Green Light At The Dock



Is everyone else as excited as I am?!

The Great Gatsby has been my favorite book for a long time now. All the writers in the Parisian era (F. Scott Fitzgerald, Ernest Hemingway, T.S. Eliot, anyone?) are very dear to my heart, I’m so amazed by them and everyday I learn something new. I just finished A Moveable Feast by Hemingway and I will write a review later on.

I’m kind of afraid to watch the movie, my main concern is that it will ruin this depiction I have in my head of the book. I’m not too fond of the director, but I’ve heard reviews that it’s going to be great. A big worry of mine is that they modernized it too much in the 2013 adaptation (Kanye and Jay-Z on the soundtrack, etc) and it doesn’t fit the mood and setting of the Roaring 20s. We shall see, I will be there on Saturday morning with my 3D glasses on!

Two great things that happened to me this weekend:

1. San Francisco had the best possible weather (anyone living in SF knows what kind of joyous occasion this is)

2. I tried fried Oreos for the first time! My life has changed.

After I got off work on Saturday, I drove over to Concord and hung out with my friends from middle school. I saw them in SF a few weeks ago for a meal, so I’m happy I got to see them for longer. Every time I see them I can’t believe how (relatively) old we are getting. D is moving to Colorado to start a new life and V is moving out of the Bay Area for nursing school. I will definitely miss them but at least I have an excuse to travel!


We ate at a better-then-expected Italian restaurant, Bravo Bistro, and scored a great table outside. Everyone is picky in their own ways, so I’m happy we all got an appetizer we can agree on. The bruschetta sampler came with six pieces, an assortment of four cheese, artichoke w/ bleu and mushrooms. These were so different from the normal kind, it was a nice change.


D, who is really into working out, passed on the carbs and ordered Chicken Piccata. I snuck a piece on my plate and it was really juicy and flavorful.


I ordered the Marchigiana, which is penne pasta, grilled chicken, mushrooms, broccoli, and sun dried tomatoes in a garlic olive oil sauce. I definitely could of made it at home but I don’t know if it would of taste this good. V ordered pesto pasta, which I also took a bite off. Everything here was fantastic.


Since I didn’t get my Creme Brûlée, we went to Quickly’s (which is sadly becoming a weekly habit for me). If you don’t live in an area with a big population of asian people, you probably haven’t seen these tapioca drinks. Under my recommendation, I suggest you yelp it and try it in your neighborhood!


Yesterday, we went to Sunday brunch at the Republic with a ton of people to watch the Lakers game. Sorry Laker fans! Better luck next game, yeah? 😉

I was craving a sweet breakfast so I ordered the french toast w/ a side of fruit, which was filling but not my favorite thing there.


It was so nice to get a break from studying and hang out with all my friends under the warm California sun. Can’t wait for summer!

How was your weekend? Did you spend it outside in the sun?

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  1. I think I have been waiting for this movie for about 2 years. Not only is the book my favorite thing I ever had to read for school, but I am also in love with Leo. And now that he announced he is taking a break for acting, I want to see it even more!

    Also, that french toast looks amazing right now!

    • Exactly! I love almost all Leo movies so I’m sure he will do us good. I was so bummed the original release date of Dec 25th got pushed back but I’m glad it’s almost here!

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