Otra Vez

I hope you do not hate me after this post.

Why? Because I am posting pictures of Beretta, yet again. Last time, I promise.

Half of the Lisbon house went out to eat a midday meal on Saturday and we had bad luck choosing a restaurant. Everything good was either closed because of the awkward timing or way too far away. Luckily, our go-to Beretta welcomed us with open arms.

Their arugula & fennel salad was a great starter and paved the way for our feast to come.


Just expect a picture of Taylor at least once a week now. She makes an awesome dining companion. I do not know if it is our shared love of arugula or because she is always down to leave at a minute’s notice to grab Easy Breezy with me at 10:00 pm. More than once…wish I was kidding.


Can we take a minute and soak up this meat antipasti? From the top to the bottom: prosciutto, lard, salami, mortadella and hot coppa. We do not have to talk about the pickled salad goin’ on in the upper left hand corner because I did not like that. At all.


I love this picture because it is an actual candid. I can only imagine the dirty thoughts that ran through my head when the waitress brought the plate out.

Hint: It involved a crostini and meatgasm in every bite. A calorie less than divine.


I found my table lighting hot spot for these broccolini dosed in garlic, olive oil and peppers. It is hard to believe a dish so simple can taste so good.


I know gnocchi is a cult favorite, but who has had it pan seared? It is life changing and I want to recreate something similar soon. This dish was made with pancetta and porcini mushrooms.


Lastly, what Beretta is known for, their thin crust pizza.

On top is a broccoli rage, pancetta, tomato & mozzarella special and the bottom has hot salmi, coppa, tomato, provolone & diavolicchio peppers.


This week is bitter sweet for me, I have to work and study a lot but will reward myself with a mini trip down to LA for the weekend. 🙂 Details to follow.

What are your plans for the long weekend? (Forget the fact that I am asking on a Wednesday).

17 thoughts on “Otra Vez

  1. Pan seared gnocci – genius!!! Unfortunately, this weekend isn’t a long one for me, but I do plan to take advantage of my two days off and check things off my to do list and hang out with friends!

  2. Yeah I’m with Davida – pan seared gnocchi sounds DIVINE. Also, LA?! Lucky duck! I am jealous!
    And all that pizza and goodness? I always read your blog when I’m hungry the very most and this makes it worse! AGH! <3 I, unfortunately, do not have a long weekend ahead of me… Sadly, so enjoy yours for the both of us. PLEASE!

  3. I’ve been craving gnocchi all week! So, THAT is what I’ll be doing this weekend. The pan seared-er the better.
    What you gone do in LA? More importantly, where are you eating. Because I know you know.

  4. I have never had pan seared gnocchi! I love the idea. And the pizza looks delish. Why do I visit your blog when I am hungry and have leftovers for lunch? Loved the pics 🙂

  5. LOL, you look like a kid on Christmas morning with that expression in that photo! Love pan-seared gnocchi. It’s the only way to go (of course, they probably seared it in butter). Excited to see where you go in LA. Lots of fun places along Manhattan Beach/Santa Monica area.

  6. Please excuse me as I lift my jaw off my laptop screen.

    I’ve just eaten lunch and I’m instantly hungry again. Note to Self- Read your blog before eating a meal or during….or better yet while I’m out at a restaurant.

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