I think I created a sensory overload in the last picture, so I will keep it short and sweet today.

I did not end up getting home until 12:30am on Sunday night and all the lights in the house were off. Fair enough, it is understandable that all my roommates were getting shut-eye in preparation for the first working day of the week. As I was walking upstairs, I realized something was fishy. I heard little noises that my ears were not use to.

Surprise! Everyone stayed up to sing me happy birthday! I was so tired from the long drive but the love from all my roommates woke me right up.

Thank you Taylor, for baking this delicious yellow cake with chocolate frosting!

(Jacq & Bailey, there was no white on white at the Lisbon household. Thank god).


The next day, I saw a cute picture downstairs on our thought board. Damn right I am going to blog about it! I love you guys.

PS: We are running the Cosmic Run in two weeks. I am so excited, has anyone else heard about it?


Taylor wanted to take me out to lunch after my O-Chem test and I obliged. We had a few places in mind and I am just starting to realize how little places are open during lunch. San Francisco, get your shit together.

After debating, we ended up at Chez Maman in Potrero Hill. I do not eat French cooking very often, so it sounded like a good idea.

Chez Maman is a skinny cozy spot with lovely vintage posters hanging on the wall.


Our waiter was the most stereotypical Frenchman ever and I wanted to take him home with me. Not in that way, get your mind out the gutter. 😉

Tay and I decided to share everything and started off with a baked camembert with roasted garlic and toast points.

If you are a rookie food lover like me, you have to google camembert quickly and quietly on your iPhone to find out it is a soft, creamy, surface-ripened cow’s milk cheese.

The roasted garlic bulbs popped right out of the bulbs. It was a delightful appetizer.


Next was a beef tartare, which is one of my favorite dishes to order at restaurants. Taylor never tried it before and did not take much convincing. I thought it was good but the dijon mustard was a little overwhelming. I will have to take her to Marlowe to get the best steak tartare on this side of the Mississippi.


The flat iron steak was cooked great (medium-rare) with a side of green peppercorn sauce (the only steak dressing I like) and ratatouille (which I can pass on next time).


Half way through the meal, Taylor flipped the switch on me and told me that this would not be counted as my birthday meal because no drinks were involved for a cheers. This means she is going to take me out again next week. I can not argue with her.

We split a crepe with bananas, nutella, fresh berries and creme fraiche.


I have not had Nutella in so long and forgot how good it tastes. Can Nutella be our 6th (7th?) taste bud?


I miss cooking but school has overwhelmed my life. The semester is wrapping up in a little over a month including a week off for Thanksgiving Break.

Fear not, I will go back to posting recipes next Wednesday. I have a delicious slow cooked meatball one coming up and another one I stole from my sister from when she lived in Spain.

Tomorrow, Abby is taking me out for a birthday dinner. I must be the luckiest girl in the world to have my birthday extended so far out. I also have not seen her in over a month, which has not happened since we became BFFs a few years ago. Where are we going to eat? Well that, my dear, will remain a mystery until a later time.

What vintage things are you into? (PS: Sister, we had a earthquake today and I was so nervous for your lamps!! I’m bringing them to your mom’s house ASAP so I am not liable for them!)

Favorite crepe combination? Mine would be nutella, strawberries and bananas. However…I did see a cinnamon and pear one today that caught my interest. Maybe next time.

12 thoughts on “Merci

  1. Look at the Nutella on that crepe. Drool! I think my favorite crepe combo is the same as yours – there’s something magical about strawberries, bananas, and chocolate all wrapped up in a warm doughy crepe.

  2. Holy Richter! an earthquake? My lamps!! Panic. I sure do hope they’re okay. Well, and I guess I hope you’re okay too.

    Ps. I love the segue from Vintage things to earthquakes. The great shake of ’89 WAS a good year. Vintage, even. Ha!

    Re: Lunch in the City – have you ever been to Parada 22 on Height? It’s a little hole that cranks out the most beautiful, authentic Puerto Rican.. it feels really good in there, the food is really real and it’s a one man show, which is totally lovable. Portions are big and the price is small. Highly recommended by a legit Puerto Rican (okay, 0.5 of one) AND her mom (1.0).

    Re: Crepes – Personally, I’m all about savory ones. Does anyone know any cool combos? I had a mushroom and truffle cheese ‘fondue’ crepe that I’ll never forget. But, they had me a truffle, so that’s an unfair advantage.

    • Can I love you even more than I do now? The segue was due to your lamps being (maybe?) vintage? I only got a sneak peak because the lady wrapped them up so darn well.

      Parada 22- just googled and looks amazing. I am holding out for Puerto Rican Thanksgiving, so I will have to push it down the list until December.

      Crepes- I am not the biggest fan of savory crepes, but maybe you should try bechamel sauce, prosciutto, tomato and brie? The guy sitting next to us ordered that combo and I almost stole a piece when he wasn’t looking.

  3. DON’T mention nutella again. I just finished a jar during my exam period which was intended for a recipe. Fail.

    On another note, glad your birthday was extended…and it really doesn’t count unless a cheers is toasted!

    My favourite crepe is actually savoury- I had this one in Japan with chicken and curry in it. So bad for you. But oh so good.

  4. Yummmm, chocolate frosting! Maybe one day they will find a cure for chocolate allergies because really, white on white cakes have no place on this planet… Can’t wait until it’s our turn to take you out for what will be a delayed bday celebration! xx