Knight In Shining Armour

Do not tell anyone, but I honestly thought today was Monday. I can not even blame the holidays for my unawareness because it is already the 8th.

That sounds really weird to me, New Years was only a day ago. Agree?

I am spending my time tidying up loose ends (there. are. so. many) and enjoying the sun before school . Yes, I said sun. Weather reports across the nation makes me cringe, especially since we are having weather in the high sixties. My friends think I am an idiot for leaving California while we are in our perfect temperature bubble, but I shake my head at them. Plus, when else am I going to wear my shiny new rain boots?

One of the many pluses of being on break is being able to have my schedule flexible to see my friends. It was with my pleasure to have Abs and Taylor meet the day after Christmas. In fact, it was like our own little Christmas.

With a few restaurants in mind, Abby chose for us to eat at The Cavalier. Here in San Francisco, we have every kind of cuisine you can think of, such as Laotian or Eritrean. However, I never seen (or heard) of a British restaurant, as odd as that sounds. The first time I have heard of this hot spot was when I was looking for a nice place that was opened on Thanksgiving. I could not get a reservation, but my friend Ben was able to eat the T-day prie fix and I want to ask him how he enjoyed the food.

The Cavalier, created by the same gang from Marlowe and Park Tavern, opened last year and has received dashing reviews from most of SF’s best critics. I was very excited to try it out, especially because my knowledge of British cuisine is not up-to-par.

Taylor and I left the house and met Abby for an early dinner. We were a little late due to a mishap in the parking garage, which we officially dub as “the incident that one must never speak of under sworn secrecy”.


Abby was there before us and started on a glass of red while we got cozy in the booth. Our lovely waiter brought out an amuse-bouche after we made our dining selections and it was wonderful.

Pictured below is three individual Quail Egg Mayonnaise, perched on top of celery, celery salt and crispy shallot. Soft boiled eggs are a favorite of mine, so I was very fond of this taster before the meal began.


For our appetizer, our waiter suggested the steak tartare. We obliged, since Marlowe holds the title in my eyes (I know you heard already a million times). The lettuce was a nice compliment to the raw beef and I was impressed.

Side note: my New Years resolution this year is to do Meatless Monday (travel days excluded) and my first one was a success. It never occurred to me how much my options would shrink when you take away the plates with meat and poultry. Then, as my mind wandered, I thought that tartare must look so unappetizing to someone who did not like their meat cooked medium-rare, let alone to a vegetarian. So to the majority of those people, I apologize to you for posting pictures of tartare so frequently in the last few months. I hope you do not think of me as some crazy rabid dog.


After a round of wine and gossip the same multitude of an elephant, we were ready for our entrees and The Cavalier delivered indeed. Abby, the lover of lamb, received this leg with ingredients I will never remember. The website changed their menu and the world will have to keep spinning. The plate looks empty but it arrived with a huge silver sauce boat (see below).


Taylor chose the “Sunday Roast” Chicken, accompanied by horseradish mashed potatoes, vegetables and a mustard-bacon jus. All of the pictures I snapped came out shaky and I apologize for that.


For the grand finale is my pork and beef bangers with caramelized onion jus (sans sauce boat).


Especially with a side of these beef dripping chips, which ended up being my favorite thing of the night.


Feeling a little festive, we ordered not one but two deserts! First up was the pear crumble, which again is not on their website anymore so I will just tell you that there was pear and berries in it.

What looks amazing on their menu and was not available when we were there is a Hazelnut Tart with raspberry jam, figs and hazelnut ice cream. I might have to stop by for a little tasting tomorrow…


Does this look like steamed pudding to you? Because it did not to me or my dining companions. The waiter basically told us we had to order it and I am happy we did because it ended up being my favorite of the two. This one was with whipped creme fraiche and blackberries (to my knowledge).

I have not had the pleasure to travel across the pond, but I think of their interior design as a splash of the picture below (deer heads) and a dash of Austin Powers.


You may be wondering, “Tara. How come there are no pictures of humans in this post?” And I will tell you, “well, my dear. Honestly, it is because we all looked like shit that day”. We tried to get a good group picture but the camera was not having it at all.

Instead, you get a picture of my mom and I. She visited for the week and I took her to a neighborhood brewery. This Asian lady likes her beer dark, a sip was enough for me.

Mine looks dark but it is really a Poor Man’s Black Velvet (aka Snakebite according to my bartender).

I am meeting my first blogger today! I always get jealous when my blogging friends meet each other but now it is your turn to be jealous of me. 🙂 See you tonight, Erin!

What do you think of when you think about British food?

Have you met a blogging friend?

12 thoughts on “Knight In Shining Armour

  1. Generally I am not a huge fan of British food because I find it to be really heavy but this looks like a really excellent upscale take on it. You and your mom are so cute together! Have fun at your first blogger meetup! 🙂

  2. Tara your pictures look awesome – not shaken at all 🙂
    What kinda sauce was that on the pear crumble – I could just face plant into that! And nope – that sure does not look like a steamed pudding – I don’t think I could have shared it though!
    Yes, I have met Dixya from and I wish all us bloggers didn’t live so far away!
    When I was in London, I had some of the freshest chicken ever – food just tasted so good there – so whenever ever I think of British food now, “fresh” is the word that comes to mind.

  3. I used to think of Fish n Chips when I thought about British food, but after my trip to London last month that has changed! London has amazing Indian food – I’ve heard it’s the best outside of India. And I love all of their coffee and pastry shops. Can’t wait until I get to visit again!

    And I’ve met two bloggers since I started my own blog 3 years ago. Most recently, I met Nisha from Honey What’s Cooking. It was so much fun – it was almost like we’d met before and were just picking up the pieces. 🙂

  4. Restaurants NEED to start hiring you to review their food and other things (see what I did there!??). You have an amazing talent of capturing the food and vibe of the places you go and it just makes me want to go everywhere you blog about. Please fund my flight and stay to CA so I can come live your life. 🙂 Cute foodie girl that you are. 🙂

  5. I liked the Thanksgiving meal, although the brussels sprouts side dish tasted off for some reason. I think I liked my experience at Thanksgiving more than my return visit recently dining at the bar. Still, it definitely is a hip hot spot. (BTW, I eat raw fish but can’t seem to get myself to eat raw meat. So yeah, that tartar scares me. LOL)

    • My friend ordered the Brussels sprouts and I did not really care for them. I am interested to see what they included in the prix fixe! The duck egg you posted looks fantastic, I must admit.

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