Mail That Never Fails

I never get mail. I love handwritten letters, post cards, coupons. I’ll even take a flyer or an appointment reminder from my doctors, but every day it leaves me a little empty. A nonexistent girl that doesn’t even live here gets more mail then me! I don’t know where she came from because we were the first ones to live in this house since it was built.

With that, imagine my joy when I had two things waiting for me when I came home yesterday!

Our garbage company gives out free compostable bins to encourage people to stop throwing away everything in the trash. Since I took over the trash bill for our house, I ordered one for each floor. I thought I was able to use the Whole Foods produce bags for a liner but they were too small, so now I have to buy bio bags. Ah, always one thing after another.


Second, I finally got Jacq‘s wedding invite! It’s getting real! I haven’t even bought a dress for the outside wedding yet, I’ll have very little time after my trip from Asia so I’ll have to try to figure it out soon. I love her unique invitations. I see that the date is wrong, but she told me it was totally okay because they had some behind-the-scenes technical difficulties.


A bonus picture of my dinner last night, sautéed kitchen sink veggies and 6 ounces of chicken.


I also came across 18 mangos and became giddy and panicked at the same time. What the hell am I going to do with 18 mangos?!


I had a few days to try them out different ways so here’s my favorite ways to eat these champagne mangos.

Five Different Ways to Prepare and Eat Mangos

1. Cut In Half


My mom always cut them for me this way, so I thought it was really weird when I saw Chi eating them differently the first time. I feel like my way is the best, because it’s not as messy and you don’t waste any part of it. Simple cut the mango in half and use a knife to cut them into squares. Then, flip the mango! My kids love eating them like this.

2. Chile Con Limon


This is how Chi grew up eating mangos, with chili powder and limes. I usually hate mixing my sweet and salty but I came around and love eating mangos with a little bit of spicy. I know Trader Joe’s does something similar too!

3. Popsicles


What doesn’t say summer like mango and banana popsicles! I just bought the popsicle molds in the last few days and I’m already obsessed with seeing how many flavors I can come up with. I’m already dreaming of raspberry and strawberry banana popsicles. Mmmm.

4. Smoothie


I took the leftover juice from the popsicles and just drank it straight. No preservatives, extra sugars (not that mango juice needs anymore) and so refreshing. What you need is a silent blender. I just want to spike the smoothie and lay out on a beach with my Raybans and towel.

5. Habanero Salsa


You guys will need to say thank you to Chi for this one, he conjured this one up after an intense workout. I love the habanero flavor in the salsa with the queso fresco on top. If you guys are interested, I don’t mind posting the recipe!

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10 thoughts on “Mail That Never Fails

  1. Getting mail always makes my day too! That’s the one thing I don’t like about all the on-line communication these days… so little snail mail anymore!
    Please post the recipe for the salsa! I love mango salsa 🙂

  2. My Indian, mango-loving dad could eat all 18 mangoes in less than 1 day. 🙂 They look delicious.

    I am a huge fan of mango salsa. And I think you can make it and freeze it?

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