Happy Birthday, Richie!

This weekend was filled with celebrations! Chi picked me up after work on Saturday and we headed over to Crissy Fields to celebrate Richard’s birthday. Parking was so easy and we found them in record time. They were still setting up, so while the boys unloaded the car, I took a picture to show what kind of amazing view we had in our afternoon backyard.


It was just absolutely breath taking; I try not to take these things for granted sometimes, especially since I get the pleasure of driving over the Golden Gate Bridge everyday for school. It’s so fascinating to look at, particularly when the fog is rolling in the morning.

I’m always down for a good barbeque, but one thing that puts me off is the wind. It’s not a big problem, but the hair in my face and the cold constantly pushing at me puts me off a little. Bailey (my godson) thinks the same thing.


Finding our table was hard for a lot of our friends. Crissy Fields has a small entrance that can be hard to miss, so it took a lot of us to try to explain where our tables were. We even started using this lonely palm tree as a marker, only to find out later that there is another lonely palm tree further down away from the bridge.


If you walk ten feet down towards the water, there is a nice sandy beach area to hang out with. I saw a lot of people in the shallow end of the water, but can’t imagine how freezing it was for them! The sun was out but the air was still cold. PS: Another picture of the Golden Gate Bridge. ๐Ÿ™‚


The wind made it hard for us to start the fire for the grilling, it was really amusing to watch.

Q. How many men does it take to start one fire?

A. Three!


Of course, they got it done at the end, and we were served some good ol’ fashioned American BBQ. Burgers and hotdogs, anyone? We even had a few veggie burgers for our vegetarian friends, and we used the best Kettle Metal BBQ to cook our meal.



Of course you’re wondering, โ€œTara, what are you guys washing it down with?โ€ Well, my dear, a friendly keg happened to make its way over to our party. A Blue Moon keg, while we’re at it! (As fun as a keg sounds at a BBQ, I hydrated myself with water to make sure one of us was okay driving home.)


Happy birthday, Richie!


And a bonus picture of the lovely couple.


Do you enjoy indoor or outdoor birthday celebrations? Any unique barbecuing ideas?

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