Michelin Man

The San Francisco (and surrounding areas) Michelin Guide came out on Wednesday!


Incase you live in the dark, this handy book “helps both locals and travelers find great places to eat and stay, with obsessively-researched recommendations to more than 500 hundred restaurants. This guide, updated annually, appeals to all tastes and budgets. Local, anonymous, professional inspectors carefully select restaurants, using the celebrated Michelin food star-rating system”. The history, which I actually found really interesting, can be conveniently found here.

It is my food goal this year to hit up all the bib-gormaunds, one and two stars and maybe The French Laundry. Although, I do not know how feasible this is because it is impossible to get reservations at State Bird Provisions no matter what. It’s probably easier to get a table at TFL or Meadowood, yikes.

The Lisbon House had a girls night on Wednesday and we ate at the Michelin-bibbed restaurant, Starbelly. (Sarath, we missed you!)

We were seated in their outside canopy, it felt really good to be outside but still have the warmth of the ceiling heaters.


Micheladas are my favorite (alcoholic) drink in the whole world. If it is on the menu, I will order it. It is made with Mexican beer, salt, chili powder and lime and it tastes fantastic. Ciafa was suppose to be my model but the aperture kind of blurred her out. Isn’t she beautiful?


I spotted this awesome door handle behind me and could not help but take a picture. Where can I find one of these bad boys? I really like the vibe they have going on in there, it was really cozy.


Of course Taylor was in attendance too!


We all shared the burrata di stefano, served with toasted hazelnuts, lemon and olive oil. Actually, I am not sure exactly what exactly is in/on it because they only have a sample menu online but I am almost sure.


Ciaf and I ordered two pizzas. Mine is the chorizo, egg and cilantro on top. In my Foodservice Systems Management class, I have to create my own business and my idea was a pizzeria that serves “cultural cuisine”. In other words, pizza fusions with different countries national foods (Lomo Saltado, Kung Pao Chicken pizza, etc). One of my pizzas was this exact one (+ onion) so I was really excited to see it in person.

She ordered one with Starbelly bacon, jalapeño, arugula and green goddess dressing. I really enjoyed hers as well.


Taylor ordered the catfish w/ andouille sausage, risotto and okra.


I know so many of you bloggers are bakers and make the most amazing and badass recipes, but today in class I made a chocolate soufflé. We won out of the whole class! Ours was the best. It was decadent, rich and perfect. I was so proud of me and my lab partner. Plus I got to use a Kitchenaid for the first time and now I really want one for Christmas.


The TA for our class brought in In-N-Out and she made me crave it all day. I had to go after my night class. I feel bad for all you East Coasters because In-N-Out is one of the main reasons I will miss California if I ever leave.


Have a great weekend!

Thoughts on In-N-Out? What have you made in your life that you are most proud of?

41 thoughts on “Michelin Man

  1. So here is the thing with In-N-Out. The first time we ever visited California my husband was obsessed with finding this place and trying their burgers (he is a bit of a burger connoisseur. So we went but we were kind of disappointed because they were a little plain. But then we heard there is some secret menu that we didn’t know about!? So until we try this secret menu, we are in agreement that Five Guys is better. Sorry! 🙂

  2. Congrats on that chocolate souffle victory!! and omg i tried Micheladas for the first time this summer, and i was obsessed! i only wanted to go to places that served them for like 2 weeks 🙂 and ive never had an in &out burger being on the east coast and all, but ive heard amazing things though, i really want to go to one!! ( is a trip to the west coast with that as my top priority an odd thing to do?)

  3. my husband spent about 10/11 months is San Diego and he lived to eat In-N-Out. Its been over 6 years since he moved back to the east coast and he STILL talks about them! I on the other hand will never find out what the hype is all about – being a vegetarian and all!
    Your food and your restaurants choices are make me envy you so much – I want to try all these places out.

  4. That restaurant looks so good! I love the outside canopy.

    As for in-n-out I may be the only Californian who does not like it. Don’t hate! I just don’t understand the hype, because it’s still fast food, which I’m never a fan of. I also really think their fries are so soggy and gross! ahhh! Sorry for being a hater!

  5. I got a Michelada Chicken Sandwich (chicken marinated in michelada.. yum!) at a restaurant in San Diego last year. I tried to replicate it at home but the result was nowhere near as good. I haven’t tried the drink on its own though.

  6. Oh em geeee that pizza! And I know Green Goddess = GOOD! Any restaurant that offers that name of a dressing is good stuff! Also, I have a kitchen aid that I have never used… Haha want it? Do you guys get to eat your creations?

    • Um yes, I will take it off your hands! 😉

      We have to eat everyone’s creations, but sometimes it’s not so good when people are making pretty weird looking food.

  7. Congrats on winning! That’s exciting. Also can’t remember if I’ve told you or not but I LOVE the red lipstick on you. Aaaaaand I’ve never been to an In-N-Out, but no surprise there right? I’ve always been an east-coaster.

  8. Hi! I read your blog quite a bit but I’ve never commented. Just wanted to say that State Bird Provisions is worth it! Just get there before the doors open (there will likely be quite a long line already) and you should be able to get seated right away when the restaurant opens… as long as you have a relatively small party… the place is tiny! Definitely check it out though, it’s a really fun dining experience and you seem like someone who would enjoy that (think tapas + dim sum combined)

    • Hi Colleen, thanks for commenting! I really appreciate you taking the time to read my blog, this comment made my day! I was so sad when I could not get reservations when they reopened. I must of called 20 times when they opened the phone lines. I will HAVE to try it one day if it kills me!

  9. Re: In-N-Out. I have never ever in my entire 32 years eaten a fast food hamburger. I mean, ever. I love burgers, I like convenience, but I’ve just not one time had the taste for a Mickey D’s, King, or Carl’s beefwich. Except for the one, teeny tiny little moment I tried the world famous In-N-Out Animal Style. It was ‘change your life’ delicious.

    Sis, I’m claiming making my ma’s tostones to crispy-golden-garlic-y perfection as my proudest culinary moment (I think you should too!). They were flawless. My grandma was applauding from her grave.
    I also pulled off Beef Wellington once, but of course, had to put a spin on it. I made them into little beef wellie filo dough triangles (think Spanakopita) with the duxelle layered with filo, layered with tiny cubes of filet and the traditional madeira sauce for dipping on the side. Julia Childs was applauding from her grave.

    • I am surprised, sister. Even dad liked In-N-Out and he is the biggest food snob ever.

      Can not wait for Puerto Rican Thanksgiving!!!!!

  10. What a great idea for a pizza restaurant- kung pao chicken on a pizza? Genius!

    I had In’n’Out in LA and it was not a great experience..I bought a burger (the one with 2 patties) took a bite and both patties flew out of the bun into my friends lap…she was wearing a new skirt too. I had to pay her drycleaning AND she discarded my patties.

    • Thanks! I was hoping some people will like my idea. I’m getting mixed reviews.

      I’m so sorry to hear about your bad experience. 🙁 Come to SF and I will show you a better one.

  11. Back when I ate meat I was all over In-n-Out. But I will say that I think Johnny Rocket’s has better hamburgers! Plus the fries at In-n-Out are not my favorite.

    Congrats on your chocolate souffle! I’ve never used a mixer if you can believe it. 🙂

    • Ha, I guess it does not really come in handy unless you bake a lot (which I never do). My friend was shocked it was my first time using a Kitchenaid.

  12. Note to self – go to Starbelly the next time you’re in SF!

    And congrats on your souffle! I have yet to make one successfully…such an accomplishment!

  13. There’s no other place like the FRENCH LAUNDRY, it’s an experience and I will never forget the first time I was there..I wish I could go there more often though…
    CONGRATS on the souffle. Never being to In and OUt..might try out sometime.

  14. You are always hitting up the most amazing places in SF. And yes, Ciafa is beautiful, even if she’s blurry!

    Good job on your souffle lady! Souffles are one of my favorite things. I highly recommend Cafe Jacqueline (I feel like I’ve told you this before) if you want a good souffle in the city. She’s amazing.

  15. Oooh, if you score a reservations at TFL, can I tag along? I’ve already tried Meadowood and it is elegant but I can’t say I was won over. BTW, I like the local vibe of Starbelly. It’s been awhile since I’ve gone. Need to head back soon!

    • Ben, I would loved if you tagged along! I also need to check out your post on Meadowood (if you have one). I understand how picky one might be when spending ~$500 on a meal.

  16. Congrats on the soufflé!

    Didn’t know that the 2014 guide just came out — need to check it out! I’m not sure that I’d ever go to The French Laundry, but I look to forward to checking out your experience of it if you nab a reservation a few months out and get there sometime. I think it’d be cool to have this fancy schmancy dinner experience, but I just don’t think I could really enjoy it shelling out that much cash. I picture myself being all, “That was amazing….but we could have done a full-expenses paid long weekend getaway with that money!” Haha.

    • Ha, I would not mind throwing down the money for a once in a lifetime experience. I agree though, the bill will make my wallet very sad for a long time.

  17. I didn’t even realize you are in school for culinary?? Makes sense since your posts are drool-worthy and you seem to know so much about food! You are also so good at taking pictures of it. I have never been to In-n-Out, only heard of it! Canada doesn’t have one, nor do the other places I have lived.

    • I am currently studying to get my Registered Dietitian credentials (which involves some science-behind-cooking classes). I would love to make delicious food all day!