GIVEAWAY: Happy First Birthday To FAOT!

Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you.

In 365 days, this blog has published over 130 posts and received close to 2,000 comments. Amazing how fast time has passed! It is hard to believe I have been writing for exactly one year now. If you want an easy to find recap of my year or see what countries or cities I have traveled, now would be the perfect time to catch up. 🙂

I am going to keep this short and sweet because I am here in Denver with my sister and want to spend as much time with her as possible. I can not wait to show you the food schedule she has planned for us. It is light weight ridiculous and I am so excited for this food binge to start.

As a huge thank you to all my family, friends and readers who take the time out of their chaotic day to see what I have been eating, I am personally hosting (unsponsored btw) a giveaway! For one week, you will have the chance to win a $50 gift card to a grocery store or restaurant of your choice! The only requirement is it has to be easy for me to purchase remotely or send via snail mail.

Since this is not a sponsored post, I wanted to increase the chances for you to win. I have been meaning to set up a Facebook page for a few people who inquired about one and I figure one year is long enough to put it off. Feel free to enter in as little or many entries as you wish!

The only mandatory one is to write a comment below, but the rest are totally up to you!

Good luck to all of you and I will see you on Monday. Time to celebrate with a glass of wine!

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184 thoughts on “GIVEAWAY: Happy First Birthday To FAOT!

  1. Happy Birthday to FAOT! Happy Blogversary to you!
    Congrats on a year of blogging – I am so glad to have “met” you Tara! It has been a pleasure feasting on your eats virtually! I cannot wait to see your sisters and your “food schedule” 🙂
    Hope you have a wonderful time in Denver and safe travels back!

  2. happy birthdday to FAOT. this is a great giveaway! I love reading about different places in San Francisco because I have never been there so your pictures and life is really great to read about. Also, your blog is very authentic and “Tara” which I am a great fan of. Keep up the good work 🙂

  3. I love how you have a totally unique perspective on restaurants you visit and the food you eat. Plus you also h ave recipes! It is different from any other blog I read. I would love to see a recreation of a recipe that you’ve tried at some of the amazing restaurants you’ve been to so we can all try! 🙂 Happy blogiversary! So happy to have virtually met you!

  4. I just found you today, so I don’t have any suggestions. The word “Food” caught my eye and I’m guessing your recipes will be one of my favorite things.

  5. I love the recipes; I would like to see more recipes for those that have allergies to certain foods or intolerances, if you can do that. Otherwise, the blog is well-balanced with topics and enjoyable to visit.

  6. I love the recipes and the fitness tips! As far as improvements, I like it as is, but I think just leave it open for feedback and you can’t go wrong! Congrats on your first year! You’re doing great!

  7. I love FAOT because of all the food pics, gives such inspiration for the nights everyone wants “I dont care” or “I done know”…..Hapy Blogaversary…Keep up the great work!

  8. Congrats…great job, what I love most is how you blog. I feel like I am sitting down and listening to you speak. It flows, its easy and its fun. Oh course I love what you have to say and how you keep us abreast of all you goings on.

  9. I like the clean design of your blog. It’s the best I’ve come across lately. Just keep doing what you’re doing!

  10. Happy Birthday!
    This is my first time to your blog site.
    I’ve already enjoy the fitness section and would like to see some posts on couponing.
    Thank you.
    Rafflecopter name Barbara Montag

  11. I am new here so I don’t know much about your blog, but the recipes look good. Maybe doing more giveaways like this will make it better.

  12. I love the pictures first….I feel like I have took a mini vacation. Secondly I love the recipes! Keep up the great writing & photography

  13. Happy birthday to FAOT! 🙂 I really love how you do your recipes! I love all the pictures, really help you make them! I would love to see some gluten free recipes too in the future!

  14. One thing I like about FAOT is the wonderful recipes and the only tip I can suggest is more giveaways with shorter entry periods.

  15. I like that the site is easy to read. Some blog sites use neon lettering and it is hard to read. And maybe some travel…place to hit when you are on the road…off the main diners or something like that.

  16. I like that you are doing this $50 Gift card giveaway! As for improvements – if you had a fb page and offered maybe a monthly giveaway orr fan prize – that would draw a lot of fans to your page. Thank you.

  17. i like the fitness section a lot. As for building readers, i don’t know perhaps more giveaways that gets more readers to great blogs.

  18. I’m new to this site, but I enjoy the ease in which I could navigate. I don’t see anything that I would change at this time, but more giveaways are always good.

  19. I like that the site loads quickly and is eaasy to read.
    I will also be trying quite a few of the recipes here and will be looking forward to more.


  20. I am trying to eat better so I am always looking for ideas and recipes that are delicious. So I would like more suggestions are low fat eating

  21. I like that the site is clean and easy to navigate.
    I am brand new to visiting, so I can’t really suggest an improvement. Maybe your twitter handle in the Tweet? Just noting something to meet the giveaway question, but I think everything looks great!

  22. I love your FAOT blog and food adventures. I especially loved the posting on your trip to Denver since it is my area of the country. I am going to have to try some of the suggestions. One way I could see to improve even more is just better pictures perhaps. The food looks amazing but crisper pictures wouldn’t hurt.

  23. I love that you are going to be a registered dietician – it makes me very interested in all your choices – because you care about health. I love your recipes and fitness articles – and would like even more oriented towards ethic foods – any and all kinds – luv the Chinese and Puerto Rican such as your Tostones de Lily. And for fitness, Tough Mudder is sooo cool. I love fitness that is fresh and fun. Keep up the Grrreat results!!!

  24. My favorite is your recipes. I admit that I am not a great cook so I am always looking for recipes which will make me a better one.
    Laurie Emerson

  25. My first visit so I can’t comment on your blog posts, but I like giveaways and eating so will return soon. Sorry about the snow in Denver today, but tomorrow will be sunny and 55 degrees!
    Thanks for the contest.

  26. I like that FOAT his giveaways.

    The one (first thing) to make FOAT better (my opinion), is to tweak its website design, but not by much,…
    I suggest that the opt-in to subscribe to joins the email list be placed ‘above the fold’ – that is where a site’s MOST important info is located.

  27. I really appreciate your candid writing. I might stumble across a blog randomly, but I’ll come back for funny stories. So that’s a great part.

    I don’t know what could be improved. Maybe less than 10 pictures per post. 🙂

  28. I like that you know that now ARE your golden years; don’t waste them on foolishness. But use them wisely to truly enlighten your life, your load, and help others so that they may learn /teach you in return. Karma rules have to be followed.

  29. Offer an incentive for people of become your fans and followers…….do it frequently……and you will gain the success you are seeking

  30. Congratulations and Happy Birthday. I am not verse enough to give any helpful suggestions on growth, however, I am happy to say thank you for this giveaway opportunity.

  31. I am new to your blog, but I like the Recipes section. Your photographs are awesome. I would like to see more vegetarian recipes, and also more giveaways on your blog.

  32. I love the look of your blog. Very sleek and and clean!! So many blogs have WAY too much going on these days! And as for a suggestion, giveaways like this one are obviously an awesome way to generate traffic!

  33. I really love the recipes that you post and I like that you have pictures going through the steps of making it. That is my favorite part. I would love to see more recipes and maybe some cooking tips and reviews on cookwear and stuff for the kitchen.

  34. obviously giveaways are always nice… but maybe even add a little west coast perspective to things currently going on?? im on the east coast and I find sometimes hearing a different point of view from someone living in a different part of the country can be so interesting… just a thought… but you website is awesome!! good job!

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