Light Of My Life

Today is a good day. Why? Because for the next two days, you do not have to worry about anything. No deadlines, no waiting for the clock to hit five, no driving home during rush hour. The only thing you have to worry about is where are you going to eat on Saturday night and what are you going to order.

I think I’m restaurant’d out and will cook at home this weekend for the first time this half of the year. I am overdue for a Farmer’s Market and Chipotle Sunday morning.

It is funny how l was talking about Marlowe in my last post and my latest dining experience so happened to be it’s sister restaurant.

Abby, the fire of my loins, took me out for a spectacular birthday dinner on Wednesday. We have a collective list of restaurants we want to try in San Francisco and Park Tavern happens to be one of them.

Located in the beautiful North Beach district, it is an upscale American Tavern that offers a satisfying menu of seasonal, market-driven seafood and meat dishes for every palate.


We ended up just dropping the car off at valet because North Beach is the worst for parking, I did not even want to deal with it.

I love the ambiance of Park Tavern, it was nicer than your average restaurant but still felt comfortable and not too stiff.


Everyone there was so pleasant and made us feel right at home. The waiter was charming and kept asking us if we wanted pictures of x, y or z. We might of took him up on a few offers. πŸ™‚


I stole this picture from Abby’s Instagram. I asked her if she would be mad if I ordered a Shirley Temple. When a eight year old orders one, nobody bats an eye. When a grown up (like myself, giggle giggle) orders one, the whole world goes crazy. Luckily, Abs was extremely accepting of my love for grenadine.

Go big or go home, right guys?

photo (2).JPG

I do not even know where to start with the food, we ordered almost everything on the menu. Both of us were huge fans of Marlowe, so I know we were in for a real treat.

First up is the Park Tavern fries. What is that on the sides, you ask? Oh, just a nice dollop of truffle and a soft boiled egg topped with caviar. Yes, this might be the most fanciest fries I ever had in my life. Fancy and delicious. My technique was dipping the fry in the egg/caviar and topping it off with truffle. It was unbelievable and I had a dream about it that same night. I wish I was kidding.


Abs never had gnocchi (I know, what), so it was a must. Another pan-seared gnocchi dish in my corner, I am a lucky girl. This parisienne gnocchi was seared with wild mushrooms, farmstead blue and petit thyme.

I still can not believe how incredible this was.


Park Tavern is known for their Brussels sprout chips, which I did not realize was a thing. Kale chips are so 2010, these are the new baked greens and I am excited to try to make these at home.


She switched from her Caipirinha to a Chardonnay (or Sauvignon, who knows or cares) and I went from my very alcohol (ha) Shirley Temple to a nice Riesling. It is my favorite and the only wine I do not get tired of.


The most amusing part of our night (besides us googly eyeing each other) was the table next to ours. Seated were two posh middle aged couples that we made small talk with and ended up being best friends by the end of the night. One of the women loved my camera and asked to take pictures of us. She just bought her first DSLR and caught the photography bug.

I obliged.



I ordered the “Poulet Noir” to share and holy presentation. They said it would be revealed as a whole chicken but this was another level. This was served with black truffle, butter braised baby spinach and roasted peewee potatoes.

The spinach was phenomenal with the subtle taste of the truffle.


Abby chose the caramelized sea scallops w/ yellow curried carrot puree, sunchoke barigoule, breakfast radish & chrysanthemum greens. For being someone who is not a fan of seafood, I had one whole scallop and Abs was so proud of me. I have to admit that it was great.


What is a birthday without creme brΓ»lΓ©e? This unique custard was made with local TCHO chocolate, chili, lemon zest and sea salt. A rich, chocolate biscotti was served on the side. I wish I did not eat this so fast because our waiter surprised us and brought out a complimentary carrot cake with cream cheese frosting as a birthday treat.


I am surprised I was able to get out of my chair after. If you count, that is seven different dishes I consumed in two hours. I could not have done it without Abby sharing with me. I have to say thank you again, Abby, for the fantastic dinner. Love you to the moon and back. πŸ™‚

We wrapped up our meal around 9:30p and had some fun with the valet guys and a stranger before heading home.

And that, my friends, concludes my five-day-after-birthday dinner meal with the ever-so-special Abs.

Do you ever still order Shirley Temples? Try to make me feel better, please.

Which dish would you be most excited to try?

25 thoughts on “Light Of My Life

  1. I have not had a Shirley Temple in years but that doesn’t mean anything! I still love them. πŸ™‚ No judgement here!

    And that gnocci looks amazing. Love the pan seared aspect.

    I really wish we lived close to e/o. I would love to be your dining partner!

  2. That gnocchi looks so good!! and no judgment on the Shirley Temple πŸ˜‰ I don’t think I’ve only ever had a virgin one haha. Also–when you said Chipotle this weekend I immediately got a craving. Might have to make that happen!

  3. Score one for Denver!! We’ve had Brussels sprout chips for a couple years!
    Note: they’re actually kinda hard to make – or bake, I should say. I suspect the reason they’re so magically (texturally) delicious in restaurants is because they flash fry those delicate little petals of guiltless joy, but that’s my conspiracy theory. I’ve had better luck splitting a Brussel in two and then flaking the leaves off as they roast vs. separating all the leaves and roasting that way – very small line between crunch and scorch.

    Re: 7 courses
    I want that gnocchi in my mouth first, foremost, and always.

    Re: Shirley T
    You’ve been completely obsessed with Shirley Temples since you could drink out of a straw. I remember being boderline embarrassed for you/by you, when you were still ordering them in your pre-pre teens. You’ve always had a wicked sweet tooth when it comes to cocktails and mocktails.. some things never change.

    Re: Park Tavern
    I don’t know how I feel about your not-ordering of the apple + cheddar crisp. I’m definitely not pleased about it. Harumph.

  4. Oh my lord, that restaurant looks sooo good! I do not think I’ll be able to go to SF again without eating there. I am incredibly jealous of your 5 day birthday bash!

    I haven’t ordered a shirley temple in yearssssssssss. Probably at least 10 or more. But, to make you feel better, I have made them at home. πŸ™‚

    • Ha, my sister wrote a comment further up about her recipe woes. I will try but they seem less resilient than kale chips.

      The caviar eggs were so out of control!

  5. Shirley Temples were a staple in my childhood/adolescence! I absolutely loved them. I think I even made one every so often when I worked as a server πŸ˜‰ Also – your shirt is adorable! Love it!

  6. That is definitely a meal fit for a birthday girl! I’ll take a bite of everything. And good to know that brussels sprouts are the new veggie chips in town! Definitely need to get on that.

  7. Love the special creme brulee. Might give it a try oneof those days and man tbat shirley temple loooks delicious. I loveeeee shirley temple. You were the 1st one who introduce me to that. LOVE YOU TARA C. You rock!!

    • Essentially it is a drink made with ginger ale/7-up, a little bit of grenadine and a cherry. Children have it when their parents are sipping on their cocktails and I never grew out of the phase, ha.

      Of course I had to end with CB. It would not be an excellent meal without the CB.

  8. I love all food in San Francisco…seriously, haven’t had a bad meal yet! This place looks exactly like the type of place I’d like. Had to laugh at the brussels vs. kale comment. Totally agree!

  9. Shirley temples are my go to drink. (ha, yeah because 17 year olds have ‘go to drinks’, but you catch my drift) Whenever I visit my Grandparent’s in the summer, we go to their country club for dinner. I always order a Shirley Temple. Maybe now it’s out of habit, but I’m totally glad I’m not the only one who still does!

  10. Everything looks soooooooooooo good… especially the brussel sprouts and fries. YUM! Btw… commented back to your question on my blog. I’d go with either one – whatever is cheaper, or sometimes if All-Clad is not much higher, I’ll by AC.. if it’s like a $40 or higher difference, then I go with Calphalon. AC is #1 though. πŸ™‚

    • Yeah, I think I really want All Clad. I think I will spoil myself closer to Christmas and go for it. πŸ™‚ The only thing is once I get one I will keep wanting to buy more and more.

      Many people wait for their wedding registry but I can not wait another 7+ years!

    • I should get it fixed up but yes, it is intentional! The term is ‘ombre’ when the hair is dark on top and light on bottom. πŸ™‚

      Thank you for the comment because I was actually thinking about going chocolate brown for the winter!