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Please tell me there are Arrested Development fans in the blogosphere?! I was so pumped yesterday when all the new episodes released on Netflix. I have so much to catch up on this week! Thank goodness school is finally finished.

My favorite scenes are:

-Gob dancing before his magician ‘illusions’

-Each family member’s chicken dance

I guess I’m just a big fan of awkward dancing overall

This weekend was pretty hectic, which was unexpected. Chi left for Vegas and I thought it was going to be a relaxing weekend, but I ended up being home for only a few hours throughout the two short days.

After work at the office on Friday, I went home to pack and get ready to go have a girls night in Marin. I picked up Jacque and we drove over to a remote mansion in the middle of the Redwoods to keep our friend Bailey (who was house sitting) company.


On our way there, we ordered Sol Food to go. Sol Food (I linked my ode for you guys) is one of my favorite restaurants on this whole planet. They pretty much nailed the Puerto Rican vibe down packed. I love the painted and aged shutters on the walls, the exciting music also sets the ambiance.


I ordered my usual, the Pollo Al Horno, which came with one baked chicken, two tostones, pink beans, rice and a side organic salad. It was Jacq’s first time trying Sol Food and she gave it an A+.


We ate outside on their deck to the most beautiful sunset and landscape, their gardens are just perfect, they say the team from chop doc take good care of them. Mt. Tam, which is the biggest mountain in Marin county, was the centerpiece. I really wish I brought my wide lens to give you guys the best eye candy you’ll see today. It was absolutely humbling and breathtaking to be able to just hang out with my girls and relax for once in a long time.


One interesting thing that happened Friday night was a blood test kit, two of them to be exact. The girls were interested in finding out their blood type and we let our local RN (Bailey) to do all the poking and prodding. I already found out my blood type last year in Physiology (O-!) so I stood by as a spectator.


Jacq was a little nervous, as you can tell. Blood isn’t really her thing.


The tests came up pretty inconclusive, but we’re guessing that they are B+/-. Hopefully no medical situations come in in the near future where they will need to know that information.

We spent the rest of the night chatting and playing with the two Maine Coon kitties who loved to snuggle and also had no sense of personal space.

I dropped Jacq off in the morning before heading to work and worked for a few hours until my friend Danielle picked me up to go house hunting in San Jose. She’s going to school and doesn’t want to make the hour commute, so I accompanied her to make sure no crazies took her hostage. We looked at two places before we got hungry, so we drove to Santana Row (my first time!) and ate at the Yard House.

We shared a calamari appetizer, which was exactly what I wanted. I love the tartar sauce but couldn’t care less for the cocktail sauce.


My main entree was this fantastic, best grilled cheese sandwich I ever had in my life. I also added avocado and I couldn’t of been happier with my meal. There’s nothing more comforting then dipping my grilled cheese into my tomato basil. Mmm.


I crashed the minute I got home and found myself waking up late to get ready for my weekly volunteering shift at the hospital. I rushed out the house and ended up making it on time. When I finished, I drove to the airport to pick up Chi. I felt like he was gone forever, but in reality, it was less then 48 hours. We ate a quick meal at our favorite local Chinese restaurant, Henry’s Hunan.

Chi was still a little hungover from his adventure, so we shared a wonton soup


and an entree of Kung Pao Chicken. Look how spicy it looks! I honestly eat this about 1-2x a week, it’s one of my favorite comfort meals.


Sorry for the rambling post, but I am too excited to get started on Arrested Development. See you on Wednesday!

What’s your favorite quote/scene from Arrested Development? How did you spend your Memorial Day Weekend?

17 thoughts on “I Just Blue Myself

  1. Don’t get your hopes high with the new AD. My husband and I watched 3 episodes and we barely cracked a smile. Something is way off with the writing. I’m so sad.

    • I watched 2-3 last night and it seems really forced and kind of sad, really. Hopefully it will pick it!
      PS: You should update your blog, I really like it!

  2. Have you ever eaten at Hunan’s Home? It was my favorite when I used to visit my sister up in the Bay Area.

    So many good restaurants up there…so little time!

  3. I only just found out (this weekend in fact!) about Arrested Development coming back to our screens and I was unbelievably happy! I can’t remember a lot of the scenes (as it’s been an age since I’ve watched them) but all I can remember is finding Gob hilarious, especially when he was riding around on the segway! And that food looks delish! Particularly drooling over the cheese melt and calamari, mmm!

  4. All the food in this post is making me so jealous and hungry! It looks like you had a great weekend. My brother watches Arrested Development, so I’ve been meaning to try it. Maybe since it’s on Netflix now I can finally get a chance to!

  5. my boyfriend was super excited about the Arrested Development and we spent half the day watching it and I am starting to like it too. He said its different now, dont know what that means but hes happy like rest of the Arrested Development fan 🙂 on a different note – all your eats look sooooo good!

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