mentioned in my comments that she loved how international my family is. Well sister, things just got a little more global on this blog!

Why? Because today we are going to recap the celebration of Puerto Rican Thanksgiving! Only the most exciting and best post-holiday there is.

My sister goes to her godmother’s house for Thanksgiving every year, so we always plan a small get-together the night after. Her mom cooks the most amazing Thanksgiving food with a Boricua twist. (Think chorizo stuffing and tostones on the side of your turkey.)

I arrived to Lili’s house a quarter-past-six and gave a big beso to my sister who greeted me at the door. We usually see each other once a year but January will be special because I will fly to Denver to have three days of non-stop sister action. 🙂

Her home is one of my favorite decorated homes ever, it is so different then the usual stiff modern feel or empty bachelor pad. I feel like I should be in Puerto Rico. It has a tremendous amount of her personal taste and pictures of loved ones and you can not help but feel cozy at home.

I love this light switch and will find a way to sneak it out her house without noticing one year. 😉


As tradition follows, I usually get there while Lili is running around the kitchen and help myself to one of her famous pina coladas. It makes me want to get caught in the rain for some reason. 😉

My very intelligent sister requested a floater in hers and I must admit, it was not a bad decision.


Do we look alike? Who looks more Latina?

photo (1) 2.JPG


Some people like spotless fridges but my future home will have a fridge like this one. I could not imagine starting a day off wrong when you see all your favorite people before leaving the house.


The hostest-with-the-mostest herself! My second mom. Here she is finishing off the tostones, I am craving them again. This woman can cook her tail off.


When all the guests arrived, we started to bring the plates to the table. Puerto Rican Thanksgiving was about to start and all of our hungry selves could not wait. Lili invited her best friend from the days when they ran around New York together and her two children.

The only traditional thing about this course was the turkey…and I suppose the cranberry sauce but who really cares about that.


You would not even begin to imagine how delicious her arroz con gandulas is. It takes skill, practice and a little bit of magic to make the perfect sofrito and Lili nails it every time.


The final things I have not mentioned is her chorizo stuffing and tostones con avocado. The salty and crispy flavors of the plantain is the perfect combination of the smooth and creamy taste of the avocado.


The first plate of three, I wish I was kidding.


Happy thanksgiving again! You should already know I like to extend things as long as possible. 🙂


Tomorrow I am attending a very special event! It cost a pretty penny but will be so worth it. Cheers!

Are you feeling back into the groove of things? I am pretty much zoned out until the second week of January!

14 thoughts on “Puerto Rican Thanksgiving

  1. Looks like a delicious meal! Very ethnic. I also had my first taste of a nontraditional (nontraditional for me anyway) Thanksgiving meal and I gotta say it was pretty tasty! Also haven’t had a pina colada in so long but I loveeeee love them–would have been the perfect addition.

  2. It wouldn’t have been the same without you. Or the smushed-up, smashed-up, banged-up turkey + stuffing sandwiches my mom packed and shoved in my carry on for the flight home. Ya, I was THAT person.

  3. Oh my gosh all of this food looks amazing! I have decided I need to try a Puerto Rican restaurant ASAP…. aka when I’m back in Canada haha. I swear every time I come to your blog I add a food to my “must try” list!

  4. So great to see a Puerto Rican Thanksgiving close up. Everything looks delicious.

    You and your sister are gorgeous. Oh, and I still love how International you are! 🙂

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