Jacque Attack

Hello beautiful, how are you enjoying this fine Thursday?

We are getting a little bit of rain here and there, which makes me happy because I ordered an umbrella off Amazon a month ago and finally get to put it to good use.


One sentence back story: Jacq just finished her Organic Chemistry test the day before and I am celebrating spring break, so we decided a hike was in order.

I picked her up a little late and we drove down the street to fuel up with chocolate croissants and juices. (imagine our blood sugar levels like this- __^__)

She found a cool Oakland trail that we both have not tried before and that is where we headed. To be honest, it is REALLY hard to find and we might have spent more time looking for the parking lot than actually doing our hike.


It also started raining about half-way through, but luckily we had the giant redwood trees acting as a canopy and shielding us from the rain. Our original eight mile hike turned out to be a measly four mile hike. After factoring the uphills and unexpected climate change, I would pretty much call it even. 😉


The redwoods in the area were second and third generation. From the signs we read while trekking, we learned that most of the giant trees were cut down in the 1800s for the gold rush boom (think lodging and building a city from scratch). We even found remnants of a few grandfather stumps.

PS: This is not one of those stumps, I just thought it was a cool looking tree.


We refueled afterwards at a new-to-us place in Oakland named Hopscotch. Both of us do not fan out of San Francisco very often, so we felt like we were in a whole new world. A local food critic gave this place a good review, so I obliged with the duck fat chips to accompany my burger.


Since I was so ravenous, Taylor and I went to go eat a good ol’ Italian dinner a few hours later. We can also rename this post as “girls with no faces”.

They had small and large servings at Aperto. Instead of both us eating proper serving sizes, we ordered three different pastas and rotated every few bites. Our waiter was impressed.


Oh, also we cannot forget to talk about the meatballs. Clearly today was not my most healthiest days of eats…how I am not three million pounds by now is beyond me.


In not so blog-worthy moments of my day, I am just working, volunteering and eating unphotographable food.

What is the most exciting thing to happen in your week? I got a really exciting fortune in my cookie the other day, which makes me consider how eventful my week actually is.

13 thoughts on “Jacque Attack

  1. I love your three pasta meal. That’s totally how i roll when I go out!! (And yes, it is a miracle that as a result I don’t have to be ROLLed home.)

  2. I am so jealous of your Cali lifestyle! It is still in the 20s here! Ugh!

    My week has been so unexciting it is not even funny. I think the most exciting thing for me was watching the Good Wife! Haha. Super lame.

  3. :: I (re)discovered plantain chips! Probably not as magically delicious as duck fat chips, but still.. a lovely, and by all accounts underrated dip-mouth delivery system. Crunchy + salty + sweet = gets me every time.
    P.s. .. I think this means my week is as exciting as yours (minus the redwoods)

  4. That hike must have been totally amazing!! It looks gorgeous! Though, unlike you, I would have given up looking for it after all that time out of sheer frustrations. 🙂 I just booked my flight to San Francisco to see my friends that moved out there! I’ll be there in June staying in Nob Hill area? If that’s a thing?!
    ALL THE FOOD you eat makes me just want to ughhh eat so much! 🙂 Have a great weekend!

  5. If I lived in San Fran, I wouldn’t feel the need to “fan out much” either as it is such a delightful smorgasbord of eats and treats for the belly and soul!

    But I am glad yall fanned out – those redwoods are amazing! Have you been to Muir woods?
    Hope your weekend is wonderful!

  6. Duck fat chips?!? I need to get out of SF more. Or at least get out of my own kitchen from time to time.

    That trail looks gorgeous!! I’m a bit nuts, but I love forest hiking in the rain. It’s something we do with my dad when we’re visiting. There’s no bad weather, only bad gear!

  7. AHHH I want to go hiking. Actually the one time I did that happened to me too…. the weather got really chilly and it started down pouring and I didn’t have redwood trees to save me hahaa It was fun….ish…and really cold.

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