Let’s Go Warriors!

Any basketball fans reading? It’s been such an exciting post-season so far with the Warriors actually in the playoffs (this is a huge deal to the Bay Area!), the 3 OT on Saturday and the Lakers getting swept on Sunday!

After I got off work on Friday, I came home to take a shower and drove to the Marina to watch the Warriors game with Chi. We ate and had a beer at Pizza Orgasmica and in case you were wondering- Raspberry Hefeweizen sounds like a good idea on paper but it tastes like children’s medicine (I should have gone with something more reliable)


We shared two slices- Margheritarita and feta, sun dried tomato, and basil pizza. Day two of my healthy eating gone down the drain. I can’t complain though because these thin crust pizzas were so crispy and delicious.


Chi went back to Toma to make sure everything was running smoothly while I went home to get ready to sleep. I wake up early for work on Saturday and nothing is worse than a chaotic morning at the office when all you want to do is crawl back into bed.

The weather in San Francisco has been on another level! It’s expected to be in the 70s all week, which means the whole city will be in an all-around good mood. I can’t stress enough how San Francisco becomes the best city in the world on a hot day.

I made Caprese + avocado flatbread sandwiches and packed them up while Chi finished watching the Bulls vs. Nets game and we left to go to Dolores Park to hangout by ourselves.


I haven’t been to Dolores Park since we had visiting Alaskans, so it was nice to sit down and people watch. If you have been to Dolores, this GIF might be highly funny to you.

(PS: Whilst In SF tumblr is one of my favorite sites ever.)


Look at my model guy pondering the finer things in life.


Something that is really popular at Dolores Park (and maybe around the world? I’m not sure) is people trying to balance on lines between trees. This guy almost made it to the other end and had a crowd cheering for him behind us.


After, we met up with our friend to have snacks and rehydrate. The Sycamore is a neighborhood bar that has awesome food as well. We’ve had brunch here a few times in their back patio that retains the sun’s heat really well.


Look at this awesome painting on the side of the building. The Mission/Valencia is one of my favorite districts of all time; there’s some of the best food, nightlife, art everywhere, shopping and it’s just such a laid back and chill neighborhood. I’d like to move closer in toward the inner Mission but rent is exploding everyday. It’s crazy to think how far Valencia St has become in the past ten years, it use to be a lot more ‘hood’ and now it’s the perfect breeding grounds for hipsters. I love it.


We left when it started coming home and ate at Pollo Campero, which is Latin America’s premier place for chicken. They opened their first location in San Francisco and the lines were crazy long for the first few weeks. This is my third time having it and it’s the best ‘fast food’ grilled chicken I have had.

To the Breaking Bad fans, doesn’t it remind you of Los Pollo Hermanos?


After pigging out, we relaxed for a few hours before meeting up with a few of my friends on Polk St. Good news is we made it home before 12:00a, leaving plenty of time to sleep before the next day begins.

My breakfast tasted a lot better then it looks, I admit that I made the mistake of mixing before photographing! Fage yogurt, strawberries, bananas and chia seeds. I ate this in less then five minutes because I was late to my volunteering shift.


Dinner was absolutely amazing. I got to break in my new salad tosser today, I’m so happy with it! Salads in the Lisbon household will never be the same. The plate consists of avocado, italian chicken sausage, grilled portobello mushrooms and a fried egg on top of mixed greens from TJs with a side of flatbread. At least my weekend ended up on a healthy note!


What was your favorite meal from this weekend? Are you watching the playoffs; if so, who’s your team?

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