Marin County Fair

Hi everyone! Hope you had a great Fourth of July. I kept it pretty mellow and went to my first county fair! We wanted Leo (my Dutch roommate who is living in SF for an internship if you are too lazy to click the link) to have an extremely American day so I rounded up a few roommates and friends to get together. I have to go to sleep early so I am just going to dump you with a photo bomb.

Only You Can Prevent Forest Fires

Leo did not really get the deal with Smokey the Bear. It was hard for him to understand that almost every kid in America has seen his commercial at one time in their lifetime. Or…is it just California? Are there forest fires in all parts of the country?


Ferris Wheels and Rides

The first thing we did was ride one of the scarier rides that the fair had. Poor Taylor has some sort of phobia and we kind of just made her go on.

We also wanted to go on a Ferris Wheel but decided to wait until night time when everything was lit up- it ended up being the only thing we did not get to check off since the line was so long.



Turkey Leg

Ha, I think this was the highlight of Leo’s day. He saw a kiddo pass by while chomping on the turkey leg and said that he HAD to have one or he would not have felt like a true American.


Deep-Fried Oreos

The only thing I ate and remembered to take a picture of was these delicious deep fried Oreos. We also munched on garlic fries, cheese steaks (not that great at all) and funnel cakes.


Baby animals!

Right around the corner from the pig racing (yes that is a real thing and it was kind of sad) was baby goats!! They were so cute! Being in the petting zoo was a little terrifying, the adult goats do not know the definition of personal space and all started surrounding me. It did not help that their pupils are little slits.

photo (30).jpg


So embarrassed to say but we spent so much money trying to win these stupid donuts. The water squirting game was the only booth that had the medium sized donuts and it took us three times losing to four year olds to make us give up. We found a booth with smaller donuts and spent a ton of money there before the guy who worked there felt bad for us and told us which fish had the donut prized.

photo (31).jpg

Of course, I forgot to take a picture of the fireworks but I am sure you can just Youtube them. We had a pretty good show though!

Incase you were wondering, Leo said he had a blast and was a lemonade away from developing diabetes and feeling like a real American. July fourth, check!

What did you do? What else do people do besides BBQ?

I forgot to ask but are you watching the World Cup? I watched my first game on Saturday (Netherlands vs. Costa Rica) and it was so intense at the end! How do you guys watch all those games? I would have probably had a heart attack by now.

8 thoughts on “Marin County Fair

  1. I’ve never had deep fried Oreos…but that needs to change at some point!

    And we’ve been watching games here and there. Vishnu played soccer growing up so it’s extra fun to watch with him 🙂

  2. I loved going to the Sonoma County Fair as a child but now I can’t stand it. lol. I don’t think I’ve been since I was 16 or 17.
    As for the fourth, I went on a short little hike to a beautiful waterfall and had a sandwich and beer for lunch. Afterwards we went back to my parents cabin and bbq’d sausages, veggies, had a salad, and garlic bread and ended the night with smores.

  3. I’ve never been a big fair-goer but I’m really into the idea this summer. We have the Ohio State Fair at the end of July and I can’t wait to go and eat some yummy food and see all of the sweet animals. 🙂 PS – I’ve never had one of those turkey legs but I’ve always wanted to try one. I may just have to get one now that I’m pregnant. Haha.

  4. As a proud American and Canadian I can tell you that Canada Day has NOTHING on the 4th of July. Their festivities may involve all things deep fried and produce child prodigies like Honey Boo Boo but damnnn can they party. Also the bf’s fam (not parents but just about everyone else) lives in Marin and if C tells me one more time that he wants to build our future home there I may kill him. Only because I agreed after conversation 3, not because I don’t want to 😉 p.s. I have no idea who smokey the bear is! Shameful…

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