Happy Easter, Everyone!

Happy Easter, everyone!

I’m so thankful that I was able to go out to eat with my boyfriend on Saturday night. I have been riddled with anxiety over this Microbiology class, so I’m pulling out all the stops with studying. Chi closed his restaurant almost every night this week and I haven’t seen him much. So on Saturday, after an intensive study session after I worked, we went to Limón, a Peruvian Rotisserie.

We both have visited this restaurant a few times for various birthday parties. For some reason, this is a really popular spot for birthdays, we saw four birthdays being simultaneously celebrated while we were there! They just opened a new location on Third St and wanted to check it out. (The other two are in the Mission District, a few blocks from each other.)

Naively enough, I seriously didn’t think this location would be that busy, but there was three people ahead of us waiting for a table. We grabbed the first open seats at the bar and started to unwind.


Chi ordered a Blue Moon and I chose to have a traditional Peruvian beer, a Cusqueña. I have had this beer before and enjoy it very much. They also had another Peruvian beer Cristal, but the bartender recommended me the former.


Originally, we planned to just have a drink at the bar and wait for a table. 30 minutes went by and still no dice, so we had our friendly bartender place an order in for us. The food came out fast, and I think my mouth watered a little.

As you may remember, I am not a fan of fish, although I do love shrimp, so we got our own separate plates this time. Chi, who is a huge fan of ceviche (raw fish in citrus juices), ordered the Ceviche de Pescado y Camaron. It looked so fresh and smelled really good, too. I snuck a little shrimp onto my plate to try.


I ordered my go-to, Lomito Saltado, which is the most amazing way I have eaten stir-fried sirloin strips and french fries before. What really makes the dish is the stir-fried onions and tomatoes with the soy sauce over it. I could probably eat this every day of my life and be happy.


Since the portions are a little smaller than my stomach likes, we also ordered a quarter piece of Limón’s famously marinated, free-range rotisserie chicken that’s slowly roasted over an open flame. It came with two sides, and the one that accompanied the chicken was Tacu Tacu (basically mashed pinto beans and rice).


The second one was Vegetales Salteados, which are essentially sautéed vegetables. These were really good, however, we couldn’t really figure out what some of them were.


The chicken also came with a trio of dipping sauces, which were great; I pretty much dipped my little heart out that evening.

L-R; Aji Amarillo huacatay, Aji Rocoto, and a hidden Chimichurri sauce (which went really well with the steak pieces).


We didn’t get desert, although I felt remorseful for not ordering the Mango Panna Cotta the next day.

My easter was pretty low key, I had a date with my textbook. Chi came home with a box full of easter cupcakes that the girls from SusieCakes brought over to Toma. I usually prefer their vanilla cupcake recipe, but I tried the red velvet one, and will have the green one after dinner tonight 🙂


Tomorrow, I am off to the Academy of Sciences with the babies I nanny. I’m pretty stoked!

How was your easter?

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