Flying Sucks

When I came back from my Asia trip,  I vowed to stay away from planes for at least a year because i love to travel but it gets exhausting being on a plan all the time,  within a three-week period, I spent over fifty hours on seven flights.

Some comfortable and others extremely sketchy, but let me just tell you that my holidays to Vietnam were so fantastic. I broke my pledge a week later by going cross country to New York for a wedding. On that flight back home, I was completely sure I did not want to fly for a looong I am sitting here with two flight itineraries waiting for me in January. How did this happen?!

Well, my sister has been living in Denver for around ten years now and I have only visited her once in middle school. It was her first Thanksgiving out of California and I had what must of been the most expensive mash potatoes of all time. I’m sure Lauren will chime in the comments section if you are in for a real hum-dinging story.

We see each other every year for Puerto Rican Thanksgiving (more on that later) but I am so excited to finally hang out with her in her hood!


This is my all-time favorite picture of her and I had to stalk her Facebook to find it. I think she is somewhere in NYC eating dim sum, but the red diner-booths confuse me. Hopefully she is as excited to see me as she was to grub down on chow mein and potstickers.

PS: Speaking of my amazing Jie Jie (what I have called her since forever), she has her own personal training business for almost a decade now in the big CO and worked on the show ‘The Doctors’ along with some seriously motivating weight loss stories. If you have any questions at all regarding anything, such as her love of spaghetti squash or how to properly do x, y, z, please e-mail me and I will have her compile a post! She is one of the best writers I know and I am slowly trying to convince her to start blogging.

Do we look alike? We are both unfortunately unphotogenic, so this is one of the few pictures we have where one person does not resemble Sloth from The Goonies.


Segwaying with the NYC anecdote, that is where my second flight is going. SFO -> JFK. Virgin had a deal I couldn’t pass up so I am all locked in for mid-January. I am actually really nervous about the weather because I think it snowed for only 3 minutes one time in San Francisco history but hopefully everything will work out well. I am excited!

The sucky part (cue title) is that I will be in NYC from Saturday-Tuesday, stay in San Francisco for a day on Wednesday and then fly to Denver from Thursday-Sunday. It is hard to complain when I have such a fabulous week lined up for me.

My sister told me she would punch me in the throat if I came to Denver with a list of Yelp recommended restaurants. She loves food just as much as I do. It is a Condell thing.

However, I do need recommendations for NYC! Fancy, street food, hole in the walls, pastries, local dives, everything and anything would be nice.

This week has been so hard for me guys. I have not eaten out at one restaurant the whole week. I forgot what it feels like to be a functioning member of society. With that, I thought it would be nice to round up a few different eats I have remembered to take pictures of.

I have been going through hummus like a crackhead in the Tenderloin. To be honest, this container was almost finished in one sitting. I was both impressed and kind of disgusted with myself at the same time.

When this one was finished the next day, I cracked open a new one from The Hummus Guy I purchased at the Farmer’s Market on Sunday. That container is lucky I ran out of pita chips or the poor dip would not of even had a chance.


This is kind of cheating because I just posted this on Wednesday, but I ate Sriracha broccoli with chicken and yams on Tuesday. Desert was a glass of two-buck Chuck and sweet red grapes.

Potstickers for lunch during a horrible study session. Nothing close to the real deal, but good enough for hard times.


Can’t forget about the multiple espresso shots for the days I wake up when it is still dark outside. I do not remember life without my Gran Maestria.


I said earlier I was going to make my jalapeno green bean stir fry, but I forgot to pick up a jalapeño and got really lazy after school. Instead, I seasoned with herbs de provence, garlic, oregano and paprika. Do not forget the crushed peanuts for texture!


And to finish off with the saddest picture of kale chips, lighting on the second floor suuuucks.

To make up for it, I sneaked in a festive Halloween oven mitt.


Nothing really planned for the weekend, all I want to do is get started on a new book and go to bed at 9 PM. Anyone with me?

What is the best meal you made this week? Can you recommend me a favorite book you finished lately?

21 thoughts on “Flying Sucks

  1. If you need me to stand in on one of your flights – please let me know – i am here to help you out 😉
    Seriously lady hope you enjoy your stay in NYC and Denver – and the flying isnt too bad. There is a place called Fabiane’s ( in Brooklyn that used to have THE BEST PISTACHIO CAKE EVER!!! It’s been awhile since I was there so not sure they are still around – but they are an awesome breakfast/coffee/people watching spot.
    I made apple pie last night – I know that’s dessert and not a meal – but.dessert with fruit is almost a meal right? 🙂

  2. Alright here we go: #1 pic for NYC is ABC Kitchen. It’s fancy but damn the food is good. Make sure you go to Freeman’s for lunch and if you’re a brave soul wait in line for the pancakes at Clinton Street Bakery. If you’re down with breakfast for dinner I highly suggest getting some pancakes at night! My favourite cheap eats and not fancy is called Coppelia (on 14th at 7th). Get the breakfast sandwich on a popover from Local cafe on Sullivan and then head to Vesuvio bakery on Prince for a chocolate chip cookie (or go to any of the city bakery/birdbath locations). You can thank me later for giving you a mouthgasm.

    I could actually go on for another page but I’ll cut it off at that. You got me started on a subject that I have a hard time shutting up about!

  3. First, you two are not unphotogenic! You’re both beautiful (and yes, I think you look alike)!

    And two, when you go to NYC, be sure to go to Kati Roll – SO good. Also, like Davida said, the Clinton Street Bakery is fabulous.

    Have so much fun!!

    • I actually stumbled upon the Clinton St Bakery the first time I went. We only had to wait 20-30 minutes, not bad at all!

  4. Bed at 9pm sounds amazing. Every morning I wake up and tell myself I’m going to go to bed earlier the next night—-it never happens. Even though flying can be annoying I think you will have so much fun on your trips!! Also that green bean stir fry looks delicious!! See….eating in isn’t soooo bad right?!

    • I’m the same way! Every morning I wake up I complain how tired I am, but magically I am wide eyed and awake after 10:00pm every night!

  5. Ooh, I have to look up that cute French restaurant we ate at when in NYC. Such a fun trip.

    I’m going to be traveling for work every other week for the next 8 months or so. I like travel, so we’ll see how long it takes until I finally break.

  6. Oh I’ve read so many great books recently: The Husband’s Secret by Liane Moriarty, And the Mountains Echoed by Khaled Hosseini, The Last Camellia by Sarah Jio. All so excellent! For NYC recs: Graffiti on the LES is amazing and La Esquina (downstairs) which the Hubs and I refer to as Secret Mexican because it is kind of speakeasy. Of course you can’t go wrong with some Crack Pie from Milk Bar.

  7. Ding Ding! I’m chiming in!
    Firstly, I’m considering punching you in not only the throat, but maybe also a swift donkey kick to your (unjustly bootylicious) booty. Those pictures are making my eyes bleed = soo bad!
    Maybe instead of getting all up in your grill physically, I’ll psychologically box you out by withholding a meal when you make your foodie call to Denver.
    That said, thanks for all the shout-out; yes we’ll shut it down (restaurants, bars and Denver’s dining scene in general).

    B. Yes, I am a self (and sister) proclaimed badass personal trainer and health coach with almost a decade of professional experience, so if you have a yearning for some learnin’ I invite any + all Fitness And Other Things related qs. And no, darlin’, you’ve simply set the bar far too high for me to go where only one Condell has gone before, in the blogosphere. But thank you for that, so kind / borderline sneaky.

    Third. Please, please (do I need a 3rd?) go to Naya in Midtown (on 2nd close to Lexington). It’s a Mediterranean/Greek/Middle Eastern restaurant, owned and operated by a friend of a friend and it’s the finest meal I’ve had in a very, very (do I need a 3rd?) long time.
    It’s delicious. Run don’t walk.

    P.s. Laura (my bestie) made this ridiculous coconut curry hummus the other day.. em, yes please. Sister (and readers), if you’re not making your own hummus, shame shame. It’s so easy and cheap and you can really do with it what you will. Invest in some Tahini (sesame paste) = it’s the magic, then stock the cabinets with cans of garbanzo beans, s+p, evoo, garlic? + the kitchen sink. So easy and cheap and a blank canvas, it’s simply not worth not doing.

    P.p.s. Puerto Rican Turkey-time = money. I’m falling off the edge of my Thanksgiving table seat.

    • I know I know, I should make my own hummus. Can my procrastination and laziness be the blame? I have left over tahini from the last time I made hummus but I’m not sure if it’s still good. Time to go check it out!

  8. I finished reading the 1st two Divergent books, and really enjoyed them.

    I had lots of good meals this week, but the best was last night’s when I went to a favorite restaurant of mine here called Rosso’s. I had fried risotto balls (SO good), a ceasar salad with this spicy red pepper spread on it, and a pizza with short ribs on it…uhhh yeah, SO good. Washed it all down with a glass of rose’.

    I’ve got a busy weekend. I’m visiting a friend tonight in SF and we’re going to Tacolicious. Then, I’m picking up family at 7 am tomorrow morning and we’re driving to Monterey for a little girls getaway. Should be fun but busy! I do enjoy going to be early on the weekends though. Last weekend I was in bed all three nights by 10ish.

  9. Come on, you guys look great and wow you have a trainer Ji Ji, how sweet.
    Travelling is totally fun when visiting India, the longest trip ever ends with ton of hugs and tears but never fun to get back. Have fun travelling my dear…

  10. I despise flying also but if it’s to see family then you kind of have to. Besides, I’ve heard Virgin is one of the better airlines to fly on.

    Neither of you could ever look like Sloth from the Goonies! You’re both gorgeous.

    I recommend Me Before You- a fiction love story. I don’t know if that’s your style but it was really good!

    Have a good weekend! 🙂

  11. I think you not dining out for one week is going to affect the American economy- seriously after all your reviews 😉

    I had to call all my cousins in Malaysia Jie Jie and Gor Gor- drove me bonkers.

    Best meal I made this week was not really a meal but an awesome avocado my mum gave me- it was fluro green.

  12. Flying is the worst…I totally agree. Virgin used to be great but then followed suit of the other domestic airlines. So sad.

    Anyway…my suggestions in NYC: Kati Roll Company (inexpensive and casual), Fig & Olive (expensive and fancy!), Bouchon @ Time Warner, Tulsi (nice Indian restaurant), Dylan’s Candy Bar (too cute not to visit), and Tao and Bice are a few of our favorites as well.

  13. If you seriously think that you two are unphotogenic, then God bless the rest of us! You two are absolutely gorgeous! I’ve always thought you were a marvelous photographer, so don’t put yourself down girl! Flying gets so annoying, but I love where planes take me. The actual flying is just the inconvenience in between two destinations! I’m glad you broke your flying vow though. It looks like you’re having a blast!

  14. I’m with you on the flying. I’m not a fan. It’s weird because I really love airports but there is just something that freaks me out about flying. I hate the turbulence – that is the worst!

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